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Final Destination 5 (2011)

Image taken here

Starring: Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher

Similar to the previous installments (which I've never missed any), it's about a guy who has premonition to death and trying to escape and survive.
All sickening and scary blood and flesh scenes still maintain, but as for storyline, I'd say it's only so-so. Somehow, part 1 and part 2 are still my favourite! (May be because of the actors and actress)

I did have a hard time watching all the shocking blood scenes in the cinema, LOL. But still I pretty enjoy that moment :P

Personal rating: 3.5/5

Note: Not suitable for children, pregnant women and the faint-hearted


  1. Friend downloaded for me into my pen drive cant remember the which Part #. Its about an airplane explosion just after take off. Presume the plot would be just the same death is slowly and surely getting those 'survivors' who are supposed to be dead.

  2. Yeah i have collection of DVD for part 1-4 now on hand - strange "creature" we're sometimes to crave for blood & gory scenes?? LOL

    I guess the adrenalin rush are that element / vitamin needed sometimes to get that "kick" in life

  3. My son told me not to watch.. same old story line wor.. anyway, i think i have watched the original one only.. the other parts all i missed..

  4. Hi Hayley, I am never the one to enjoy these gory movies, ha ha.
    I have been frightened enough old days.
    You have fun and keep well.

  5. Eeeekkkkkk...... Dun scary!

  6. hmmm, i don't think i will go watch this lah.. already the 5th sequel and i don't think there's anything new already lor.. get DVD better~~ :p

  7. Maybe I will just get it from the world wide web. haha

  8. not my type of movie. if it is installment type lagi can forget it.
    I am looking forward to conan the babarian,which I read in some review is better than the one played by arnold.

    why do they keep on churning remakes ? have they ran out of scripts?

  9. Ahhh... wht's with the sticking tongue, lol... you pretty enjoy blood scene leh?!;D

    Hrm, not my type of movie, though I like action!=)

  10. if watch on malaysia cinema, all kena potong kao kao sad case sia . . .

  11. Bananaz, that is part I.

    Robinson, right, adrenalin rush....

    Claire, yes the 'theory' is the same..

    Lee, haha, I still like this kinda movies, may be when I am your age in the future, I'll have the same thinking as you.

    ChrisAu, :P

    SK, Daniel, haha DvD or download are good too.

    Johnnie, oh, I heard about that movie but am hesitating wanna watch or not...

    Alice, yea, I pretty enjoy the blood scenes :P

    Kian Fai, correct, lots were being potong already...

  12. Hmm... Not my type of movie. But just watched cars2, and it was better than I've expected. Now waiting for smurfs :)

  13. Yvonne, I also waiting for Smurfs!!

  14. SMurfs is not my cup of tea - whether past or present lol - too "kiddish" (if there's a word for it)

  15. Robinson, I probably will buy the DvD....


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