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Sydney, when we arrived

Weather was extremely good when we arrived! I was told that it was end of winter but weather was tolerable most of the time! After breakfast, we leave Sydney town for a while and took an 2 hour bus ride to the other side of Sydney, the Hunter Valley Garden.

Sunny day with cold wind!

Hubby and I, lunch was at a cafe called Brokenback bar. I will gather all food pictures in a post next =)

Us at McGuigan Winery, wine tasting. Pale looking face, din't sleep well in the plane =_=

That's Mr Stephen pouring wines for us to taste, as well as explaining the background of this winery. We tasted about 5-6 types of wines (in a small glass), and end up hubby and I din't buy any, LOL, cause we are not a big fan of wine. Price range from $20 - $64.

Outside the winery

Next, we walked to this cheese store situated next to the winery, and tasted some of the specialty hand-made cheeses

I saw this lonely Mr Horse being tied to the tree, so I went talked to him :P

See he was happy that we approached him!! LOL

Next, we came to Hunter Valley Gardens, one of my favourite spot throughout this whole trip!


Yours truly with Humpty Dumpty

Self timer...


Tea session!

Giant poker cards!

This place has 10 different themed gardens!

It is a nice beautiful place, so much to see yet so little time!! We were allocated less than an hour here T.T

Thousands of flowers, trees and shrubs

Definetely a must go if you're visiting Sydney!

That's my day one at Sydney! Hope you guys enjoyed and I'll be back with more sharing of photos and stories! Til then, have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Great place to have holiday :) Wanna wish you to have a great holiday too. ENJOY dear!

  2. Wah, it was like you and hubby had fell into "Alice in Wonderland"! Love cheese, it must be heavenly to taste with wine!^^

  3. You don't look pale at all. :) The pics you took at Hunter Valley Garden are very nice. Beautiful place.

  4. Ai ya~! While tasting wines you should have asked if they can be kept. Some wines are good for aging.
    By the way the Hunter Valley Gardens looks really beautiful!


  5. Greener pastures.. i love going to western countries!

  6. Truly beautiful!

    So many interesting themes, I think mostly out of famous children stories and nursery rhymes right? OMG i wish I knew bout this place before!!!

  7. Heard this year SYD faced one of the coldest year and looks like you are lucky to escape the freezing cold. tQ for the tour.

  8. OH~look great!~
    haven been thr ~
    hope i can have a change!

  9. HeLLo HayLey,

    If I'm not mistaken, it took about 9 hours to Australia right? I know how it feels in a plane. When I went to Holland a few years back, it was like 12 hours and I didn't sleep. I was darn tired. But cheer up! Your trip was worth while!

    I think you went there at the right time. After winter. At least it's not too cold and you can still enjoy wearing casual dress. Won't be nice to wear the winter dress while on vacation right? Hahaha!

    The wine? Alamak! You didn't buy any? I wanna cry already....uwaaaawaaaa! You know what? I am a wine lover. If I were there, I would definitely buy one. I bought a few when I came back from Holland. But they are all finished now. Hahahah!

    You posted with the horse? Hahah! You know what, my friend was kicked by a horse when he was standing behind a horse. I think he touched the tail. Horses don't like their tails to be touched i guessed.

    Oh HAyley! I really love the garden! I like the purple tree very much and also the cute Humpty Dumpty! But the HUmpty Dumpty looks a bit old don't you think so?

    Ok Hayley, have a nice day yeah?

    p/s : Also read my comments in your older posts. Tq

  10. wow really nice places .hope to go there someday.
    thanks for sharing

  11. I like the purple blossom tree...and also the almost alike Alice in the wonderland garden..

    Have a nice weekend ya.

  12. This gonna be one good memory for album / slide show or maybe even a video :p


  13. I agree with Angeline, the place looks like Alice in the Wonderland . Nice big wine garden, did you buy any wine there?

  14. Thought you were visiting Wonderland and having tea with the cheeky twins. Like all the decorations at the garden. Not a fan of wine, too, but I don't mind cheese tasting session :p

  15. Sunny day with cold wind, that's like my favourite weather!!! I'm sure you've enjoyed Sydney!
    Btw, I love your pair of boots!

  16. Nice! Hunter Valley Gardens is indeed a very lovely place. Glad to hear that the weather there is good :)

  17. You have got so many lovely shots in The Hunter Valley Gardens!! Like it!

  18. wow, that's a nice place to go and experience the true side of australia huh.. i was expecting you show us the darling harbour and opera house and harbour bridge~~ :p but this is something different and i like it.. :)

  19. Yvon S, thanks babe~

    Prince n princess mum, may your wish come true!!

    Alice, yea, the combination is good!

    Mummy Gwen, hehe thank you!

    WaiLeng, yes the garden is awesome!

    Claire, me too!

    YT, yep, mostly for children.

    Bananaz, yea weather was not so bad when we were there!

    min~aris, johnnie, sure you'll have!

    Willie, flight is about 8 hours. Yea, at least I din't need to wear sweater all the time. I love horse, it was so nice to be able to get so close with horse!
    Thanks ya and same to you!

    Angeline, I like that tree too, very romantic :P

    Robinson, yea a great memories!

    Yan, nope, as mentioned I din't buy any wine, hehe.

    Yvonne, we din't finish exploring the whole garden, haih..

    Shirlexia, thanks. I love them too.

    ChloeRuoyi, yea lucky us!

    Mummy Moon, hehe thanks!

    SK, they'll be up in the coming posts!!

  20. Hehe..your story reminded me about tasting wine at vineyard. I remembered I visited one of vineyards in Adelaide during my university time, I tried quite a number in a row, I ended up walking a bit wobbly after that and I neither bought any too.
    However, I miss their country baked bread which they prepared for us for lunch. I hope I will go back downunder again.

  21. Shenny's mommy, oh you must be tasted quite a few, haha, walking wobbly. I was still alright, but I slept so well in the bus later that, LOL.

  22. 哇,好棒的旅程。希望有一天 我也可以有时间 像这样的去旅行。


  23. Hwi Yee, 对阿,好可惜,人就在你的店,不过没机会见面。。那好吧,期待下次的约会~

  24. aiyo u look so cute!! Hunter Valley garden is beautiful!

  25. i saw blue cheese! got get some back to Malaysia? :P

    your Day 1 is fun! Hehe especially with humpty dumpty lol

  26. Merryn, hehe thanks!

    Kian Fai, no, we din't even finish the cheeses =_=


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