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Aden boy: 6m2w

Hello folks! It's time to update about my son's progress.
The last post about him is HERE. Actually I wish to blog about him more often but like I always said, time is really not enough!! :(
Anyway, I shall try my best!

1. Poor Aden is down with cough and runny nose since I came back from US last week. Seen 3 paed already and luckily the 3rd paed's medicines suited him, he is recovering already!
I think this is the 'season of cough' for babies and toddlers as many of my friends' kids are coughing too T.T

2. My boy is able to sit already and he loves to sit! But we still watch over him, just worry that he would lost balance suddenly, haha!

3. He smiles and laugh alot but cry alot as well. And he can change faces very quickly *sweat*

4. My boy has started to crawl already! Though still slow but I am so happy to see him achieving another milestone. Put something attractive/colorful and he'd crawl towards that object~
But that also means I got to be more careful and all eyes on him, cause he might crawl and turn direction and fall from the bed!
Speaking of that, he actually fell from his bed few weeks ago in his sleep :( I was doing my laundry at the balcony and quickly rushed into the room when I heard him cry. Poor boy, luckily nothing serious and no vomit for the next 24 hours. And, luckily his bed wasn't very high from the floor.
Since then, I child-proof my room properly and soon, the whole house need to be child-proof as well, haha.

5. There're many debates online on whether to let babies use walker. Well as a first time parent I'm not so sure, but I can say the walker really save us some energy of carrying him, and keep him occupied. See how happy he is everytime he's in the walker! This is also a gift from my girl friends.

6. Aden simply love to turn to his tummy everytime when we put him down on bed. The only time he'd lay down on his back is during his sleep. Hence we need to be super quick during every diaper change and clothes wearing!

7. Aden can grab small object firmly in his hands. And he still love to bite, everything!

8. He enjoys gai gai just like any other babies but he won't be long sitting in his stroller. He prefers to be carried =_=

9. His hair grow very slow, he only had his head shaved once during his fullmoon.

10. Bite bite bite!

11. At 6 months, he weighs 7.5kg and his body length is about 68cm. Last week during the visit to the paed, he weighs about 8kg. He is wearing size M diapers, and taking bout 6oz formula milk every 4-5 hours. He is still wearing some clothes aged 3m-6m, well Aden is not a michelin baby, sometimes I secretly wish he was, haha! Michelin babies are extra cutee!! But come to think of it, as long as he's healthy and not underweight, I am a happy mum!
I have already gave him cereal, cheese, yogurt and etc, shall blog bout that in a separate post.

12. He now like to play with his nen nen bottle and cry for help when the bottle isn't in his mouth. Naughty boy!

13. He likes to look at his daddy with his mouth open, haha. But sometimes daddy just ignore him, bad daddy!

14. His naked pose! I'm sexy and I know it, LOL!

15. Pearly whites spotted since last month and he was quite cranky during the sprouting. No choice but to buy teething gel to ease his discomfort.
Last week when I came back from the trip, his teeth grows so much, obviously! ;)

16. Sometimes he will play on his own and whatever he grabs, he put into his mouth.One day I caught him playing with napkin and end up, covered his whole face with it, hahaha!!

I know some of you are waiting for my travelogue but please, just give me some times, hehe :P I will sure blog about it soon.


  1. not only baby is coughing..
    lots of people are coughing..
    take care ya

  2. aiyoh poor aden was coughing when you were not around?? hmmm, maybe he has been missing you too much lah.. or you missed him too much till he coughs?? :p

  3. he can change faces very quickly?? hmmm, then you should 栽培 him in acting lah, who knows he will be the first chinese actor who receives an oscar in the future?? haha~~

  4. hahaha, why he likes to look at his daddy with his mouth open?? because daddy always give him mum mum to eat?? haiyah, how can daddy ignore him, too cute to be ignored lah..

    1. SK, we both missed each other til sick lo!

      Haha good suggestion! :P

      I also dont know why he likes to look at his daddy, erm no wo, I am the one who always give mum mum to him!

  5. 看完第一件事让我惊讶的是aden的牙齿竟然长出这么多了!!!厉害也!!!





    1. janelle, 对咯,好像很多宝宝都生病!很可怜~ 不过还好Aden已经慢慢好转了。。



  6. Poor thing sick? Kesian... Better now. Biasalah...babies, sick all the time. That is how they build up their antibodies. Those never sick ones will have a problem later in life. Take care, get well soon!

