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Don't test my patience

I was at Maybank the other night, trying to bank in some money to a friend.

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As usual, Maybank ATMs and Cash Deposit machines are always full with long queues (not sure about other places, but Taiping ones always pack with people). I personally do not have a MBB account so I cannot do any transactions online.

The man in front of me was already there when I arrived. I took a peep, he was going to bank in quite alot of RM 50 notes. Some notes couldn't go through and he kept on trying and trying. I stood behind him long enough but he just din't give up. Duh... uncle, din't you notice a queue behind? If the same notes couldn't go through means couldn't go through no matter how many times you try! Please be more considerate la!

The other Indian guy behind me also shaked head and switched lines. Finally, perhaps that man sensed my impatience and finished his business.

I know sometimes those machines are sensitive, I know the money is important to that someone, but please be considerate. Unless there's no one else behind you, otherwise, you might just need to think of other solutions. Hello, you do not own that machine alone!

*Sorry la, pregnant lady very impatient one!*

Have you encounter such situations?


  1. its ok, dont said preggy mama impatient lah, even normal people will also like that, worst is when u queue for so long, then finally ur turn, the fellow in front u already jammed up the machine and its out of service!!

    i nvr experienced like u lah, coz im their 'priority customer'(hahahaha), i can bank in thru the counter, no need to queue at all..and im their internet banking user too...

  2. Some people are like that... no sense of urgency at all and don't care about the queue behind them. Err, I've never deposited cash at the atm before and didn't know that the notes have to be put in 1 by 1... I thought u can just slot the whole stack in :p

  3. sometimes cannot blame also lah, the machines always want to reject some of the notes no matter how, very perpetual!! and sometimes you also get frustrated and cannot accept the fact that your notes is rejected right??

  4. Truly agree maybank deposit machine is really sucks....
    I also encounter tat d money cannot acceptable....
    As a very considerate person ahem ahem I bring more notes..must in case it doesn't go through.....
    Here in kl also d same.... Long queue.....

  5. I am quite impatient myself, so I guess I understand ur feelings. But sometimes I felt it's the machine's fault... maybe he should jus bank in later after the queue is over.

  6. Hayley,

    Ha ha, now you got an excuse to be impatient or even angry for every single thing, because you are pregnant.
    I know what it is like, some people are just inconsiderate and they think they owns the machine. Have you come across those who makes withdrawal for the whole family or office? You are behind him and you thought oh only one guy, but then he started taking one atm card after another and makes numerous withdrawal.. ahhhhggrh.. feel like telling to "Q' up again if he is making more than one transaction. but Im not pregnant so cannot lo. ha ha

  7. Oh dear, I hope the 'uncle' that you encountered was not my hubb :p .... He went to maybank earlier, tried to deposit some Rm40k into the machine. I think it took him 30 mins to complete the transaction, and I was at home (cursing and) waiting for dinner.

    Frankly, he was complaining that his customer handed him such large sum last minute. The bank was closed and he didn't want to carry huge cash overnight.

  8. Wyson, 'the fellow in front u already jammed up the machine and its out of service', I can understand how frust it is! (Luckily I never encounter such situation yet)

    ChloeRuoyi, yep bank in whole stack but certain notes will be rejected.

    SK, yes surely I'll get frustrated if my notes cannot be accepted, so I will walk away after a 1-2 tries and give way to other people.

    Simple Person, I'll do that too, bring more notes just in case.

    YT, yes totally agree! 看情况而办事!

    Johnnie, haha I encountered that before! Several ATM cards in one transactions...

    Yvonne, LOL luckily it wasn't your hubby I met :P
    RM 40K is a huge amount of money...

  9. Haha - now you're in that shoes of encounter with inconsiderate people but you also try to think in his "shoes" too...I think its good he got the "hint" without the need for u to say anything

    Dun mess with pregnant lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  10. Oh yes, I meet tons of inconsiderate people everyday. I hate queing up to do anything. People jump que, some stand so close to you that you can smell them breathing down your neck etc. etc. If I can avoid it, I do all my banking on line. When I never bank in cash in an ATM machine, I don't trust it. Those machine are not well maintained and if something goes wrong, the hassle of contending with making things write with the bank is frustrating. I know, I know, I feel you, pregnant ladies impatient so is this old grumpy Quay Po! hehe

  11. err..sometimes the bank machine is at fault for not accepting the notes. otherwise it would be a breeze to bank in cash. my hubby has encountered what the uncle experienced but still no choice but to stand and bank in because the bank is closed :(

  12. Robinson, LOL, like the last sentence :P

    Quay Po Cooks, ya I understand. But I'm just not interested in getting a MBB account, LOL.

    Barb, I can understand too. But I still think that he needs to think of other solutions if the queue is long....

  13. I think MBB is pack everywhere as JB here also same ==' tat's y I apply internet banking, go bank deposit once a month to cut down frustrated.

  14. Evelyn, well MBB sure has many supporters...

  15. Hi Hayley,

    I think that uncle is frustrated too when his money was rejected. Also maybe he need to send the right amount to another person. It could be his loan where, he needs to pay the exact amount.

    Be patient yeah?

  16. Willie, I thought of what you thought too.. But, pregnant lady is just impatient...

  17. Last time my incident was a lady holding 10 cheque and 1 cheque redeem 1 resit. Basically people deposit 5 cheque for 1 resit and she wanted to do it 1 cheque for 1 resit.

    Headache right? lol

    no worries, pregnant lady or non pregnant lady always dai sai 1. I got patience :P

  18. Hi Hayley, ya, he should have glanced back, and seeing a young lady in a family way, go to the cashier instead.
    Oh well.....
    You stay easy, have a nice day.

  19. 孕妇就是比较容易emo的,哈哈!但是你是对的,我也觉得这样的人应该考虑后面排队的人,respect其他人咯,如果钞票进不到,请试一次, 再多几次就先让别人吧。 我也遇过,没有怀孕时我都 pik ceh了啦!

  20. Kian Fai, LOL.. yaya, headache la this case..

    Lee, but it was night time and the bank is closed. But he should have glanced back at least.... ;)

    珊姑娘,就是咯。。每个人都在排队,每个人都需要bank in钱给对方嘛~

  21. I encountered it all the times because I go to bank almost every day. I never tried the same machine more than 3 times and if long queue, I would be even faster. Never like people to wait for me and I am in the waiting. Lol!

  22. I agree pregnant woman has mood swing easily. The uncle should let pregnant woman do the transaction first. Now, he kena scolded by pregnant woman in her blog already. hahahahah!

  23. Rose, same here. Never like people to wait too long for me either.

    Yan, haha! But I din't even remember that uncle's face already, LOL.


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