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Homemade goodness

Many commented to drink soy milk/soya bean during pregnancy so that the baby has fairer and smoother skin. I'm not really a soy milk drinker but if it really has nutrition values, no harm trying right!

Soy milk selling outside has preservative and some are too sweet so I reckon homemade is the best!

Simply soak some soybeans for 3 hours and above or preferably overnight (Here I mix with small amount of black beans). Then blend them well with some water. Note: I used normal fruit blender.

And here's the look after blended. Continue to blend all the beans and strain the puree several times until you get a pure soy juice. Here I use the normal coffee strainer

Here's the soybean dregs trapped in the strainer. To not waste them, I pour in more water and strain them again ;)

So I get a big pot of homemade soymilk! Next is to boil them at medium heat and keep stiring until it's fully cooked. Add in some pandan leaves for more flavor, you can put in some sugar if you want.

I do not want to eat too sweet these days so this pot is totally sugar-freed. It doesnt taste bad at all even without sugar, yumzz~

By the way, soy milk is high in protein and helps preventing cancer and osteoporosis, and also promoting eye health.


  1. WORGH! Self home made is the best! Always buy from road side one that self claim home made also dunno true or not...

    This is nice... now I miss home :D

  2. Hayley,

    I loved soya. saved some for me. ha ha.
    I read too much is no good too, because of the uric acid contents.

  3. yeah, it definitely gives you protein if not helping your baby to become fairer.. and your homemade one is definitely better..

  4. You are pregnant? Congrats! I could have missed reading some of your posts.. :D

  5. wow, so hardworking of you :) i drank a lot when i was pregnant with ashley but i usually buy from outside :)

  6. Hope it did wonder for yourself & your BB :)

  7. I also drank this quite often when I was pregnant, using exactly the same method as yours. Somehow, I find the "fairness" part not very true. Chloe is not fair at all... In fact she's darker than hub and I :p

  8. Frankly speaking, I hate anything soy. I know there are more goodness in a glass of soy drink compare to milk. The only soy I take is soy sauce, kekekek!

    But I forced myself to have soy drink while I was pregnant with Avery. One glass per week, during weekend outing :p

    As for my 2nd born, I ditched soy drink @___@

  9. you're so hardworking there, i drink soy milk everydae but i consume the 3-in-1 package ones.


  10. To all, yea I hope it's really beneficial to me and the baby! ;) But of course, moderation is the key ^^

  11. Goof protein for the little one in your tummy. :)

  12. Not only soy bean, you can take red bean soup too. Bean is good. I love bean.

  13. I reckon, soy milk is the best and taste yummy too.

  14. I didn't drink any soybean milk when I was pregnant. I couldn't drink the original milk when I was pregnant (made me wanna puke) so I opted for flavoured milk..hehe.

    You are so hardworking, I think I'll just buy from outside.

  15. Hi Hayley, I love this, with ice. Yes, its good for the complexion.

  16. is that pandan leaves? so your soymilk that you created got special aroma smell is it? :P

  17. Kian Fai, yep, thats pandan leaves.

  18. homemade soya bean milk is simply awesome. you can save some work by buying the soy bean milk maker. can handle the soaking to the boiling part in one convenient gadget.


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