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Take me out!

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I enjoy watching the dating show called Take Me Out (王子的约会) on Astro Channel 317. This is the Asian version of Take Me Out and is hosted by the famous Taiwan singer Harlem Yu 庾澄庆.

The prince will first walk and stand in front of all 26 ladies, then he will make a short introduction about himself. Next based on first impression, the ladies would decide if he is not her cuppa coffee by pressing the red button. If the prince survives this first round (usually most of the prince managed to survive this round), he would move on to introduce himself further by the recorded VCR (which highlights his background, career, family, hobbies etc).
Next the remaining ladies would again decide if he is her cuppa coffee. If all the princesses dislike him, he has to leave the show. But if there're princesses who like him, the show will play another VCR which contain comments made by his friends/family, so that everyone would know him better.

Lastly, if there're still princesses who haven't press the red button after this VCR, then the prince gets to press the button for the girls he dislikes, but he must make room for 2 ladies and ask them a final question. In the end, the prince would pick his ideal princess to the middle of the stage and from here, they can move on to their first date.

Just a few thoughts after watching several episodes:
- Taiwan ladies are very daring and frank in terms of speaking. Whatever they don't like about the guy, be it his appearance, his looks, his voice, his career and so on, the ladies will directly voice it out in front of everyone. Sometimes even the host also can't help laughing, sometimes I too feel pitiful for the guys. It takes alot of courage to stand in front of 26 ladies in such a show and let them choose, but end up he got criticized/humiliated.

- Sometimes, the contenstant herself also just so-so looking only but she can criticize the guy as if he is not worth a single cent. Well I don't know if she did it purposely for the show or Taiwan ladies are really like that. I think they should know more about the guy (as it's just the first time seeing each other) before they comment anything. It's fairer this way, to both the guy and girl.

- Everyone dress up nicely with their make up in the show. I heard that Taiwan ladies rely on cosmectics alot! They might look pretty with the thick make up on but once they remove the make up.......................................... :P

Hmm, imagine IF you are single and there's such a show in our country, would you dare to register and appear in the show hoping to find your Mr Right/Ms Right?
For me, I think I won't. Haha, probably because I wanna keep this kind of thing low profile. I believe destiny and fate come naturally at the right timing.
How about you? ^^


  1. I think there was such a show in our country...and I even knew one of the contestants/participants - Bukit Aman officer, don't play-play.

  2. i've watched some clips from youtube before but no idea if they are from the same show.. basically also a guy being "judged" by like 100 ladies..

  3. You know what, Hayley! My girls and I enjoy this show very much.

    Some time I don't know whey the prince would choose a certain girl, where by my daughters and I hoped that he could get the other one.

    I got dissapointed with the prince's choice many times.

  4. I remember I watch one episode last month, there was a guy singing in a only a swimming trunk, he was topless and muscular. So funny la!You watched that?

  5. what i watched is even more KNS lah.. got a few guys came out, and then not a single lady that like them!! the score is ZERO!!! cannot even get through the first stage, just came out from backstage and then went back, hahaha!! so pathetic lah~~

  6. yalah, those ladies really daring and very open minded.. and some even very 尖酸刻薄 when they comment, never even feel pity and sorry at all..

  7. This is identical to the China version 非诚勿扰 showcase every Saturday NTV7 6pm. All the woman in my house like the show.

  8. Anyway, I like the host Harlem Yu 庾澄庆, he is a very nice host. He isn't that mean in his speech.

  9. my parents watch this a lot! the China version also. Honestly I think it's a scary program! Like you said, the girls can be very brutal (and the China program one, the girls are really materialistic! Like toooo much that kind.) But I recall watching one program where the girl is the contestant and there would be 26 guys for her to choose from! Funnily the 26 guys are not super great in terms of quality (sorry!) bt the girl who is the contestant is always very good! (like beautiful, good job, etcetc)

  10. Oh this program is just like the China's 非诚勿扰

  11. I find it quite a funny show to watch. An interesting mix of people.

  12. 我没有看这节目,所以不懂!可是看你的解释跟之前我有看的中国节目一样的,叫《非诚勿扰》,也是这样二十多个女子,一个男子出场,那个我喜欢看!哈哈,有些女子真的直接看了人家一眼就批评人>___<


  13. 这个是台湾版的《非诚勿扰》,内容比大陆版温馨多了!这种节目无聊时看,娱乐性挺高的!!:D

  14. Malaysia Take me out season 1 just finished a few months waiting for the 2nd at 8tv..very nice and funny one...

  15. I hardly watch tv these days. Actually can say I DONT watch tv at all anymore...

  16. hahaha! I hardly watch Taiwan variety these days!


