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What I put on my face

Just some sharing on the skin care products that I use... Some of you might think that I have subtle skin, but what you see is just very 'physical', if you take a closer look, you'll notice that I have imperfection too!
Anyway back to the topic. I've been a loyal fan of Cellnique for almost 4 years. And I'd say I'm fortunate enough to find a skin care product which suits my skin type ;)

These are Cellnique Seaweed Cleansing Gel (RM99) and Cellnique Vital Repair Cleansing Milk (RM119). I do double cleansing every morning and night. Starting with the cleansing milk then the cleansing gel, this will remove all dust/dirt/even make up thoroughly. Besides, I also use a whitening toner.

for moisturising purpose, I invest in serum like this one, from La Belle (purchased from my friend who is doing part time ^^). I use this everytime after shower and before I put on make up, it absorps very fast into the skin.

left: Cellnique Contour de puffy eye gel (RM169), I find this product very nice to use (though its abit pricey) as it reduces my eyebag and also dark circles. We should never neglect our under eye area as this is the most sensitive and thinnest part of our skin.
middle: To tackle my blackheads problem, I use Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel (RM129). I used to have whiteheads too on my forehead but the condition improves alot now ;)
right: Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Oasis Gel (RM139), I use this a 'general' moisturiser for my whole face

Weekly facial masque is crucial too. I do masque 2-3 times a week and I actually invest in different types of masque (moisturising, whitening, firming, exfloating).
left: Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque, its a peel off masque which cleans the face thoroughly. I like everything about this except for the strong smell =_=
middle: Cellnique Purying Treatment Masque (RM189), use this particularly on my T zone to tackle the oiliness.
right: Cellnique Intensive Aqua Hydrating Masque (RM 179), just leave it on for 15 mins and wipe off, a good moisturising masque for the whole face.

Apart from all these, I exfloliate/scrub once every week, and visit my beautician once every month. Of course, I invest in other facial masque too. I drink plenty of water every day, feed myself with fruits and vegetables daily, and (try) not to stay up late every night :P
Do you have any beauty tips to share with me?


  1. Exercise regularly and put less make up on the face are also two important steps for healhty skin.

  2. Hayley: U seems so pro! Well beauty tips from me...Keep smiling!

  3. Cellnique quite expensive too huh. You got imperfections meh...cannot see wor..your skin is so flawless and fair. I just started using Origins. I'm using their anti-aging and brightening line. So far ok but my brown spots don't seem to fade. Do you have any good product to recommend for pigmentation?

  4. Hehehe....I don't have any beauty tips to share, in fact I must get tips from you! Hahaha....shy to say, I don't use any of those products. Merely wash my face with facial cleanser during bathtime! ^_^

  5. I believe Cellnique has great range of products because my sister is using them and she likes them a lot. On the other hand, my skin works well with most brands :p

  6. How much u bought for the serum? 10 in a box? I just start to use serum. It seems nothing special effects on my face but they ask me to use.

  7. Wow.. you are really diligent in taking good care of your skin. I'm the cincai type and I don't stick to one brand... Cellnique sounds like Clinique. I've used Clinique for many years when I was younger :)

  8. haaha...dont let the men see this!! they pengsan... all these came to thousand over... good investment.. no wonder u look so young as i can see in this cameron pic here...

  9. Wow... jotting down... double cleasing, serum, eye gel, sebum gel... mask and exfloliate weekly! Hey, thanks for the handy tips!

    Like brand like owner, I use Simple products!;p

  10. Hi Hayley, wow! I guess women have to spend money keep their complexions looking good.
    I know a couple of ladies, hardly spend money on all these, "just soap and water"....Baby Johnson powder.
    And lipstick....

    Glad I was not born a girl, ha ha.
    Have fun and stay beautiful.

  11. You really "invested" a lot to your face but worth it 'coz it's flawless :-)


  12. err.... all ger ger stuffs! Good...take care of your complexion and stay pretty always!

  13. Yan, yes agree!!

    Evelyn, 哈哈,没办法咯,到了这年龄,不得不保养!

    AngelineBK, haha, keep smiling ya!

    Mummy Gwen, yes quite expensive, but if its good then nvm ;)
    Erm, pigmentation... sorry I dont have any products to recommend, but I know Vitamin E is a good source to cure it...

    Alice Phua, well, its purely sharing!! ;)

    Yvonne, yea good for you!

    Yvon S, the serum is about RM50 per box (if I'm not mistaken). Well, I guess it takes some times to see the results!

    ChloeRuoyi, yes, Cellnique sounds like Clinique, I mistaken during the beginning too! :P

    reanaclaire, haha, thats why people said women's money is easiest to earn!

    Alice Law, no worries! Just some sharing ;)

    Lee, LOL, yea, at least men dont have to spend so much on these... thanks for dropping by!

    Zooropa, yea, I'm lucky to find a suitable product for my skin!

    ChrisAu, haha thank you!!

  14. Wow... u invested a lot, and that is a lot of work and money!!!

    Worth having nice skin eh?

    I have no beauty tips and I am so lazy... I think I need to change soon else I will end up an ugly old woman :(

  15. YT, hehe, I just think that we ladies need to take good care of the skin... ^^

  16. Not bad ... very good maintain , i guess once we had kids like us, we just put the very basic wan ... but i think ur list was not that long then cryst ... lol .... opps ... hope she won scold me .... that y she had very pretty skin la ....

  17. Anggie's Journal, haha, dont worry, I think she wont see this, LOL :D

  18. are so hardworking. I can only already done a lot to your face.


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