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2012 Winter Trip: The rest of Toronto

Resuming my travelogue ;)
I am going to sum up everything of Toronto here so this is a post full with photos!
There's a colorful street full with lights just beside Sheraton on the Falls hotel. On the first night after checked in, hubby and I took the chance to walk around.
We thought it was going to be a short walk so both of us left the room with slippers *keh gao gao* (In Hokkien it means 'act clever').
Once we walked out of the hotel lobby, we felt something was not right (It was freakingly cold!). But we din't bothered and continue the walk....
After 5 mins we decided to head back to the room to change into sport shoes and brought along gloves, haha! I think it was just 1-2'c that night!
Anyway, there were not many people around those streets that night, but some stores were still open.

The ferris wheel is so beautiful!


This is such a nice themepark! 

This taken on the second morning, just opposite the hotel. Love this small park, the trees and leaves are so beautiful.

We had Western lunch at Skylon Tower on the second day. We dine at one of the world famous revolving restaurant.

Hubby and I, we were at 775 feet above the ground!

Appetizer, tomato cucumber salad

Chicken Caesar

Grilled steak

Dessert, vanilla ice cream. To be honest, the food is just mediocre. But I enjoyed the 360° view of the city from the windows.

We stopped by an ice wine factory for free wine tasting, here's me with the fine quality grapes. We also visited one of the Canadian ginseng shop.

We too dropped by the Provincial Parliment Building

There's a nice park in front of it

The sun is shining but weather is still cold


We went inside the building and signed a book for Queen Elizabeth, haha!


We visited the University of Toronto, said to be the best Uni in Canada

Chinatown, Toronto

Photo stop at Casa Loma Castle

I love houses like this! No fence and can plant alot of greens in the front ;)

We shopped a while at Eaton Center. Christmas is approaching and there're lots of cute window display there

One last photo to share....
I notice most of the bathroom doors in Canada (including the airports and even in the US) have gaps like this whereby if you see carefully, you can actually see the people inside =_=
Actually I am ok with it la, just abit curious why is it designed this way :P
Ok, this will be the end of my travelogue in Canada. I hope you enjoy reading them! Please refer to the links below for my previous posts:

Part 1: Niagara Falls
Part 2: Helicopter ride

p/s: Washington, New York and shopping posts coming up soon!! ;)


  1. Canada is so lovely. I have a friend in Canada and I might visit her one day.

  2. Mmm, I've never been to that side of the world. It does looks good.

    Anyway, hahaha, why u wear slippers out?

    1. YT, haha cause we wanna let our toes breath after a day of covering them! :P

      Haha no la actually we thought the walk is going to be short so just slipped into slippers...

  3. awesome. i miss Eaton center :) actually i miss all the malls and the quaint little shops in downtown Toronto :)

    1. Barbara, yea. But Eaton center is not my cuppa of tea.. Din't set my eyes on anything there, hehe..

  4. firstly, i want to complain how come some photos got no description?? haha, but i found that you have more things to say about the food and not the scenery lor.. hmmm, what does that implies?? :p

    1. SK, hana hana, that means I prefer food more than scenery lo!! :P

  5. i like that rumah terbalik at photo #7 what is that actually??

    and photo #21 so cute lah, just your two heads sprung out from the bushes, hahaha!! eih, halloween was already over long time ago wokay?? :p

    1. SK, paiseh I am not quite sure what is that :P

      Haha, I posed like that not for Halloween ok? It's because I think it's cute ma!

  6. yeah, i also like those houses without fence, feels more cosy right?? but you went there during winter hor?? so have you got the chance to see any maple leaves, i mean those that are red and fallen everywhere on the ground??

    1. Yes, and the house looks nicer also without fence...
      Erm yea I saw maple leaves at certain places, I think I have posted some photos which show those maple leaves...

  7. little slit between the doors and the wall?? hmmm, maybe this is for safety reasons?? so that if anything happened or somebody fainted inside the cubicle, at least people would know?? and that it's easier to take off the door??

    1. Well may be.. But I am curious to know the actual reason behind it, hehe....

  8. 可以从照片感觉到天气冷飕飕,当时大概几度左右呢?


