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Counting down....

It's mid February now and guess what, there's about 3 months plus to my EDD! Can't believe time flies!! I've been carrying a baby boy in me for 6 months plus already ;)

Went for another 3D scan the other day and had been talking to my prince the night before, to ask him to show his full face when doctor is scanning, and I'll promise to take more pictures for him to see in the future.

Looks like my prince is frowning here, LOL. He's very active these days and kicks me harder and more frequent, especially at night. Also react whenever hubby or I call his name ;) Sometimes the kicks actually 'hurt' and I feel like he kicks my bladder, makes me wanna pee.

Cursor showing his little 'bird', LOL

My prince is having Babyplus lesson twice a day. He's at lesson 7 so far, which means only 9 more lessons to go! ;)

Look how tiny my feets are. Almost can't see my feet now.. :P

I've gained about 10KGs so far. Appetite is good, dinner can never be enough for me, haha

My round belly. Linea nigra is getting obvious ;)

I still experience sleeping disturbance on and off. Midnight bathroom trip is becoming more and more frequent til I feel like I never sleep at all :(

Baby bump at 26 weeks. I know, baby bump looks small somehow. But I already feel heavy and can't sleep flat on my back, have to sleep on the side for better blood and oxygen flow to my baby, as what I read from books.

One more week to go before I enter the 3rd trimester. I'll have to say, 2nd trimester is my most enjoyable period (as many are saying). Though I cannot wait to hold my baby in my arms, I enjoy every single moments from day 1 til now. I'm sure I'm gonna miss the feeling later.

Counting down, 14 weeks to go!! ^^


  1. Are planning for a photoshooting session before you give birth? Have you thought of the name of your baby? Enjoy your pregnancy, Hayley.

  2. 完全了解你现在的心情,我真的觉得2nd trimester这段期间是最兴奋的,我也很享受,我也一样觉得以后会怀念这个感觉。 宝宝踢我们的时候真的很神奇很奇妙的感觉!也很感动!

  3. @@ it give me a little bit of freaky XD

    我怕怕 :X

  4. You made me missing my preggie period.... It was nice to feel the baby's kicks and the hormone changes XD

    Call your baby's name? Already got a name for him :)

  5. Yan, yep, planned to, may be next month ;)
    And we have thought of a name for him already, but not the chinese name.

    珊姑娘, 嗯,没错,最重要自己和宝宝都健康,其他的都没关系~

    Kian Fai, LOL..

    Yvonne, no need miss, still manage to produce a Dragon baby :P
    Yea, already thought of a name ;)

  6. Hey, what is a babyplus lesson? sounds interesting :)

  7. Well it wont be long now Hayley.
    Before you know it , you will be holding him and breast feeding him. thanks for sharing.

  8. I am happy for u...
    soon u will be very busy taking care on ur new born baby..

  9. hmmm, i guess you are enjoying your pregnancy very much.. hehe, i love those big stomach shot, so cute~~ :p

  10. Congratulations, it must a very exiting period.


  11. I'm really excited and happy for the both of you =)

  12. So it is a he lah ,right? enjoy every minute of your pregnancy,,,, before the EDD, relax,keep your mood cool,take strolls,,talk to your hub more,,,and be proud of yourself ya

  13. Barb, it's a prenatal education system. Here's the link:

    Eugene, yep, a He ;)

    Thank you all once again!

  14. Hayley dear, oh my you'v just reminded me of my pregnancy long long time ago. Oh yes, I felt so heavy and pee all the time. And somtimes the urine even comes out without control especially when laughing hard. So disgusting! haha... As long as the baby is healthy is good enough. Take care and eat more fruits. Remember no ice water!

  15. another few more weeks to go, welcome to the Mummy's Club!!

  16. dear Hayley, you are still looking fabulous. Take good care of yourself and be ready for your prince arrival ya!! :)

  17. Reminds me of my poster "Pregnant is Beautiful".

  18. Kristy, alright.. thanks for reminding!

    And thank you all~

  19. Your baby bump is not small... at this stage, it looks just nice to me. Glad you are enjoying your pregnancy to the fullest! :)

  20. Hi Hayley,

    Happy Belated Valentine's Day. I can't wait to see your baby too. Time flies very fast indeed.

  21. I like the last pic!
    It feel so warm see your smile and your look watching the baby bump.
    That was super natural and you should keep it for yr baby to see it in future~

  22. Why u like still so slim even u pregnant~ haha, cant w2ait ur baby coming this world!~

    i keep follow ur blog even dint reply ~ recently inconvenient coz no comp beside me ~ but u have my blasting =)

  23. Thank you all! I also cant wait to welcome my prince~

    min~aris, where got slim? Already put on 10kg... Haha.
    It's ok, you take care!

  24. Nic pictures. Reminded me of my own too. hehehe! So, everything ready for the baby's arrival??? Just get everything ready, you never know the time. :p Take care and for time being, eat what ever you want as long as you are not too overweight! Btw, you still look great.

  25. Bump, the smaller the best(yours just perfect), else after delivery thn u'll see the obvious strae and cellulite, OMG...T_T!

  26. Rose, actually lots of things not yet buy =_= Anyway, thanks!

    Alice, LOL, true also ya!

  27. I know what u meant when u say u gonna miss this. I told my hubs too last time as I was enjoying Ethan's movement in me, I said, "I dunno how I'm going to live not having HIM kicking and playing inside of me anymore" but guess what? Once he is born, you'll get to touch him for REAL and that is everything to me! :D

  28. Merryn, yeah.. I guess both are 2 memorable different feelings for a mum!

  29. Hahah, he is a naughty little dragon baby thou.

  30. Do you want to let go your babyplus as second hand? Interested to buy.. pls email to TQ!


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