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Just to share..

First of all, thank you my dear blogger friends for the wishes! ;)
Might need sharing/advices from mummy bloggers in the future!

On an unrelated note, I want to share this piece of news....

Picture taken from FB

We all know too much of everything is no good, especially processed food like instant noodles. This article says our liver need 32 days to detox for a pack of instant noodles.

I remember instant noodles were my buddy during University and working life. They can be so delicious, and most important of all, it's fast and convenient. They are also great when it's raining out there and when you don't feel like going out....

It's been a while since I last had a pack of instant noodles, and now after reading this, I think I'll think again before opening the pack. Plus now, it's a crucial time for me to eat healthily ;)


  1. kind of scary but then when sometimes craving for instant noodles, won't think that much also lah~~ :p

  2. Oh..really? Thanks for sharing. I just bought a few packs of Indomie that day..hehe. The Indons love instant noodles. Ok, going to stop eating this already.

    Yes, you should eat healthily coz you are eating for 2. I never eat any processed food when I was pregnant. :)

  3. what?! i didnt know that until i read it from your blog. thanks for sharing. its scares me now but i seldom have instant noodles. nissin or korean in which i crave sometimes.

  4. Hi Hayley,
    we live in a world where everything is instant and artificial, sometimes its unaavoidable. Thanks for sharing , will definately taking lesser of such stuff.

  5. Hi Hayley, congrats to you for the baby on the way :-) Take care & yeah you gotta eat nutritious food & rest well!


  6. hahahah, thank goodness,I don't really like instant noodles,,,

  7. Dont eat too much of processed food. that would be a good advice. And since you are preggie, try to avoid processed food at all cost!

  8. Wah.. 32 days?? Scary! Instant noodles used to my favourite "convenient food" during my uni days too. Now, seldom eat it anymore :)

  9. I remember I read about this somewhere, but when there's craving, I brush the scary thought aside :p

    Both my kids love instant noodles but I (agak-agak) limit them to 1 packet per month... well, equivalent to 32 days to digest, hor?

    I restrict myself from eating instant noodle during my pregnancy. Fortunately, I didn't crave for it either. For you now is healthy and less processed / canned food, ok! Moderation is the key.

  10. To all, yea, try not to eat too much instant noodles.. Ok, may be once every 2 months, LOL..

  11. I'm still trying to cut down on instant food also.

  12. Yes it's true - to cut down or not eat at all

    Take care & hopefully you "output" a healthy chubby cute BB later! :p

  13. I also know it is no good..all the wax and the msg.. but then.. once awhile i also yearn for a packet!

  14. Hi Hayley,

    Year of the Dragon:
    I'm born in the year of the Dragon and I don't feel anything special about it. Or maybe I didn't realise...hahaha...anyway, having a baby is a blessing regardless of which year they are born right?

    Of my...sometimes I do eat noddles but i didn't know it takes 32 days to detox. What about laksa, soup noddle that we buy from the stalls?

    Have a nice day yeah?

  15. Agree with Yvonne. I read about this somewhere, but when there's craving and lazy to cook, I brush the scary thought aside :p
    before know about it, we almost ate once a week. now trying to cut-down, may be once a month, or as when as raining day.

  16. Robinson, yea, cute and healthy bb ;) Thanks..

  17. Oh gosh 32 days to detox away. Thanks for sharing.

  18. When I was pregnant, I craved for instant noodles a lot. I could't watch TV, when I saw instant noodle advertisement, I would sure want to eat it. 32 days are a bit over, 4 days propably.

  19. Instant noodle is my midnight supper... Probably I have twice a month, it depends and sometimes none.


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