  17. 台湾的男生好多条件很好的喔!然后女的都不怎么样,可是却能把那些条件不错的男生批评得体无完肤。。。

  18. 我不能接受这类似的节目


  19. Saw the ad on this show but never watch. It's like the Taiwan version of 非诚勿扰, my parents are watching that China program. I think part of these is just for show purposes, but who knows :D

    Shall find time to watch that ^^

  20. I didn't watch the Taiwan version, but I guess it's similar to the America Bachelor and Bachelorette. Many audiences are going into these reality shows, but sometimes the scenes are over-exaggerated.

  21. I watch that too..
    I notice that TW girls only like cute guys...

  22. Oh we had that version of that here too.. It didnt last a long time though prolly not clicked to the public.. before dating game show was very in but right now people would rather have a game show that will give them chance to bring home lotsa money... lol money is important than love now eh?

  23. They like all the publicity, who knows they might gt a role in a movie or something just by participating in this kind of show.

  24. Hayley,
    I thought from your posting title you were crying for your hubby to take you out!. Yes, I do agreed the girls should not be too direct. Don't drop the guy's water face ma. What if it is the other way round how would she feel if a man bring out all her bad point right?

  25. LOL....good question....who knows that chemistry might fickled out after the show??? I watched the earlier version or our malaysian version of these before.....

  26. I also like to watch this show. Can see a lot of leng lui ^__^.

  27. I think it wont happen in Malaysia.. even if it does, I think they are just for acting purposes.. malaysians are still a bit shy.. :)

  28. Hi Hayley, we have 2 Chinese TV channels, but never heard of this show.
    But looks interesting.
    Have fun, hugs to baby.

  29. I like to watch these match-making reality shows too but no, I don't have the guts to take part in such shows... too shy and timid in nature haha :p

  30. STP, oh really? Hmm.... Interesting!

    SK, 100?? Too many la!
    Ya, imagine if in the end, he guy goes back alone, haih, pitiful...
    And Taiwan ladies are very materialistic too~

    Yan, haha me too! Sometimes I also don't understand why the prince would chose that lady...
    Nop, I think I missed that episode la~

    Andrew, Vicky, yes, it's similar ;)

    ms bulat, sometimes the ladies mentioned as if they're very good, but who knows in reality?

    missyblurkit, I agree, very funny to watch too ^^

  31. 珊姑娘,对,就是类似的节目。我看也是因为好笑罢了,哈哈。。其实她们说话和批评人,好像那个王子一文不值酱,有时满过分的咯。。

    Eugein, 哈哈,无聊又好笑 ;)

    Linda, oh I din't know that~

    Merryn, how come leh?

    Kian Fai, I hardly watch Korea shows now..

    wenn, haha yea, just watch ;)

    janelle, 对咯,有些女的自己都不是很好,可是就是嫌东嫌西,有时我觉得她们的理由太扯了啦,嫌得有的没的。。
    Haha 对对,要看她们卸妆的样子才讲。。。 :P

  32. min~aris, 也对啦,所以很多都是出来约会一次就没联络咯。。

    YT, hehe may be you'll like it ;)

    Yvonne, yes it's similar. Just that it's the Taiwan version.

    SP, haha everyone likes cute guys!

    Genskie, yes to some, money is more important =_=

    Agnes, correct. I think some really think that way.

    Johnnie, yes! That's why I feel sometimes the girls are too mean.

  33. Robinson, I din't watch the Malaysian version..

    Kitty, haha, leng lui in disguise :P

    Claire, hmm.. True, malaysians are more shy.

    Lee, thank you! You take care too~

    ChloeRuoyi, me too! Don't have the guts :P

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