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The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Conolly, Fran Kanz

I din't know about this movie until I saw the advertisement on Astro. It's now showing on Astro Best (also downloadable).
For your information, I love horror and fleshy movies like the Saw series. But during my pregnancy period, I had to stop watching this kinda movies for the sake of my baby, hehe.
But now, I am happy that I can resume watching them! :P

So this movie is basically about a group of friends going to a remote cabin in the woods for a holiday. But what they din't know is that everything in this woods is being watched and controlled by a game company. Soon one by one is being taken by those monsters and evils living in the woods.
In the end, they have to find out how to survive...... So is there any survivors? Hmm, I think you can pretty much predict the ending...

Nothing very interesting about the storyline, as it's quite similar to most horror movies. But I enjoy watching those fleshy and blood scenes, haha! (Now you know I'm abit unusual :P)

I would rate this as 3.5/5. If you love horror movies like me, perhaps can give it a try! But make sure you're 18 and above and watch it after your kids have go to bed...... *wink*


  1. love horror movies. My wfe is the opposite. She will put her 10 fingers to cover her face whenever there are any eerie sound effect.

  2. 原来你爱看恐怖片>。< 我不敢看啦,没用哈哈>_<

  3. Eeeee...I don't like horror movies, get scared for nothing. Old man, later heart attack! LOL!!!

  4. Chris Hemsworth the THOR!! haha, no wonder you say you like to see the flesh lah, wakakakaka!! :D

  5. so is this a new movie or an old movie?? i also have not heard about it before.. but then typical horror movie ah?? maybe not as interesting hor??

  6. Sori, sori ,,Me no like horror movies, never know why...i think i had bad experience,,when I was small, i watched this, :The Exorcist: cannot sleep for so many days lah,,,,

  7. Hahaha i saw the promo too, yep, back when chris Hemsworth wasnt so famous. But horror movie... not my cuppa coffee. =)

  8. eeee heard the review, very fleshy and horror wor. Last time I like those horror and ghost movie, but now age catching up I panic leh.

  9. I can watch suspense thriller but not the gruesome horror movies that they are showin nowadays.... it's too much of a blood and ergg something for me.. lol

  10. Chris Hemsworth? no wonder many people went for this hahaha XD

  11. I'm afraid of those bloody scene. I prefer romantic movie. haha.....

  12. Andrew, hehe sometimes my hubby will do the same like your wife too, haha!


    STP, hmm then must be careful lo! :P

    SK, haha I watched it not because of the THOR la!
    Erm I think it was released last year in certain countries.. But may be still new at our country..
    Hmm very typical storyline lo!

    Eugene, oh really? So serious? Hmm, I din't watched the Exorcist..

    Coffee Girl, haha then what is your cuppa of coffee? ^^

    Vicky, it's normal to feel panic, I also have that feeling when watching :P

    Genskie, hehe I understand too much of blood is no good.. keke..

    Kian Fai, I watched it not because of him... hehe..

    mNhL, hehe I like romantic movies too! <3

  13. No horror movies for me, scare scare!

  14. Hi Hayley, how you doing? And baby? Bet he's really entertaining you and hubby, maybe waking you up at nights....

    I guess re movies, I'm more into adventure like India Jones, my all time favourite is 'Romancing the stone'.
    Have a nice day.

  15. eeeeeeeeeeeee.. ever since I moved out living with housemates into my own house with ethan i stopped watching horror movies. I dun want to scare myself silly..

  16. 我很爱血腥电影,嘿嘿!!看到Astro的宣传片,还真的有点心动,有点类似house of wax的剧情!!可惜现在怀孕,一律被禁看此类电影~>_<

  17. Oh...horror movies...I very takut. Surely will watch together with my big pillow covering my face most of the time :)

  18. Oh, no thanks. I dislike horror movies, don't want to scare myself silly. Hah!

  19. Errr...not my taste la this movie. Huhu

  20. Not my cup of tea...Worried I will set of my imaginative mind again:(

  21. I like horror movie too, but I also scare one when watching it. So, I will cover with blanket, and sneak out my head a bit to watch horror movie. Perhaps, I can suggest this movie to my husband. Thank for reminding us to watch after the kids have gone to bed.

  22. Lee, hi there! I am fine and Aden too!
    Oh, I like adventurous movies as well ;)

    Libby, Merryn, Kitty, Yvonne, Willie, missyblurkit, haha but once a while ok wert! :P

    Eugein, 哈哈!我怀孕时也错过了很多血腥电影,现在补回!嘻嘻。。

    Yan, if watch with someone else, sure will feel better. Hehe, you're welcome! ;)

  23. I find this movie very unique. a lil different from other horror that i watched, haha. love it :D

  24. Daniel, hmm I agree. Certain parts quite unique, hehe..


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