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Just an update

Hi my dear readers! Do you miss me? ;)

About 10 more days and my confinement is done! But most probably I will extend to 40 days cause I heard that's the best... So far, confinement is okay for me.. I got to rest alot and enjoyed most of my meals and the confinement aunty prepares most of the stuff, best of all I get to order hubby to do this and that like a queen, kakakaka :D

But of course the hardest part is to cope with the oily smelly scalp and hair... =_=
So far I've only bath once during the 12th day and I scrub my scalp like nobody's business that time, to me shower never felt so good!! Now I have to wait til baby's fullmoon to enjoy my shower again.

As for Aden, he is becoming naughtier and 'smarter'.. Sometimes he cries and screams so loud for milk until the whole family come to see what's wrong, LOL. The only peaceful moment is when he is sleeping ;)
But one thing I am happy about is that he has started to drink more and poo more since last week (He was quite 'weak' during the first 2 weeks due to prolong jaundice).
The nurse came this morning to check on him and he has gained another 400grams! ;)

At the mean time I am learning how to be a good mum because I know I will be on my own when the confinement aunty leaves.

Alright I guess that's all for today! I know it's the school holidays now, wishing all of you happy holidays and happy weekend! ^_*


  1. Being a mother is the greatest gift. Since you are not working, u can always be a good mum taking care of ur lil prince Aden to the fullest. Give Aden the best you can. Mei you can do it.

  2. yup miss u..
    I guess that now you have more responsible task to do now..
    I am glad to hear ur baby is doing fine...
    Have a great weekend to you...

  3. good to hear that you are enjoying your time although things are tough... and no shower???... oh geez idk what will i do if i were in ur shoes... enjoy and have more fun hun


  4. We sure miss you. How the time flies. In few more days you are out from the confinement. Yeap, I also hate the hair part. heheeh!

  5. yeah, for sure everyone miss you lah.. and you have not shown us baby Aden yet.. i think he is growing up healthily and you'll sure have a hard time coping with his "naughtiness and smartness", haha!!

  6. Yeah...been missing you dear :) I think you extend your confinement to 40 days is a good idea.

    I have no doubt in my mind you will be a good mum. Take care dear.

  7. I'm sure you will be a great mommy :) Enjoy the process although it is quite tiring.. Gambateh!!

  8. Hang on there... 10 days will come and go in no time :) I do understand the discomfort of smelly/itchy scalp. I absolutely couldn't stand it and was close to insanity so I curi2 washed my hair on the 15th day when my MIL (who was "confinement lady") went home for a while :p

  9. Enjoy your confinement month....I believe you enjoy your motherhood alot..

  10. Good to hear everything is going well. We indeed miss your blog articles.


  11. i understand the feeling of being a queen in front of your husband now, but being the slave of your prince then. 40 days more to go, good luck :)

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  12. Hi Hayley, congratulations on your beautiful baby. It's a boy, year of the Dragon too. He's cute, and nice name too.

    Wow, you really following that ritual not having shower, whatever? Must be an old tradition or custom?
    Anyway, all my very best wishes to you, hubby and Aden.

  13. Morning...So good to hear all these positive progress...Don't worry my will make an excellent mother. My wife didn't follow the `no shower' rule..hahaha..she could not stand it. We managed to convince our confinement lady to let her take bath every other day but washing hair lar...That one, I think once every week.....

  14. Good to know you enjoy your confinement meals and days. Extending to 40 days is a wise decision. By the time, you are out of your confinement, I will be away for holiday already. You take care.

  15. Learn as much as possible while the CL is around :) and not to worry much as you'll be a pro in reading Aden's body languages and cries, as you are his mom~

  16. Hi Hayley, congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! Glad to know you are enjoying your confinement period. Enjoy the 'pampering' while there is still time! Take care! :-)

  17. challenging myself to wait till full moon for my next bath too after the one during 12th day of confinement~gambateh!!

  18. Hi Hayley, sure miss you, I am sure you will be a dutiful mother, baby Aden is so cute, by the way, I have a blog giveaway, do visit my blog for more details, I am giving away VCD and DVD.

  19. glad that Aden's doing well. Keep up the good work and do take good care of yourself too OK?

  20. haha confinement is really suffering for me. Try use hair dryer to blow your oily scalp before you use the dry shampoo. Else the oil stick with the dry shampoo and make it even worst :) Take care ya.

  21. Hi, sure miss u la, heh, thanks for still finding time to drop by my blog :)

    Well, if u had time and budget u should extend ur confinement period , i think is good for u . Actually old folk say we need to pantang for 100 days la , but usually after 1 months .. mostly back to old style edy ... hahah ... so extend to 40 days was a good way ..i agreed .

    rest well, eat well , BF well :)

  22. 对!就算我是自己照顾bb的,我也觉得坐月最辛苦的还是不可洗澡不可洗头,尤其是洗头那里真的很geli,很油腻很臭!


  23. I still cant imagine if I in confinement ~ cannot wash hair blarrrrr blarrrrr those thing~

    but we can stay in aircon room izit?
    right right right!!????(eyes blinking) XD

  24. Hey pretty mama, glad to hear that u r doing well...

    Sorry lately a bit lazy, so I din check out blogs as often :P

    Take good care and count down to ur shower day :D

  25. You are a wonderful mommy :) Enjoy your confinement and staying at home with Aden :)

  26. Hope you enjoy your full moon bash soon! Have a happy confinement!

  27. yes! miss u so much XD

    post more ur baby photo hahaha

  28. Hi HayLey,

    Glad to hear Aaden starts to show sign of active activity. That's good. Nevermind about the oily hair. It's for your own good. How does it feel to be a queen? I'm sure it was nice right. I treated my wife like a queen too when she was on confinement and now? Hehehe...I still treat he like a queen. Nothing changes.

    Thanks for the holiday wish. We in Sarawak are celebrating Gawai Dayak.


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