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I know where you are

Facebook has this so called foursquare and check in application where it tells people where you are exactly at what time and with who. I know many friends who use this application and no doubt it's interesting to read/know, I myself have/will never use it.

I have one particular female friend who is the very frequent user of this foursquare, I can see her update her whereabout everyday (which means I know her house and her working place), as well as places I think she uses to be at everyday.

Well, I personally think that this application brings certain risks. It's not good and not safe to let people know where you are at that point of time. I mean of course the application serves certain functions but I think it has more cons than pros. Same goes to Twitter updates. Who knows someone is following you? What do you think?

Friends, be careful with what technologies can do these days and use it wisely.


  1. We must always always be alert about all this things technology brings,,,,,simply because devils lurk in every where....

    actually sometimes i am thankful that i am a bit IT idiot hahahahahh

  2. Hey Hey Hey how are my Hayley doing over there. Miss you lor...

    I reckon with you too. The idea of allowing people know where we are definitely giving us a risk. So, what's the idea/point of using the application? For me, it is totally exposed.

  3. I don't find this application great. We might not know who will stalk us and exposing ourselves virtually is the same as welcoming harm onto our laps.

  4. Agree with you, don't be so open, keep some privacy for ourselves is better and safer too.

  5. Fully agree with you that is why I never use this function.

  6. Yeap very true - Just as posting too many of your pics or infos on FB for eg - I mean as in real world, there're those with "up-to-no-good" : better be safe than sorry later

  7. i oso think abt tis before so i din use foursquare...i oni use FB check in coz oni my FB fren can view it..foursqaure can view by all the ppl as logn as they use foursquare >.<

  8. they think it is cool, but in actual fact they are volunteering information. it will be become easy target for would be thief's to strike knowing you are not at home. if someone is stalking you worst. they will know where you are. fb is fine and other technology, but we should not put too much info. I have turn off all the games and applications and my access to fb is on secured setting(https)

  9. i dont like to update where i am at the moment. is too personal...agree with you..

  10. yes, i do agree with you.. in a more superficial thought i actually find all these notification annoying, why the hell need to tell everyone where you are and what you are doing all the time?? but in a deep thoughts, this is something not good as it kind of expose yourself to risks likewise you said..

  11. Yes, we should be cautious and not expose too much about ourselves to others.

  12. Oh didnt know about this until you blog about it..Yeah to a certain extend we need to lie low. tQ

  13. New location right now, I am in the Jamban....ha ha ha ha.....

  14. Hi Hayley, one reason I am not on facebook. Loss of privacy. Ha ha.
    You take care. Have a nice day.

  15. Yeah, your friend certainly stand a chance of courting trouble... *cold sweats...

  16. Yeah I totally agree with you!
    It is really not save to reveal so much about yourself on the internet!!!

  17. Dear all, I think most of us agree not to reveal too much about ourselves on FB.

    Angeline, I'm good here! How is everyone there? I miss you guys too.

  18. Therefore,i juz use it when i going really have fun with so many ppl ~ often the small place like home or what~i think check in geh ~ u r right...rish inside, so we have to becareful ~use in the right way~

  19. I try that once but after awhile I think why u have to let ppl know whr r now? :/ It's a strange application anyway.

  20. min~aris, yes we have to be careful with this kinda thing..

    Venie, haha you're right! What's the point?

  21. hmm..i think it's kinda silly to let ppl know where you are. my sister use this application in her fb and i've told her not to :D

  22. so what you wanna tell is . . . there is a kidnapper or robber which is check facebook status or twitter 4sq? hahaha

    I know la and I seldom use it, don't even freaking sign in my own house -.-!


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