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Vanus & Kent wedding reception

Hallo hallo!!
Thanks for the wishes and thank you for still not give up on me, haha!

Time is really not enough these few days, especially after I came back from my vacation. Plus, I was sick for the passed few days (am getting better) and to make thing worst, my son is down with cough and runny nose! Poor boy!

Anyway, I have so much to blog but I'll blog bout this wedding reception first before it become way too overdue, LOL!

 This is yours truly with Vanus on her bachelorette night

The next day morning, I left Aden to my mum and went to Vanus's house to become her ji mui.
 She is so slim!!

She is hubby's former school mate, and I knew her thru our yoga lesson ;) It's a small world!

I look extra big size standing next to her T.T

These were her ji mui

Sweet sweet

 Well the fun part of being a ji mui for a bride is we get to torture the heng dai(bridegroom's friends) in the games part, haha!

 A group photo with the lovely couple

These were the bridegroom's very supportive friends!

On 27th Oct, hubby and I went South to Ipoh to attend their wedding dinner. Most of her relatives are at Ipoh hence there's no dinner held at Taiping.

With the pretty bride again

Very nice and romantic backdrop. This is held at Royal Golf Club Ipoh.

The bridegroom Kent made a special introductory before the dinner started and we all clapped for him! He did a short 'drama' on the stage by telling us how he first met Vanus and how they got started, then he walked to the entrance, kneeled down and present his wife flower. How sweet!

Sure melt his wife's heart!

Lastly, another photo with Vanus in her second night gown

Well, I thought this would be the last wedding invitation for me this year but... 4 more to go til next month =_=
Hubby's wallet get to shrink again, haha!!


  1. I certainly enjoy being part of the chi muis...But starngely since I am now married, I have been part of the heng tais instead. LOL.

    1. missyblurkit, haha I know! I am like that too~

  2. Wah!!!! So romantic!!! I'm very traditional - will not have those hengtai and chimui stuff should my girl ever decide to get married one fine day. Not Foochow tradition, not Melanau (I'm both)...and we usually made it very simple, yet meaningful...and a lot more romantic than all that commotion - a solemn church wedding and a grand reception, that's it.

    1. STP, I see! Actually sometimes being simple is good too! Save all the energy and hassle~

  3. Oops...forgot! Congrats to the happy couple. The giving of the flower part - that's the romantic part I was referring to. I like the bride's outfit in that last pic... Nice!

  4. Wow! you look so pretty and it's so romantic wedding... Congratulations!

  5. ji mui means bridesmaid right? (i assume from ur post)... And love ur white ji mui dress! simple and yet elegant. Brides always look beautiful, always. :-)

    1. Coffee Girl, erm not really the bridesmaid, cause there's only one bridesmaid.. Hehe..

  6. Oh, I have lots of weddings to attend too, esp towards the end of the year. Attended a few this month, and a few more to go before the year ends. Really a merry(marry) year :D

    1. YT, yea~! Its a merry year! But our wallets getting thinner! LOL!

  7. yalah, before everything gets overdue you have to squeeze time to blog about lah.. and don't forget about your US trip also, sure lots of things to write right?? :p

  8. hahaha, that gives you one lesson lah.. never stand next to somebody slimmer than you.. if no choice, at least stand behind and let them cover you a little bit.. hahahaha!!

  9. ooh, such a special arrangement for the wedding dinner huh?? i think nowadays people are trying to be different and make things more unique for memory to remember..

    1. SK, yes I have so much to blog!

      Hmmm.. next time what you plan to do during your wedding? Dance Oppa Gangnam Style? :P

  10. 你有好多婚宴to go!!!!! @_@

    Honestly!!你看起来很苗条很美了!!!我相信你只要减掉你的肚腩送肉(看不到pun@@但是你说有我就相信你)就是hot mummy了!!!

    1. 珊姑娘,就是!

      没有啦,还差2-3kg kok!只是拍照角度遮住罢了。。

  11. I guess your friends are of time to get married, that's why you got so many wedding invitations. Great time to get together with friends but pockets hurts, hahahaa..

    1. Agnes, correct.. Most of us are getting 30... So I guess it's time!

  12. 4 more to go? Faint! Hahaha! It's a good year for getting marry and giving birth :)

    1. You're right! Such an auspicious year!

  13. Awww wonderful all look so wonderful.
    I have something for you on my page
    check it out!

  14. Very pretty bride and you look great in the picture. Still got times to slim down, dont worry too much.

    Hahah! How I scare of end of the year bcos so many weddings to attend!!

  15. congrats to your friend. you are gorgeous too :)

  16. Dear Hayley,

    I read about your confinement food and I like to thank you for sharing. I m now looking for a confinement lady and i left a message for you there. Probably you do not see my msg so i hope u dont mind i leave my msg here. Can i hv your confinement lady contact number? Im looking for one in Taiping too. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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  17. ang pao need to gib many many eh? :P

  18. wife favorite color. Similar to your friend, my wife want all the heng dai and ji mui to dressed in white for our wedding.

  19. Congrats to the newly married couple.

  20. the bride really so slim, envy nya!!!
    4 to go?!!! wahhhhhh....bankrupt @@

    1. min~aris, haha ya, pocket got big holes already!

  21. Hi Akeies, I have sent you the mail last week. Hope you received it! ;)

  22. Thank you ALL for the comments and wishes!

  23. Venus is really a very pretty pride.

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