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A little note to myself (Part VI)

-I will still crave for something to eat/drink, on and off. Had Pizza Hut during the weekend (though it wasn't hubby's cup of tea) and I was so so full (but satisfied ^^).
Tempted on their ice cream so ordered one to share, hehe.
As well as Starbucks ice blended chocolate, well I am a happy girl~

The new chicken sensation pizza is quite nice! With lots of cheese and chicken floss on top

-As mentioned earlier, backaches has become my friend T.T

I already experienced it during the second trimester and was told that it'll become worse during the last trimester, sort of prepared for it but still feeling super uneasy. Friends recommend maternity belt but then, there're only about 7 more weeks to go, do I really need that because one maternity belt cost about RM 100+.... I mean I think I can still bear with it... (hopefully).

-Already chosen a Christian name for my prince (shall reveal it when he's here ^*) but we won't register it, who knows my prince might not like it when he grows up? LOL.

As for chinese name, both hubbs and I have no idea at all though we know Mandarin. So we will leave this to a feng shui master, have to wait until my prince is born because the master needs to know the date and time of born.

Taken when I was 33 weeks preggie

I'm glad that there's no visible strench marks ;) (Had been applying strench marks lotion since the 2nd month). And looking at this photo, I realise I have not blog about my maternity photo shooting! I hope I can get the softcopies by this weekend so that I can share it with you.

- I'm having difficulties in breathing sometimes, so I really do things slow and steady these days. And one night I was watching a Taiwan entertainment show and I realised I couldn't laugh so hard like I used to =_= Gotto control and catch my breathe, before I could laugh again... LOL :D


  1. hayley, 来抱一个先!伟大的妈咪! 

    那个maternity belt我也是昨天才懂,但是我已经32周了,所以我不打算去买了,省钱给bb较好,妈咪再辛苦不到两个月而已!^^


    你的肚子真的很美,等我这星期拍照后分享,我的肚子真的很难看,伤心咯 =(

  2. I love that new pizza too....Just had it last week :D

    U r good to apply the lotion on the tummy. Your tummy so beautiful. I ignored mine and now, my tummy looks so ugly ! Right until now (my youngest already going to be 4 y.o, still got the marks on the tummy). Sad!

  3. Enjoy food, enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can. 7 weeks to go, we can see your lil Prince. So excited. You take care.

  4. wah 7 weeks more to see your little prince. So envy of you, no stretch mark at all, my belly so ugly.

  5. nice belly, anyway ... dont be too happy 1st ya .. my stretch up appear the last 2 to 3 weeks before i give birth ....:( anyway ... hope u won get any stretch mark la of cos ... enjoy ur pregnancy and can;t wait for the prince to arrive !!!!!!

  6. Thank you all~

    珊姑娘,嗯,真的很 beh tahan 啊!怀孕真的不容易,我们的老公真的要好好疼爱我们了,嘻嘻。。 :)
    不过叻,虽然是辛苦,有些 moments 还是很奇妙,很甜蜜的。。宝宝是上天给我们的礼物,当然要好好珍惜咯~

    Anggie, well of course I hope I won't get that lo!

  7. hahaha, good that you seems to eat everything, and take this opportunity to eat more lah.. for i'm sure after your delivered sure you will go on diet and try to avoid almost everything~~ :p

  8. Wow! Start applying since u're on 2nd month? But worth it. Mummy Hayley Jia you o!!!

  9. I'm craving for Starbucks Java Chip Frappucino~~

    Enjoy your pregnancy, as you only have about 7 weeks to go before the big 'star' arrives.

  10. Thanks all!
    SK, yes, after that will go on diet already, haha :D

  11. My stretch marks appear when I'm about to sad. But it was very hardly noticeable.

    Enjoy your makan makan ya. :) Wishing you smooth delivery and hope your backache go away soon. Rest more dear.

    P/S: I'm always reading your updates although I didn't comment for so long. I've been very busy.

  12. Hi Hayley =)

    Haha the part about wasnt being able to laugh as much as you want to is really LOL. omigosh... really cant wait to see your baby >.<

    Take care now :D

  13. HeLLo Hayley,

    Surely you do eat a lot nowdays. And lucky you that your stench marks do not show. Keep on applying the cream yeah?

    Also, good luck in choosing the Chinese name.

    p/s: nice blog layout.

  14. Mummy Gwen, oh welcome back! Thanks for the wishes! Looking forward to read about your updates!

    Daniel and Willie, thank you! ;)

  15. how come i cant view ur 2nd pic?

  16. Wyson, I wonder why too. It was alright when I posted it until now.. May be blogspot problem..

  17. hayley, maybe the administrator find ur picture too sexy gua, thats why they block it...possible or not??

  18. Wyson, LOL.. but I don't find it sexy la~

  19. 妈妈很伟大,我看到~你还是别走动太多,好好休息好了~ 我很久没有吃到pizza hut了~

  20. looking forward to the pics of photoshooting :)

    Latest: Cake Temptations

  21. min~aris, 嗯我会的了。。谢谢你!

    Fish, hehe ok! ;)

  22. take good care ok . . . must be very heavy baby :X

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