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Day 26

Firstly, thank you for still following my blog and leave me comments.. I won't be able to blog so much like before (but I will keep visiting your blogs whenever I have the time) as I got to take care my little monster and learn as much as possible from the confinement aunty, she won't be able to carry on the 40 days confinement for me as promised due to some personal reasons, and she will be leaving next Tuesday, sob sob.

Honestly I am abit worried as a new mum, taking care of a little one really is not an easy task. I even think that actually labor pain is nothing compared to the 'pain' of handling a baby.... haha :D

Anyway, I know I will be ok, just need time and patience (thinking positive is always good, haha).

Just to share some photos with you...

My favourite picture at the moment, haha. Aden looks cute here right!

I certainly din't teach him to do this... LOL


His favourite sleeping position

Little fingers...

Muacks muacks from mummy~

Aden's actuall fullmoon is next Thursday but since it's a working day, we will celebrate his fullmoon earlier. We'll be having a small fullmoon party tomorrow night and distribute the fullmoon packages on Sunday for convenient sake.
I can't believe it's almost a month since he was born! Well I pretty enjoy the whole confinement to be honest except for the no-wash-hair part.

I know I still haven't blog about the birth story. It'll surely take me some times to finish that long post, so just bear with me la.. I'll blog about it soon.....

Til then, enjoy your weekend!


  1. finally we gotta see Aden.. why lah?? he doesn't like to be in the camera?? haha.. :D

  2. I like the 2nd pic.. aden is so cute...
    Well I am sure you will be able to handle.....
    have a great weekend with your new baby.. and happy full moon to Aden..

  3. Omigosh... he is soooo cute ^^ Dont worry too much Hayley... you'll learn as you go... no mom is an evil mom... haha take care now :D

  4. Hahah he really knows how to make many faces cute...that day and today he looks so much different.

  5. cute aden!!!~~
    haha ~ seen every mama very enjoying their moments with the first born baby ~Happy full moon Aden ~^^

  6. Missed the little baby....came back to check on him......he he he!

  7. awwww so cute... i like the what u looking at look ( 2nd one)... have a very wonderful weekend Haley

  8. happy fullmoon, baby Aden...

  9. Hi, I have been reading your blog lately & congrats on your newborn :) ... Happy fullmoon :)

  10. The second picture looks so comical, makes me smile and laugh, how did you manage to capture that moment.

  11. wow his expression. how nice to have snapped it at the right moment :D

    Latest: Sinful Breads

  12. Yes, it would be tough for new mummy but dont worry too much. Mother instinct will kick in and soon you will know what he wants, he is trying to tell you etc. All are learning experiences. :)

  13. Thanks everyone.. Aden had his head shaved yesterday... Now he is a cute little botak boy, haha :d

  14. he's adorable! pics of his botak look pls:D

  15. his frown is so cute!!!! don worry, mummy you will be a great mom defnitely.

  16. My favourite pic is the one with Aden frowning! Ha! So cute!!!

  17. Happy fullmoon~~ His frowing pic is so cute!

    *I've eaten the fullmoon food and gained extra kgs :p

  18. Haha he look cute in the second photo, grumpy? Wah so fast he is fullmoon soon and it mean mommy prison break soon!

  19. I dint have chance to carry little cute Aden tat night.. ;( haha.. but nvm, hope to meet up again ^^

  20. time flies. Don't worry, you will get the hang of being a new mum very soon. You can do it. :)

    Baby Aden is really adorable. I think he looks like you.

  21. 我超喜欢第二张的aden,超级可爱搞怪^^



  22. Happy fullmoon, baby Aden! He's very cute. Don't worry too much. Handling a baby gets easier as he grows bigger and that usually happens too fast! Just enjoy motherhoood :)

  23. hmmm, remind me of curry chicken and sticky glutinous rice hahah :X

    hahah taking care of baby is difficult but when 3-4 years old need to observe it alot. :)

  24. Thanks again all! With your support, i have more confident now! ;)

  25. Cute! We will still read your blog too.

    And Kyanime means...

  26. aww...he is growing up fast. yeah, giving birth is nothing compared to the time and sacrifices we are making for our children.

  27. 看到第二张,我笑了~绝对怀疑是你调教出来的。。。呵呵


  28. First pic is cute & u will adjust to your role like every cheers & happy parenting

  29. Aden is so cute. I wash my hair after 7 days. Kenot tahan!!

  30. Oh my goodness, a big congratulations to you Hayley. Your baby looks so adorable. Don't worried too much. We mothers have natural talent in taking care of our own kids. So, just take it easy. You should take more rest before your confinement lady is leaving. haha.... Sleep tight, dear.
    Best wishes

  31. Oh my goodness, a big congratulations to you Hayley. Your baby looks so adorable. Don't worried too much. We mothers have natural talent in taking care of our own kids. So, just take it easy. You should take more rest before your confinement lady is leaving. haha.... Sleep tight, dear.
    Best wishes

  32. ^^ please post more photos of baby Aden!

  33. Muahahaha the frowning pic is super adorable!


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