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A little note to myself (Part VII)

- Read about this super easy tong sui through Mommy Baby magazine, which is very suitable to drink during pregnancy (of course good to consume for everyone too). Just need red dates, dried longan, white fungus and brown sugar, pop everything into slow cooker and cook for 2 hours.

 Helps in blood circulation, calming mind and release tension

-Confinement lady called me the other day and told me to start preparing for food. I was like OMG, is it that close already?? =_=

-All baby necesseties are well ready, from new born clothing, to diapers, napkins, baby bottles, bedsheet set, playpen, baby wash and etc. Also things for myself such as sarongs, nursing bra and pad, dry shampoo and etc. I even started preparing things to bring to the hospital for delivery and informed hubby which bags to bring, haha. I'm approaching 36 weeks and some people said I'd pop anytime *damn nervous*

-Baby bump is getting bigger and I know I shall not travel far anymore, and must be extra careful in everything I do though breathing are sometimes difficult to me :(

-The BDS gang given us a car seat as a gift.

 Thanks guys! Actually initially hubby and I are hesitating should we buy one? As he can drive and I can carry the baby. But after much thinking, we decided to get one since I will go back to my mum's place very often during daytime, and by driving alone, I certainly need baby to sit in a safe car seat. And with this, I can conveniently bring my baby to anywhere I like, haha :D

-I've been surveying for strollers and like I mentioned before, it's either MacLaren or Quinny Zapp. Saw alot nice ones which comes in 2 in 1 (stroller and car seat), but not cheap. Hubby thinks it's not necessary to buy those over RM 1k so our budget is below that.
In the end, settled with this one and SIL helped us to get it from The Curve. Sponsored by FIL, hehe.

*Counting down, about one more month to go. Pray that everything is fine!*


  1. Since you have prepared everything so nothing to worry. Just sit back and relax and again enjoy your pregnancy till the bits! Take very well of yourself k...we'll be waiting for good news very very soon!

  2. Everything is ready for the new baby! :)

  3. yup i do agree with ur hubby..
    ur new mclaren benz cominig out soon.... so need to pay a lot of expenses..
    keep ur expenses low...

  4. i think it's useful to have a baby seat lor.. or else you can just tell your friends you need one, and ask them to buy for you as baby gift lah~~ hehe :p

  5. I agree with Simple Person and also your hubby. Baby grows real fast, after a year, when he can run and walk, he may not want to sit on the stroller anymore. The usage of stroller for my kids was very very minimal.

  6. It's good to get everything done in advance, no need to panic if the baby decided to pop early, hehehe~~

    Stroller is useful when we go out for hours, especially in the shopping mall. I hardly used mine as I seldom bring my kids out when they were under 1 year old. By the time they started walking, they prefer to be on foot, not wheels.

  7. 好紧张!是的,接近37周后,就随时会生了,不要跑太远哦,嘻嘻,我也好紧张了!
    全部东西都准备好了,真好!我还没买bb床,bb车朋友会给2nd hand的,但很小的,也好,先不用买,过后bb长大一些了才买!我不会买太贵的bb车,感觉不需要咯,过千叻@@

  8. Feeling nervous for you too for some reasons!!! :)
    I have a colleague who is pregnant too but she is so emo and feels like not excited about the baby also... But reading your blog makes me feel your happiness!

  9. yuppie counting down now.... wish you everything is fine, smooth delivery.

  10. Soon i b hearing a good news from you .... cant wait .... CAR SEAT is very important to me, both my boys been using carseat till at least they are 3 to 4yo . ...
    Take k ya ...

  11. only one more month! :) excited for you too. the seat is important so that your hand doesnt get tired fast :P

    Latest: Freshest Sashimi Ever

  12. You are all prepared already..good. Wishing you a smooth delivery!

  13. Thank you all! I wish for a smooth delivery too!

    对啊,有很多很美又high tech的stroller,不过超贵。。就觉得不需要咯。。

  14. for me car seat and stroller is a MUST item...u will know it will be very useful when u have a MICHELIN baby, u cant afford to carry him even for a mere 5 mins, and thats when the stroller become ur hero.... i pernah kena already, thats why dare to said..LOL

  15. Wyson, LOL.. michelin baby :D

  16. Hayley, I just got to know u but am so excited for u! :-)

    Yeah tick tock tick tock, i am also doing my countdown :-)

    U are lucky to get so many sponsors!

  17. Thanks Kristie, yours are getting near too!

  18. U have very supportive FIL.

    Don't be too nervous. haha... and am excited for you too.

    The baby car seat is important even u can carry baby. Train baby to sit else u will regret. Because baby tend to be very active when they grow older (climb here and there). If baby are train to sit on the baby car seat, they will sit 'guai guai'. haha

  19. mNhL, haha ya, you got a point too! Thanks for the infor~

  20. oooo...very nice gift and useful too. i guess you are all set to welcome the precious little bub :)

  21. Barbara, yes, counting down now ;)


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