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A little ranting on a Thursday

You know we all learn about the effects of open burning and we are told not to do it. But there're still people who practise open burning and pollute the air.

There's this uncle staying few houses away who burns trash like once every week. I hate it whenever I smell the smokes, I can smell it even though I stay in a closed room. The smokes are just harmful to everyone including his own family, I just don't understand why people still burn trash like nobody's business?

Perhaps certain authorities do practise open burning on certain material but I guess they may have some safety precautions or at least a proper way to do so? But this uncle.... sigh..

May be you can help me understand what type of trashes are to be burnt and cannot just dispose through the normal ways (if there's any)? Or simply why do people like open burning??


  1. there are always those very stubborn people who never learn to be considerate at all.. really hate them!!

  2. These people are really annoying.

  3. Hey u can call 999....
    In my Neighbourhood .. I don't really c any open burning..

  4. Hayley,
    for some it is a habit. they must burn one. Maybe his rubbish is smelly.

  5. 我也不能了解为什么到了现在还是有很多人喜欢露天焚烧垃圾!?!?!!造成空气污染,其实也很危险的呀!>.<

  6. Is he trying to burn the dried leaves? Or he's burning rubbish, like plastic? Maybe he's at the wrong side, but we have to understand that our wastage system is very lousy and of course, some ppl need 'education' about loving our world :)

    Take it easy, ya.

  7. The smoke is really toxic and bad for health, but some people is just lack of civilization. We just can't do anything to help.

  8. =.= this stubborn uncle ah... the best is not to burn anything at all. Divide the trash so can be easily recycle... take care of baby ^^v

  9. It is very annoying ya. I had an ex-neighbour used to burn dried leaves from his trees. Luckily we shifted. Else, I will be choked to death! hahaha

  10. Oh gosh tell me about it! I totally hate them! I always wish I could have the courage to call some helpline to go arrest those people who burn random stuff...

  11. Yvonne, I don't think it's just leaves, must be trash too!

  12. burn the rubbish to fulfill his own pleasure perhaps, I think I suggest you to try avoid these smokes which will harm you :(

  13. Kian Fai, of course I do avoid such smokes!


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