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End of the world??

I knew about the tsunami Indonesia yesterday not through news, but through FB. That's how 'powerful' FB is nowadays...

Anyway, I din't feel any tremors yesterday at my place but some of friends did, at Taiping. I heard some other places were affected as well so it's best to stay out of beaches.

Sigh, I always am thankful because our country seems to be a 'save' place from all these natural disasters compared to other countries. But obviously things changed recently. Actually I've started to worry about the truth about the end of the world (though deep down I still don't really believe).

Seriously, I do not know what to do IF end of the world is coming like what we see in movies, but I always cherish whatever and whoever I have. And for those victims in Indonesia, I pray that things will be alright for them.

How about you? Do you believe in end of the world?


  1. We could feel it very strong in our office. We all walked out to the bulding for about 5 minutes, then only resumed to work. You must be sleeping then, so you didn't feel it.

  2. I didn't feel any shaking here in Selangor.

  3. 我是在公司感觉在轻微shaking后上网查看哪里地震,还跟朋友一直讲。。。。



  4. I din feel the tremor. I've also been watching those alien movie and if the world going to end, so scary hor. I don't dare to believe actually. haha

  5. yeah, same same here.. i didn't feel the tremor but got all the updates from FB only.. well, i'm neutral towards the doomsday, if it comes then it will come, we just cannot do anything..

  6. 当听到家人们都感受到地震时,我都吓了一跳。天真的变了~~ 好恐怖 =(

  7. according to the mayan calendar, the end of the world is december this year. *scary*

  8. I felt the tremor, but brushed it off initially. Thought I was feeling dizzy :p

    Same as SK, I'm neutral about the "end of the world" stuff.

  9. Yan, ahh you guys were working yesterday? Thought it was a holiday? Hmm nope, I wasn't sleeping that time, was in front of the laptop ;)

    Hopefully things will be alright for all of us...

  10. ChrisAu, LOL, such short and straight forward comment ;)

  11. Some people cannot feel tremors and I am one of them. Hubby felt it and he asked me if I felt anything... I said "where got?" I really couldn't feel anything!

  12. If the world indeed ends this year, then all the more we have to cherish each other n do what we want before the time comes.... ish.. scaring myself now..

  13. I always thought it's coming to the end of the world, bcos nowadays pple are becoming colder and less personal, if it is really end of world this Dec, then we also have to accept, there's nothing we can do. So treasure everything that you have.

  14. ChloeRuoyi, LOL...

    Merryn and Libby, yes, treasure everything we have now..

  15. I didn't feel anything. I was at home with Gwen. Hubby in Jakarta didn't feel a thing too. Malaysia is nearer to Sumatra than Jakarta haha. I don't want to believe in end of the world...scary thought.

  16. Mummy Gwen, hmm.. scary right? But if it's real, we also can't do anything.. =_=

  17. Ya,we are always be thankful in our life...

  18. Hwi Yee, welcome back babe!!

  19. u know on that day 1 or 2pm, I was playing game, then suddenly I felt really dizzy. Then I thought I not enough sleep but at the end I realize is earthquake by watching my twitter update lol

    I think it shake very little for 3 times . . . wew

  20. Kian Fai, Ic.. But I din't feel anything here =_=

  21. Saw the trailer on TV, seems like it's a nice movie.

  22. I think Malaysia is no longer a safe place.

  23. i love Double boiled snow jelly with red dates:D


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