    1. STP, thats what I heard too!

      Thanks and you too~

  7. 我很喜欢看Aden的成长记录,很可爱哦!他的头发和Ethan一样长得很慢但是牙齿就出得很快哦。
    I miss u Aden~~~~

    1. Evelyn, 是咯,我也没想到他会那么快发牙。。。
      Aden missed you too!

  8. He is teething!!! So cute~

    Say hi and give Aden a big hug from me :D

  9. Obviously, Aden's face has slim down a bit.
    Personally, I don't object about letting baby sit in walker but try to limit a short period of time will do per day if you can. Let him crawl more. Heard crawl is good as for his whole body exercise, good for his motor skills and brain growth, and your baby will be smarter. :) I guess u sure read a lot about this.
    By reading your pose about Aden, made me miss the golden time I spent with Shenny when she was baby.

    1. Shenny, yes his face is less chubbier now, hehe.
      Ya I only let him sit on the walker a while... Let him crawl more often.

  10. Cute Aiden, glad he has recovered. oh got 2 tiny teeth already. Haha yeah he change face so fast, here him laugh happily, the next photo start cranky and cried. So pity cried like that keke.

    1. Vicky, haha ya sometimes pity him crying like that. But can't afford to keep carrying him leh.... hands pain! :P

  11. Can crawl already? My, oh my, how time flies! It felt like just yesterday when I visited you in the hospital, drooling over your newborn.

    Any other made-in-US product you brought back beside your loot? wink! wink!

  12. As for walker, only let babies sit on it once their feet can reach the floor - in fully, not tip-toeing. Walker can really help mummies a lot at home. At least you can be in ease, not fearing Aden to roll and fall down from bed and he, enjoys kay-poh-chee around you while you are doing your house chores :)

    1. Yvonne, yes time flies!
      Haha, no made-in-US product ya! My factory is temporarily closed *wink*

      Ya I heard that too, let baby sit once their feet can reach the floor fully.

  13. Aden怎么会慢!人家说7坐8爬,但是我看到现在的小宝宝很早就会了@_@
    可怜了bb生病hor =(
    Aden变脸也很快,哈哈!跟我小瓜可以做good friend了 xD

    1. 珊姑娘,慢慢来啦!每个宝宝不一样。。
      哈哈是咯,有机会给他们做朋友! ;)

  14. 很快就长牙了,看来是个很好动的孩子呢

    1. min~aris, 嗯很快!

  15. So fast he is 6 months old! He looks a lot like your hubby.

    1. Mummy Moon, yea many commented he looks like daddy now~

  16. Hello, welcome back from the US.
    I hope Aden will recover soon and can't wait to see his teeth fully grown.

    Have a nice day! And like others, i'm looking forward to your US trip write up.

    1. Willie, yes he has recovered, thank you!

  17. awwww super cute... and look at those two pearly teeth comin out... awww getting bigger eh? Soon he gonna introduce to you his gf hehehehe

    1. Genskie, haha thanks!
      Erm not that Soon anyway :P

  18. I'm not a mummy to human kids...but I've read that walkers are bad because some are to properly made so they may cause the baby to tumble easily.

    The most interesting reason that I have read and of course heard from my girlfriends especially the Japanese ladies is that walkers are a common cause of bow legs. It is also believed that kids should not be made to sit walk i.e. the position they are in when sitting in the walker because their spine and limbs are not strong enough to support the walk.

    Interestingly, the Japanese and some special children trainers that I have come in contact with (my sister is a special child herself) believe that allowing a child to crawl as long as they want is actually good for their brain stimulation. Apparently some reports have shown that the longer a child crawls, the more intelligent he is. Some centres that I come across for special kids too use the crawling movement as part of their therapy. Sometimes the kids crawl around like babies. Some days they make a game out of walking wheelbarrow style.

    Those are just my humble thoughts...BTW, Aden is so cute...especially the change of facial expressions!

    1. missyblurkit, hi thank you for your sharing! Appreciate it so much!
      Yea I have heard the same, let baby crawl as much as possible!

  19. Nice update on your baby :-) the combo pics are nice

    1. hi Robinson, thank you and have a nice day!

  20. oh no....hope he gets well soon. is "sick' season. Mine also fluish

    1. Small Kucing, thanks and speedy recovery to your boy!

  21. Hi Hayley, gosh, the little feller has grown big! Looks a real tough guy too.
    Won't be long he turns over and starts to crawl around.
    Have fun.

    1. Lee, yea he is learning to crawl already! Time flies ya! ;)

  22. Omg! Aden is so cute, getting chubbier each time I look at his pictures. How I wish to see him in person!

    1. Yan, yea he is getting chubbier..

      I miss catching up with you ladies too! Really shall plan a meet up soon~

  23. Aden is so cute. I still remember that I arranged all sort of toys in front of my boy when he learn to crawl. Enjoy it!

    1. Andrew, haha yea, am enjoying it now~

  24. ahh....i wish i can see baby aden live! hahaha cubit ah!

    1. ms.bulat, haha no cubit cubit please, only can sayang sayang :)

  25. wah time pass so fast > . < sudah 6months liao lol :) good good


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