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So this is it.....

Last day at work, a mixed feeling of excited, sad and sorry.

Excited because, I cant wait to start my new life! Well, I'll temporarily take a rest first, before engage in new jobs (perhaps some family business or other office jobs) I guess that's pretty much depends on how thing goes ^^
But one thing for sure, I'll still be here at my lovely hometown.

With Evonne from Technical department

With them from Costing department

Sad because, I won't be seeing my dearest lunch mates (you know who you are) so often already, will surely miss their laughters, gossips time and free meal! T.T

With my malay colleagues from HR department

With Angeline (left) from Finance and Sarah (right) from management

Sorry because, an issue happened today and I spent the whole day with colleagues trying to solve it. But until now, the problem is not resolved yet. No choice but to leave the whole thing to my colleagues to take over and I feel terribly sorry. I won't be there tomorrow and I think they're going to get some tea session from ehem, you-kn0w-who =(

With time spent solving the problem, I have not much times taking photos with the rest of the colleagues...... =_=
With them from Finance, our neighbour

With Mr Ooi (top), KSOng(left) and Amy (right), all from Finance

With the sweet gal Celine (left) from same department and Wan (right) from Warehouse department

The ladies in my department =)

Here's with my dearest lunch mates, superior and ehem you-know-who

To my colleagues who are reading, thank you very much for the kind supports and helps all this while, as well as the lovely wishes, farewell meals, gift and all the memories. Sorry if I've ever caused you guys any problems, or said things which hurt your feeling (sounds like very professional ho? :P)

I'll miss you all very much! It's my first job afterall (And to my dearest lunch mates comes good friends, Yan and Yvonne, I will miss you both the most!) But thank God for the creation of handphones, email, Facebook and blogs, we can still keep in touch! Please take care and hope to see you soon!!

p/s: To my readers, thank you too for the warm wishes!


  1. aww..i am sure you will be dearly missed the office :) enjoy your break for now. so envy you :D

  2. When I first see your pixs, I thought u r wearing school uniform..LOL. well, it's always sad to miss dear colleagues but then you will be meeting new ones and soon, you will adapt to your new organisation and make new friends.
    And, once a while, you can have a gathering with them, thus, don't feel bad. :)

  3. Hayley, I love all these pictures. I have started missing you. Next time when we meet up, we take more beautiful pictures than we had before. Ok? You stay beautiful.

  4. Hi Hayley....hey, you leaving and then look for a job?
    Anyway, here's wishing you all the very best in life.
    May the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars....
    Good luck.

  5. Hayley,
    you look nice in your uniform. Good luck to your new job whatever path you choose.

  6. 接下来的日子就先好好休息吧。过后再冲刺 =)

    加油吧 ^^

  7. Sweet memories. Have a nice break before you start fingers clicking busy again on keyboard & calculator.

  8. *Sob* Such a sentimental post on the very last day of working.

    No worries, you've never hurt my feeling. You're such a nice girl. But I'm afraid I might hurt yours - slip of tongue, or sorts. If I did, pls forgive me, ya ;)

  9. All the best to your new job career!

  10. We'll keep in touch ok! Take care darl

  11. All the best in your future undertakings and new environment :)

  12. Good luck in all your future takings, Hayley.

  13. memories will stay forever..

    taking a break means you will be jalan-jalan somewhere? if u r coming to Penang let me know ya.. :)

  14. I guess you're being professional when penning these detail thoughts & in a way, i guess staying away from KL / selangor makes a person more friendly in nature LOL

    stay friendly & uncorrupted :-D & yeah will be interesting to know your new chosen path later whether it'll be more interesting for you or eagerly waiting again for weekend LOL

  15. Feel touched reading your post. Enjoy your break and good luck ya.

  16. 大家一定不舍得你~
    all the best for you^^

  17. You charismatic girl, wow... you literally know the whole company staff, *hat off!

  18. Since you are still around town, can always go for lunch dates with Yan and Yvonne every once in a while :) In the meantime, enjoy your holidays!

  19. 我最后一天工作超兴奋~

  20. Barb, I will miss them too~ No need to envy la, I am jobless now and no income leh.. :P

    ChrisAu, haha yes, no doubt the uniform looks like school uniform! Ok, you're right! Thank you!

    Yan, sure no problem!! You take care ok!

    Lee, yes, I left and will start my new life soon I guess.... Thanks for the wishes!

    Johnnie, Bananaz, Claire, Angeline, Yvon S, Shenny's mommy, Mummy Gwen, thank you!

    珊姑娘, 就是咯,兴奋又不舍,不过都在预料当中啦。谢啦!

    Yvonne, haha no worries, you din't too!

    Ying Ying, well, who knows.. will let you know if I'm coming!

    Robinson, haha, may be you're right. Thanks!

    Hwi Yee, 谢谢你!

    Alice, not all yet :P

    ChloeRuoyi, yea right! Looking forward to the next gathering!

    min~aris, 哈哈,我明白,不过过了一阵子就会没事了~

  21. Hi Hayley,

    Uh, i thought the job is ready for you. Anyway, whatever it is, I hope you'll like your new venture.

    Have a nice day.

  22. Willie, not yet, still jobless now, hehe.. anyway thank you!


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