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Sungkai Part II

Another Sungkai post of mine, hope you're not bored yet, as I still have one last post to go!

#1. We went to the public swimming pool after checked in, its RM10 per entry. Here's yean and I.

#2. All of us!

#3. No one checked the tickets that day, seriously, I think anyone can go in without the ticket.

#4. Must thank Catherine, the preggie mummy for taking numerous photos for us, while we had fun playing the slide.

#5. The comfy villa, we stayed at villa 3.

#6. Happy feet!

#7. We were probably the oldest ladies playing this slide, hahaha!

#8. The slide made me knocked my buttock, don't know why =_=

#9. After the pool time, we went back to the villa in the evening, and enjoy our private jacuzzi time!

#10. So relaxing til I felt reluctant to get up, LOL

#11. The jacuzzi is outside the villa, but it's secured.

#12. The jacuzzi can fit up to 10 people I think.

#13. We should have brought some rose petals and aromatherapy oil along and put into the jacuzzi, ahahah :D

#14. After dinner, we indulged ourselves in night time jacuzzi.

In conclusion, night time jacuzzi + red wine + great companion = HEAVEN ^^

As for food, we actually brought our own food such as snacks, sandwich, cakes, biscuits and salad, cause basically there's nothing much to eat there at the villa. There's a small cafeteria but it serves only malay food and they are quite pricey.

Still one last post to go about the Sungkai trip, probably by tomorrow =)


  1. looks like a very fun and interesting trip.. haha, just realised you all are the 7 sisters~~ should have 1 more guy so that you all can "7 stars accompany the moon".. haha :D

  2. Hahaha. Have feet will travel? haha.

  3. what do you get when you have 7 ladies together? they go wild!. LOL. the water slide seems fun.! I think 10 people will be too many to be comfortable in the jacuzzi pool.

  4. wow! The water slide and jacuzzi = FUN! I want too! Night time jacuzzi lagi shiok.. got wine lagi. ahh.. u ladies sure had FUN! :D

    btw, i linked u up too :)

  5. this is really an interesting place. I wonder if it's suitable for children?

  6. Yeap that's proof of many happy feets (as in movie) LOL

    The formula jacuzzi + red wine + great companion = HEAVEN - what more can you ask for!

    Ok lastly hope you had more future heavenly outings (but not "very nice" of Hayley to "ditch" hubby LOL - maybe this is one of your gals only outing escapism?)

  7. fuiyoh~ reminds me of childhood singer crew 七仙女 hahahaha XD

  8. I want to go on the giant slide too! Looks fun lah. If Chloe sees this, she'll surely bising wanna go haha :)

  9. Most of the tourist spots in our country have limited choices of food....

  10. Wah... RM10 per water park entry, tht's a great buy!^^

  11. girls had so much fun! The water slide looks scary. Gwen doesn't dare to go on the kids ones..LOL.

  12. OMG OMG OMG I want the jacuzzi!!! Seriously thinking of paying a visit there!!! But I donno if I can afford the good room :S

  13. Likey your Hone Hone Clock..very humanly timed.

  14. Haylay


  15. I prefer the pictures in the water compared to previous article.


  16. Hi Hayley, I sure love this place, as well all your pics here.
    Wow! Wish I was there too, ha ha. My camera will be working overtime, maybe smoke coming out, ha ha.
    Have fun, stay beautiful.
    You sure have gorgeous friends.

  17. Awwww. So jealous. Especially the private jacuzzi ! :)

  18. Wah...*jaw dropping while looking at the gigantic slide* You ladies really soak and dip kau-kau, ya? Morning till night also inside the pool. Sure wash away all the tiredness and get refresh!

  19. love this outing, mayb i can arrange with my girlfrens to Sungkai for jacuzzi !! thanks for sharing !!

  20. SK, actually supposed to be 8 of us, but one 'let big aeroplane' in the end =_=

    Bananaz, thanks!

    Johnnie, you're right! We really went wild, but its fun!!

    Merryn, hehe yes, my friend is smart for bringing the red wine!

    Barb, yes can! I saw alot of kids there too, I'm sure Ashley will love it!

    Robinson, hey! It's ok to 'set my hubby free' and join my gal friends once a while, we got lots to catch up!

    珊姑娘, it was!!

    Kian Fai, haha really or not!

    ChloeRuoyi, hehehe kids sure love the slide!

    Pete, right, how nice if both accomodation and food are perfect!

    Alice Law, yes, no time limitation somemore!

    Mummy Gwen, try accompany her for the first time, may be she'll like it eventually!

    YT, well my suggestion is to share with a few friends =)

    HwiYee, 对,很好玩!你可以约朋友一起去咯!

    Filip, haha thanks!

    Lee, haha thanks for the compliment! You take care~

    Queenie, I have to say the private jacuzzi is really nice!

    Yvonne, yes, dip kao kao until body also swell, LOL :P

    Anggie, yaya, sure ladies will love this place! Hot spring is good for us you know :P

  21. Nice and cool...
    We are heading to Gopeng this weekends..hope that we could dip in waterfall there too. Not sure, have you been there?

  22. Willie, thank you!

    Shenny's mommy, nop, I have not been to Gopeng before, just pass by :P

  23. Looking at the slides and so on, my kids sure yell at them. Tonight, am going to pester my husband to bring us there next holiday.

  24. Yan, haha so how was the pestering? Guess your girls will love the place!


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