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I miss....

..chicken, pork and fish already.....

I was a vegan since Monday in conjuction with the Nine Emperor Festival. Today is the last day and I'm looking forward to the dinner later cause after this, I'm free and the first thing I wanna eat tomorrow is McChicken from McD!! haha :D

Oh by the way, just to share a yummy noodles here:
It's called 黄酒鸡面线 (Noodles with ricewine). Selling at RM4 per bowl, it has generous amount of side dishes like chicken slices, eggs, black fungus and vegetables. The soup is super delicious!!

The location is at Lake Garden Food Court, 初记小贩中心, which situated just opposite the famous lake garden Taiping.

Ok, now I wanna change my mind, this noodles would be the first thing I wanna eat tomorrow!! :P


  1. Wasay u observe all this chinese tradition but thumbs up for remembering you root

  2. HeLLo HayLey.

    Good! Keep the blog alive. Unlike me, I hardly find time to blog since moving to our new house as there are a lot of renovation to be done. Now I'm busy with landscaping project.

    Congrats to you ex-school mate and colleague, Celine. She sure looks pretty for the bridegroom. Saw your photo in Yvonne's blog too.

    And I guess your birthday is in October? What a coincidence! Because my birthday is in October too. I'm not sure how to celebrate it this year. Maybe just a usual family dinner at the nearest restaurant. Hahah!

    And I didn't know that Chinese got "Meat Fast"? I didn't eat meat for the past few days or weeks? Uh...that's a good diet. We have noodle with rice wine here. I think they call it as "Mee Sua" over here. Is it the same? But Mee Sua is quite plain looking. Just the rice bee hoon and a piece of chicken drumstick. I rarely order this meal. Hahaha!

    Ok Hayley, gotta go. See you again and have a nice day yeah? Adios!

  3. oh, looks like many people are becoming a temporary vegan for the "Nine Emperor" huh.. but only three days ah?? hehe.. enjoy your McChicken tomorrow~~ :D

  4. Oh, festival over liao.....rather busy lately..missed it!

    used to go vegan with my late grandma during this period...

  5. The noodle looks really yummy! It's funny how I don't miss eating meat after becoming semi-vegetarian since 3 years+ ago. Used to it already :)

  6. Visiting your blog at almost 2am and seeing and reading about delicious foods sure is a bad timing for me, hahaha...

  7. Hello York Mei,

    waking up to read this,,,,,,,,may be as i pass by McD later,i will get myself the Mc breakfast,cos i love their coffee,,

  8. it's meesua right? sure looks like it.
    anyway just to wish you a very Happy Birthday in advance, cos I might be busy over the weekend.
    May all you dream comes true. I wished you good health and Happiness always.

  9. Welcome back to meat-eating life! ^_^

  10. Eh, I want to try the next time I go Taiping, looks really tempting!

  11. Tomorrow we go eat BIG-BIG lunch, got fish, got pork, got chicken.... all meat-meal. Kekekeke!

  12. Next time when I go Penang must stop-by Taiping & have a stroll to Taiping Lake Garden :-) Enjoy the meat!!!


  13. You tempted me with this noodle. Next week i want to there for lunch. See you tomorrow ya!

  14. hahahhaa..i hope you already had a good meal :) so good of you to fast for 9 days :)

  15. This is my mummy fav leh!
    but i less eat this ~
    may be the alcohol smell make me feel weird~

  16. 嘻嘻,我也一样有吃素三天! 但今天没特别吃肉,因为我得减肥 ;(

  17. I can't go vegetarian....i need meat every meal. hahaha.....

  18. That bowl of noodles really had me drooling. Me too...I can't go without meat and rice. :) Happy Feasting..hehe.

  19. Good luck on your new lifestyle! :D As for myself, I don't think I can go vegan. Can't give up those yummy meats!

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  20. Used to go vege last 3 days, slowly over the years on 9th day and over over and over the years became vegemeatarian...~;).

  21. Noodles with rice wine ? That sounds appetizing but yet low calorie!

  22. 黄酒鸡面线, i like ler!!!

  23. 黄酒鸡 is my all time favourite dish, I can hv it for 3 meals more thn a month without complain, tht's for sure!;D

  24. Robinson, thanks.

    Willie, thanks for the wishes~ Yea it feels 'thinner' not having to eat meat for few days, LOL.

    SK, yep have been practising this for the passed few years ;)

    Pete, what about now?

    ChloeRuoyi, glad to hear that!

    Daniel, haha :P

    Eugene, I dont drink coffee but I love their breakfast set.

    Johnnie, yes its mee sua. Thanks!

    Alice Phua, thanks~

    YT, DOra, come come and I'll bring you there :P

    Yvonne, yea~

    Yan, so have you try it?

    Barb, no I fast for 3 days only.

    min~aris, actually the 'alcohol' taste very mild only.

    Evelyn, 不用减肥啦,enjoy最重要!

    mNhL, oh really...

    Mummy Gwen, I love rice too!

    Sell Wow Account, thanks.

    Bananaz, haha good good :P

    ChrisAU, really yummy!

    珊姑娘, me likey too!

    Alice Law, you serious? LOL.


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