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A little bit from here and there

Life as a mother is never easy, especially when the baby is still so small, and it's indeed an 24 hours job. But I am glad that things are getting smoother, as I have learnt to multitask and do things quick =)
Of course, it's still a long journey and many things yet to be learnt.

Here's to share some updates of myself as well as my naughty boy.

1. I have to at least snap a photo of Aden everyday, as he grows up very fast and change everyday, I surely don't wanna miss this amazing moment. I love him more and more each day ^^

2. Aden is still very cranky, but sometimes when he is in the good mood, he will play on his own and mummy can do the things she wants ;)

3. No more beauty night sleep for me, but I love the napping time with Aden.

4. Recently, he wants to be carried and sit straight up like this....

5. Aden is 2 months and 5 days old today! =) Photo below taken last Saturday.

6. Brought him for first DPT/HiB Polio injection last Friday, he was sleeping when we weight him, but cried abit during the injection, ouch~
As of 6th July, Aden is 5.2kg/59cm. He is taking 4oz of formula milk, same goes to breast milk, and is fed every 3 hours most of the time. He is wearing size S diapers.

7. I already sneaked out alone for some quick shopping, facial treatment, pedicure & manicure, hair treatment, body massage and hair perming session. Thanks to hubby, my mum, MIL and SIL who look after Aden when I went out ;)

8. I was hesitating whether to do rebonding or digital perm. Rebonding is almost zero maintenance but is abit boring and makes my face look even rounder. Digital perm is high maintenance and could makes me look more matured. But end up I chose the latter, as hubby and friends commented I look good with curly hair (really?) Anyway, I don't like the color as it's all black, gotto wait at least a week before I go color my hair.
My weight remains the same since the last weighing (T.T). I am wearing Velcro belt and very hardworking in applying slimming cream everyday, and do some exercises at home whenever I have the time. Sigh, those stubborn fats are soooo hardddd to lose!
Some friends said I actually slimmed down alot but no... I just hide them well. I really can't wait to resume my yoga lessons next week!

9. We are still missing Aden's closet. Hubby keeps on saying 'later la' whenever I ask him how to settle Aden's clothes. So for the time being, I fold all his clothes and put in a basket like this.... (Sorry baby...)

10. For the first 3 weeks after the CL left, Aden has been sleeping beside me on the king sized bed, as it's easier for me to look after him during midnight. Whereas hubby slept separately on a single mattress. After 2 weeks of sleeping alone, hubby complaint he had a backache, LOL (cause the mattress is thin).
We know we needed to think of a solution as sooner or later, Aden has to sleep on his own too. So one night, we decided to start utilise the baby cot and let him sleep alone.
But...... I couldn't used to it, I feel like missing 'something'... I still want him to be next to me ;)

So after some thoughts, we changed the 'feng shui', we took out the mattress from the baby cot and had it stacked up, and placed it beside our bed just like this..... So hubby gets back his bed, Aden sleeps beside me, I am a happy mum, haha!

So, the baby cot is here for decoration purpose only, LOL. And I use it to store blanket, pillows and pampers :P
We also remove the carpet on the floor to prevent from collecting dust and mosquitoes as it's black and grey in color.

11. My 2 boys. As mentioned, Aden prefers to be carried like this lately. He cries whenever we put him down, he wants us to keep walking as he wants to look around (kepo we say... :P). I think I'm going to get a walking robot to help us, LOL.

12. Last 2 weeks, we brought Aden out to visit his friend, Cloey.

Cloey is a week younger than Aden but she is bigger in size, hehe. I simply love the picture above, both of them look so cuteee!

And here's Cloey's mum, Cindy and myself.

So far, we only brought Aden out 3 times. One is to visit Cloey, one is to attend a friend's son birthday party (photo below) and another one is to Tesco. Hubby thinks he is still too small to bring out to town.... Hmm...

And ever since Aden is here, I have lost my Saturday night lives (of course hubby still have his, so unfair!)
But last weekend, I regained my Saturday night life! Haha, went out to the usual yum cha session with hubby and friends, while Aden was at home with MIL and SIL.
I can't wait for Aden to grow up so that I can bring him out together! =)


  1. He look so chubby. btw you got a very big room.
    Can't wait for him to grow up right? wait till he learnt how to walk, you will be having a hard time chasing him around! guarantee to keep you fit one. lol

  2. I see you have adapt to motherhood very well, Hayley! And you enjoy every single day out of it. We should organize an outing to catch up :D

    Aden is growing cuter and chubbier. Cloey is very cute too!

  3. I agree with you husband. Last time, I brought my babies out when they were 4 months old at least. It is good that you have so many people for you to hand over when you need some ME time. So glad to read your update of your life with Aden.

  4. So cuteeeee your darling prince Aden! :)

    Must be fun to have gatherings where moms and their children all come together.

  5. aden looks like you..
    like mother like son.. :)
    time really flies and aden seems growing very fast....

  6. u said u still remember ur weight but u seen so slim d now!!!~

    aden really a alike with u ~

    curly is nice on u ¬
    i miss curly and i love curly~
    just hard to maintance it ~

  7. I love Aden updates he's growing up so fast!!

    Your new hair do looks really good on you too, I cannot wait to have a pampering session after birth.

    Don't worry about Aden's closet we don't have one yet either LOL All his clothes live in his baby cot but hubby keeps promising storage so hopefully you get a closet soon!

  8. Not bad, slowly steal some time to sneak out...we'll catch up very soon...nice new curl..Aden grows so much...he is chubbier now....

