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Eating style

People said appetite and taste bud change during pregnancy and for me, my taste bud is pretty much the same compared to before.

I still love Japanese food like sushi, except for raw stuff like sashimi which I don't eat all this while. Been eating Japanese food quite a few times already since pregnant (but choices are limited at my hometown), hoping to train the little one inside to love it as well, so that next time his dad will have no excuse to not bring us to Japanese restaurant, wakakak.... *grin*

And don't mind trying western food once a while (though they can be quite heaty and fattening), I always pick fish or chicken cause I believe they are healthier.. and I don't eat lamb or steak but my hubs love them~

I'm still a rice lover! And will request for additional sambal whenever available, my love for spicy food increases during pregnancy like tomyam, laksa and curry! But I try to control these intake cause too much spiciness is not good for the baby, I heard....

Of course, desserts like these never fail to make me happy! ;D (Especially during hot days!)

And once again, I do cut down on icy stuff during pregnancy cause obviously too much is no good too, though doctor said I can eat whatever I can. But for chinese sensei, icy stuff is a big nono!

Besides, I sort of given up ice cream (it's my all time favourite) since preggie. But I'm looking forward to the day when I can indulge in ice cream again ^^

To all mummies out there, does your taste bud changes alot during pregnancy? Do share with me ;)


  1. good that you maintain your eating habit.. and eat more to give your little one more energy, haha!!

  2. Hi Hayley, for some reason or other I've never gone for Japanese food. All the years maybe 5 times....but had no choice when on business trips in Japan.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Good lah eat Japanese good for baby brain development....

  4. I was lucky that I don't have cravings during my pregnancy. I still eat as usual BUT I totally switched OFF radio, tv and newspaper during pregnant. I dunno why. I get 'sick' when I see those..

  5. Baby definitely will follow his or her mummy's taste bud...Most of them...My two preggy period does have a big diff. Calvin time i love meat n doesn't like sweet stuff. Hebe time i love more veggie and salad intake. It is totally out of our control.

  6. The dessert is very colourful.


  7. sushi is healthy :) but no cold and raw ones ya

    Latest: Innovative Chinese Buns

  8. I think my appetite was the same in both pregnancies. Just that I enjoyed eating laksa, curry and nasi lemak (all spicy food) more when I was preggie. hehehe!

  9. Nope my taste bud still the same although I was pregnant. Enjoy your meal now... later during confinement you have less variety food to eat.

  10. wa Hayley, so much food ah? you mean you have being eating so much even before you were pregnant? lol

  11. i saw ur maternity photos tru FB .. wow ... beautiful :)

  12. 我是很多食物都可以接受都可以尝试的人,所以怀孕后口味也改变不大,基本上吃的东西都一样,也没有特别区尝试新食物。但是就是会突然想吃一样东西时就特别的想吃,哈哈。

  13. Have everything in moderation, that's the key :)

    But hey, I enjoyed my ice cream the most during my pregnancy especially when there's no fear of getting fat, muahahaha!

  14. Ice cream should be fine. 1 or 2 scoops of ice cream is not a big deal. You should restrict yourself from eating. Remember, mummy is happy, baby is happy too.

  15. Oh I am so hungry ~
    hahahah ~~~ a mummy love this all in pregnant period ~ all about eat!

  16. My eating habit is unstable although I'm not pregnant. Haha!

  17. I read your profile, you was in the communications or media industry? I was in the media industry too, are you referring to advertising? Can tell me more?

  18. I read your profile, you was in the communications or media industry? I was in the media industry too, are you referring to advertising? Can tell me more?

  19. eat everything regularly and try to avoid some food which is pregnant lady forbid to eat lol

    anyways. I am hungry on 3am now LOL :X

  20. I always wonder if I would crave for sashimi or not when I'm pregnant cos it's my favourite food but pregnant women are not supposed to eat them... Hehehehehe...
    Anywayz, reading your blog about pregnancy makes me feel so warm cos you seems to be so happy about it! :)

  21. I did not have any special cravings during my pregnancy too. Just ate the normal stuff minus those cooling fruits and icy drinks but during my 8th month, I ate a lot of ice-cream! :)

  22. Libby, that was last year, now no more ;)

    Thanks all for sharing!


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