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Handbag for guys

The other day, colleagues and I were discussing about men carrying handbag/purse for their girlfriend/wife (well, something like that). Actually before this, I read about the similar topic posted by a gal friend of mine in her FB status, which triggers alot of comments ;)

I know there're guys who will carry handbag for their partner when going shopping, and some won't. And some people actually say this act is too 'sissy' for a guy. To me, if the guy is helping the partner to carry for a while while she's busy taking care of the kids/busy browsing for something/going to the ladies, I think it's acceptable. But if carry all the way throughout the whole outing, then I guess it's not too appropriate. Anyway all these are just my personal opinion and no offend to anybody.

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What do you think? And I know I have male readers, your opinions are much appreciated (just for the sake of sharing)


  1. erm, i've seen one of my colleague , his hubby helps her to carry her handbag whenever go outing.. her reason is, u wont see men kena snatched bag der... thats why she prefers her hubby helps her..
    and i've got 2 male customers, they love to bring handbag, i mean nowadays u can see handbag for unisex kan, and so coincidence both of them also so sissy...hehehe

  2. Nowadays, if men carry handbag, snatch theif also attack lorr!

  3. LOL! I won't mind my husband carry my bag whenever I shop, and I can definitely shop for more, muahahah!

  4. Hi Hayley, there are 2 things you won't see me carrying, a lady's handbag, for that matter one time men having those bags....and an umbrella, ha ha.
    Unless if wife hands busy.
    Have a nice day.

  5. hi Hayley,
    I think there is nothing wrong to help your wife or girl friend to carry their handbag while shopping or even at function, when they need to go to the ladies. I have carry my wife 's bag on a number of occasion, and not feel weird about it. However you wont see me carry a handbag(so call men handbag), which I see some men carried.

  6. I want a "helper" to carry my handbag, too. But when give a deep thought, I do not prefer my man to carry it. It makes him look less macho, hahaha!

  7. I normally carry a sling bag so no need for my man to help. I don't have any comment, for those whose their men carry handbags for them, I'll say they're lucky to have the free-labor, hehehe :-)


  8. haha he loooks a little wierd carrying the ladies handbag, but sometimes when i get tired i tend to ask my bf to carry my bag as well!

  9. I am the guy who is ok to carry my lovely wife's bag,, no problem at all,, and i dont see any one being sissy by doing that...........correct or not?

  10. my hubby just helped to carry my bag when I busy browsing for something or tired from work! soon he wont help me carry anymore coz he gotta carry bb's bag...muahaha!

  11. My hubby will only help me to carry my handbag if my two hands are occupied and also I must be around about next to him when he's helping me to carry. But if I go to the toilet and ask him to help carry for me, then he won't. His reason? Not the sissy reason. His reason is he's afraid other people might think he curi ambil people's handbag!

  12. i think it's good that men help their wives/girlfriend to carry their bags if they are busy. however, i don't think i like the idea of men having their own handbags. if they look like a's ok..cos they need to carry their lappie and etc. but a handbag like a woman is a no-no :D

  13. It is not appropriated to let men carry women's handbags, unless the women is pregnant and the bag is too heavy. That's it.

  14. Hello folks, thanks so much for the comments! Really appreciate the sharing! I understand everybody has their own thinking on this topic ^^
    Wyson, but these days, it doesn't matter what gender, criminals are everywhere, so do ask your colleague to be careful too!

  15. My husband sometimes help me carry my handbag. I don't think it's sissy or anything.

  16. Just like you, if the wife/girlfriend's hand are occupied, then men carrying on behalf for a while is ok la. If men carrying those man-handbag....I also felt them very sissy. hehe....just my 2 cents

  17. To Mummy Gwen and mNhL, thanks for the comment! Actually in the end I think there's no right or wrong on this, just depends on how we see it... =)

  18. I'm neutral on this too. It's really up to the individual, if the wife insists and if the man feels comfortable doing it, why not? As for me, I rarely ask my hubby to carry my bag but on many occasions, he's "forced" to carry Chloe's kiddy/girlie butterfly bag :p

  19. Heheh...sometimes I carry my wife's handbag cause she's attending our son. No harm long as there's a reason to it.

  20. To Chloe Ruoyi and Willie, thanks for the comment!!

  21. If the bag is heavy or like u mention if the gal is busy doing something, then it is ok.

    To me handbag is an accessory, and I wouldn't want my man to carry something inappropriate jus for the sake of it. There are many ways to prove he is a gentleman and he cares, and this is definitely not one of them.

  22. This reminds me of Joey in Friends!! Hahah!!

  23. YT, agree with what you said ;)

    Petite Cherie, oh really? haha :D

  24. I m OK ... my hub do carry my handbag when i m busy handle the 2 kids ....but my bag, the bag that i use for outing with my kids.. not those ladylike wan ... more casual .no blink blink and flower. so is OK wan ... hahhaha

  25. Anggie's Journal, I understand, something more casual and 'unisex' look ^^


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