  9. Hey now I see Aden just look like his mummy face...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Aden很可爱,看得出他很爱动。
    哈哈哈,他kepo,要看东西,所以喜欢你们抱他直直坐,哈哈, cute!

    一样,S size尿片了,哈哈。


    我们还是给bb睡bb cot。



  12. Baby Aden has grown so much. Be patient, only 2 will get back your pre-pregnancy weight soon.

    I like your new hair. You are right straight hair is quite boring but I love it..hehe..makes me look younger.

  13. Baby Aden is very, very cute! Ya, babies grow too fast so just enjoy every moment with him now. And yes, take lots of pics and videos too... nice to look back when he's older.

  14. aden actually looks like you, haha!! maybe he's facing you like 24x7, hehe.. good that life is getting less hectic for you, you just need to get used to it lah.. hmmm, maybe two more years later, you need to spend more energy to chase him around the house~~ :D

  15. Johnnie, but my room looks smaller now, being occupied by Aden's stuff ;)

    Yvonne, アンゼエリン , hehe thanks! Yea will arrange for a meet up with you ladies...

    Yan, yea at least 4 months old..

    ms bulat, yes it was fun! Only thing is my son is still too small to play together with them, hehe.

    Simple Person, yes many said he looks like mummy ;)

    min~aris, yep curly hair needs lots of maintenance.. hehe thanks anyway..

    东妮, very soon you'll be carrying your baby in your arms! ^^

    珊姑娘,对啊,Aden 很鸡婆咧,整天要看东看西,又很会听我们讲话。。不过这也好啦,代表他长大了!嘻嘻。。
    嗯,会,手会酸呢!尤其是他那粒头,很重。。哈哈 :D

    Mummy Gwen, yea straight hair is more manageable and looks younger ;)

    ChloeRuoyi, yes I am enjoying now.. hehe, thanks!

    SK, haha yalo.. And need to keep things away from him already!

  16. Aden的脸蛋好可爱哦!真想捏一下!




  17. Oh I find Aden look more alike you leh. He has very chubby face, very cute.

  18. i will say getting more & more look like u...:-)

  19. janelle, 呵呵每个人都说Aden的脸蛋可爱。。
    不过我也很佩服你咧,自己一个带两个宝宝出门!我还没试过,是很期待啦,不过也很怕万一宝宝 laogai,那就惨了~

    Vickylow, Robinson, haha many said so!

  20. What a cutie pie. I think he looks a lot like your hubby :) oh i can't help laughing when i read that you went to the saloon and there were a few ppl helping to take care of Aden. He sure is a precious one...hahahah. I like your new hairdo :)

  21. AHAHAHAHAHaaaAHHA!!! I know how you feel! The mother is having separation anxiety instead! I can't get used to the idea of having Cayden sleep in his cot alone, we're so used to hugging each other to sleep. The cot is still empty after 9 months. I only put him there to self-entertain for a few minutes when I need to get some chores done. Now need to think of a solution cos he's getting mobile and king sized bed is too small for 3 of us!

  22. in no time, Aden can turn and crawl already..then u will be more its good to have some 'me time' while we still can..

    i also didnt put both my baby sleeps on cot, too leceh during night time feed, end up all sleep together..hahahaha

  23. Barb, haha I think you misunderstand.. I went out a few times and different people look after Aden, not all of them together at the same time ;) But still, he is our precious ^_*

    Cryst, haha high 5! I think it is normal especially for first time mum like us!

    Wyson, I know! But really cant wait to see him turn and crawl.. a new milestone!

  24. awww look at the little prince... he is so cute Hayley... and yes the new hair do looks good on you...
    Now Aden can shout my mom is a hottie! ay!

  25. Hi Hayley, Aden looks so cute! And Holy Smoke! I can see a baby explosion in Malaysia.
    What? No good TV programs at night?
    Ha ha.

  26. A very great post and i simply enjoyed it. How wish I could spend my all time to my precious as your too..
    I love ours group photo to the max.. =) looking forward to our next gathering.. by tat time Aden can play and grab toys together with the gangs d.. haha

  27. Genskie, thanks gal~

    Lee, haha thanks for the comment ;)

    Evelyn, hmm ya, I am looking forward to that too ^^

  28. Enjoy those moments with your baby, Hayley. And true, babies really grow up fast and their facial feature changes every day too. :)

    glad you still able to enjoy "me-time" once a while.

  29. Rose, yes, Aden looks different already now.. hehe ;)

  30. u look great dear, slim down so fast also :) Sometime mummy need to hv ME time to hv a good treat too . Glad that u r copping well .

  31. Anggie, haha I have not achieve my target yet la!
    Anyway thank you~

  32. wahahah so young already meet so many babies already :D

    ur baby Aden weight is little too light? nah just asking :X

  33. Blog hopping from Yan's Blog,

    Your baby is so cute! And I likve your new hairstyle!

  34. Mery and Kitty, thank you! ;)

    Kian Fai, his weight is ok according to the paed... ;)

  35. how are you? :) it's time for weekly update~

    Latest: Moroccan Buffet

  36. Haha both of them looks like twins xD

    wahhh so happy... so young already have so many friends :D

  37. Fish, I am fine! Wish to but too busy... sob sob...

    Daniel, twins? You sure? :P

  38. The pic of Aden and Cloey together is super cute!

    Wah, nice u got some pampering time out!

  39. Merryn, ya but not always lo!


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