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I did it again

After the previous clubbing session, I told myself that clubbing isn't my thing anymore.

But opps, I did it again :P Joined some friends to Barroom, Ipoh last weekend for a crazy tired clubbing session.

Image taken from here

It was already near to 12am when we reached and most seats were being taken up. But luckily, we got a table upstair.

The guys...

And the girls, yea only 3 of us...

Hubby wasn't really drunk la.. :P

The crowd became lesser when it was about 3am, so we moved to downstair, much closer to the DJ area and the bass was good!

One last photo to end this short post. We party until 4am, and went for early breakfast at McD nearby.. =_= It has been ages since I last did that, I mean party until late midnight like this, at outstation somemore.....

I did not had a single drop of alcohol, but the guys had too much, it's definetely safer for me to drive us back home.. *yawn*

Anyway, it's a nice club. Despite the limited space, the music and atmosphere certainly drive us crazy~

No. 40, 42 & 44 Medan Ipoh 4,
Bandar Baru Medan,
31400 Ipoh.


  1. Nice pic of hubby kissing the wife :)

    Clubbing release tension / pressure (i think) though not clubbing kaki

  2. the last photo of u so sweet huh ^^

  3. Ipoh has a lot of clubbing places. And their sound system is better than what we have in our area.

    You partied till morning? Wow, must be darn tired the next day. But never mind, it was a Sunday :D

  4. It is good that you didn't take any alcohol, it actually does more harm than good.

  5. Great for you...who says no clubbing for married ones? hahaha...

  6. party all night huh? going out with hubby ok la. that was very wise of you. if both drink then who's gonna drive right?

  7. Haha I can use both hand to count how many times had I visited a club...

    I guess its just wasnt my thing from the beginning ~_~

  8. I think the only time I went clubbing after uni was after my wedding dinner. That night we went really crazy haha. I had great memory (and really stupid ones) of my drunk and happy friends.

    I think clubbing is fun when u r with the right gang but certainly not a weekly thing (too old for that dy!) hahaha.

  9. waaaahhh....really envy. i won't be able to do this now. i'll be sleepy by 10pm...kakakakakka

  10. hahaha, no surprise lah.. girls just wanna have fun mah.. for me cannot lah, uncle already feels like sleeping near 11pm~~ :D

  11. it has been long long time (ard 3 years) that I din go clubbing. It can be a good way to relax and destress :)

  12. Clubbing is a pass my time hehe but I won't mind going to one when I visit Ipoh next. Just curious. During my younger days in Ipoh, there were no such thing as clubbing. We go to parties and balls or nightclubs. Oops, now you know I am an old lady!! hehe You guys looks like having a great evening out, a good way to de-stress isn't it?

  13. So be it,,York Mei,,do it once in a while,it would be fun with nice company but to do it often then teruk juga,,, ya

    I don't like clubbing now,(used to love a lot) because the next day,half of the sunday is gone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    hey how come no BDS t shirts in sight one leh?

  14. 我忘了有多久没有去clubbing了,其实我也只不过去了几次,哈哈哈!不会摇!

    *leng lui woo ^^

  15. Very sweet of you both, so envy... your hubby not shy at all sayang his beloved wife in the public, I swear mine will nvr dare to do tht, lol!

  16. such a nice time with ur friends ey... never been to barroom at ipoh. Looks nice :)

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  17. Enjoy clubbing while you still can..hehe. :) You and your hubby are very loving couple....sweet.

  18. fuiyo u clubbing until dawn! i like that pic of ur hubby kissing u :D

  19. I guess it's ok to do this once in a while esp now that you are still young. When you have kids in the future, parties like these might become a thing of the past liao ;) So just enjoy while you still can!

  20. Wah, party till late night.....once a while ok lah....very tired lorr

  21. Robinson, Carrie, yes I agree, release tension and burn calories!

    Evelyn, haha thanks!

    Yvonne, yea, just that area itself has a few already!

    Yan, yes smart me! :P

    Angeline, hmm ya, who says?? :P

    Johnnie, that's what I thought, so I refrain from alcohol ^^

    Daniel, Ic!

    YT, yes of course! Companion matters too!

    Barb, hehe, actually I too was abit sleepy...

    SK, LOL, you call youself uncle already ar!

    Quay Po Cooks, yes Ipoh has quite alot of clubbing places..

    Eugene, haha I understand.. I woke up at 12pm the next day, LOL. Yea, no BDS shirts :P

    珊姑娘, 听到音乐就会摇了。。:P

    Alice, thanks. He did that because he was abit high high tei already, LOL...

    CleverMunkey, Mummy Gwen, Merryn, thanks!

    ChloeRuoyi, thats what I'm thinking ^^

    Pete, yea tired, but fun~


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