    1. Eugein, 加拿大那里最高大概2-3度而已!Brrr....

      嗯,是我家公的生意sales trip,让我们去,算是跟团吧!;)

  9. 好美哦!!!爽~~~~

    那个Theme park好有趣叻!!!!喜欢!!给我到那里可以拍很多搞怪照片了,哈哈。


    我又来了,你“^^”的那张真的很ang mo gal的feel啦!美!!


    我要看shopping post!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

    1. 珊,是很有趣啦,可惜太冷了,不能呆在那里太久。。



      Hanna我知道了!很快就有 shopping post~

  10. I love tat skylon! The environment was so nice and the food look tempting! =D I can imagine how pretty the street if snowing too

    And, I love it boot!

    1. Min, yea, but if snow hard to take photos... :P

  11. very lovely... as well as the cute lady in the pic... do you know who she is??? hehehehe

  12. glad u enjoy toronto! I actually live half an hour away from downtown, Toronto but hardly go downtown because it's too maa fan. I don't like the amount of ppl - too crowded for my liking and parking is a pain in the butt. Niagara falls I usually go once a year lor. :)

    1. jen, yea I know you live nearby~
      Once a year, so nice!

  13. So happening... the place looks good, the food looks nice... and you look gorgeously happy :D

    Oh man... I wish I can travel out of Malaysia too one day *wishful thinking*

  14. Ah~~ I thought you and your hubb got lost after the brief walk. Luckily, only your toes were freezing, heh!

  15. Theme park, for me is so-so (maybe I'm too old to enjoy this) only but red-and-orange-leaves trees opposite your hotel and the rest of the beautiful scenery, woah~~ Love them all!

  16. The purpose of Skylon is to enjoy the majestic scenery, hence they make the food standard 'jatuh' a bit so its patrons can compliment on the city view and not solely the food, LOL!

  17. That gap in between the door.... it's very tempting for KPC Malaysian to peep inside, don't you think so? I'm a KPC auntie :p

    1. Yvonne, wont got lost la cause just beside the hotel :p

      Yea I love those leaves and trees too!

      Haha well, could be the reason, LOL!

      Haha actually I can be quite KPC at times, wahahaha :D

  18. I like that picture of you alone, close up and beautiful. Can't wait to read about your shopping post.

    1. Yan, thanks!
      Ok, I will blog about it soon!

  19. Loves the 775 feet above the ground, hehe...

  20. Nice sightseeing. The Ferris Wheel is big and beautiful.

  21. The rainforest cafe is good but the CN Tower was an unique experience


  22. HeLLo Hayley,

    Sorry for dropping by a bit late. The internet in kampung is unstable. Without 3G, we sometimes lost connection with the internet.

    So, this time around you visit Toronto right? When visiting cold countries, never wear sandals or slippers. Hahahha! I tried before in Amsterdam, from inside my hotel, I thought the weather outside was ok, but then, I was freezing since I didn't wear jacket at that time. I had to go into many buildings to get the heater. Ahaks!

    Though there were not many people that night, you two really got the guts to go out. Was it safe to be out at night there? But I just love looking at the Ferris Wheel and the dinosaur!

    The tower, which one is better? KL Tower or the Skylon Tower? What can u see from up there? The whole of Toronto?

    The parliament building looks ancient, just like the Victorian age. But... I loike....On the other hand, our Malaysian parliament looks like an upside down pistol. Hahah!

    As usual, Chinatown is everywhere. The Chinese really survives almost in every corner of the earth. I think soon there'll be Chinatown in Antarctic.

    The toilet? Ughhh! People can have a peep. Scary...

    p/s: Have a nice day Hayley.

    1. Willie, yes it's Toronto this time.

      Haha yalo, now lesson learnt!

      Dont worry, it is safe there! Unlike our country...

      Err, I am not sure which is best, cause never really been to KL tower la! We can see 360 degree view of the Toronto city and the beautiful Niagara Falls.

      Haha correct, people can peep into the cubicle :/

  23. The photos are lovely and you look pretty in the last 8th photo, gosh the scenery are so beautiful, love the trees and leaves.

    1. Libby, thanks!
      Yes, it is such a beautiful place~

  24. Can't wait to read your shopping posts! Hurrryyyyyy!

    1. Oh no you guys are giving me pressure! :P

  25. keh gao gaoXDXDXD



    1. janelle, 哈哈!:P



  26. SKYLON TORONTO! *must remember* hahahah XD

    because the food looks nice hehe :X


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