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2012 Winter Trip: Second part of Washington, D.C and Philadelphia

Good afternoon everyone!
This is the last post of Washington, plus a little bit of Philadelphia.
Before I proceed, I notice that comments on my travelogue are getting lesser, I wonder why? May be some of you are becoming boring already, or most of you are away for holidays?
Anyway, just to let you know I'll be giving away some souvenirs I bought from US to my faithful readers, so if you are interested do keep the comments flowing in, who knows you might be the lucky one? ^^
Alright now I shall let the pictures do the talking.

These above pictures taken at a small park near the Lincoln Memorial building, each pillars represent different cities of US

There's also a big beautiful fountain


Some syok-sendiri shots

After several camwhoring photos, this friendly mama came over and asked if we needed her help to hold the camera, haha so shy :P

We had a quick photo stop at the Capital Hill, the largest historic residential neighbourhood in Washington.

 That's the Capital Hill behind us

With Kelly, a new friend I met during the trip. She is Chinese but looks abit like mixed ;)
She is younger than me but some tour members commented she looks much matured than me, haha! :P

The nice sunset
We had western dinner at Washington, a restaurant called Legals.

Cold bread

 New England clam choulder

Classic Caesar salad

Wood grilled Atlantic Salmon with grilled shrimp skewer

Wood grilled Filet Mignon

1 1/2 pound lobster

Legal's crab cake dinner

With some of the tour members
As mentioned we stayed only a night at Washington. The next morning, we took a 3 1/2 hours bus ride to Philadelphia. We had lunch at one of the restaurant at Chinatown. 
The nice Fu Lu Shou (福禄寿) statues in the restaurant. Guests from around the world put notes all over them, I even saw a RM 10 note there ;)

Chinatown, Philadelphia 

Horse carriages everywhere! I love horsey! But pity them at the same times, cause they have to walk and walk and walk.....:(
The main attraction about Philadelphia this trip is the Independence Hall. The Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776 here in Philadelphia so this is what makes it an important and historical city, though it's just a small city.

The Liberty Bell, a symbol of liberty for over 200 years

Taken a park nearby

Just want to share this useful parking system over there in the US. Definetely save space. I know some countries already adopt this pattern, wonder when will it comes to Malaysia? :P
Well that's the short post about Washington and Philadelphia. Probably nothing very special, cause the main attraction is NYC! Hehe ;) Will blog about it next. Thanks for reading!
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  1. woot!! still got story on Washington DC?? haha, i thought you just spent little time there so there will be little stories to tell, and that you also said in your previous posts that it will be New York the next post onwards mah..

    1. SK, hanna hanna, no more Washington liao... ^^

  2. US is such a far place from my dream. I did plan to go before but money is a concern ^^

    Eh, that Kelly really looks like a mix! Pretty~

    1. YT, dare to dream, who knows the dream might become reality?

      Yes she is pretty!

  3. i think everyone are on holiday too lah, that is why the comments get less.. never mind, i will still comment here and just let everyone gone missing so that i have bigger chance to win the souvenirs, hahaha!!

    1. I agree everyone is away for holidays and the comments are in slow pace. Same at mine.

      So, do I get a bigger chance of winning the souvenir? Kekeke~

    2. LOL you two!
      Well, big chances! :D

  4. oh, a pillar for all the 52 states?? did you go and take photo with each of the pillars?? that would be a very nice collection, let's see what 52 different poses you may have, haha!!

    1. Is it for different states or cities? I'm not well verse with US, is Washington a city or state? Darn, I sounded so stupid!

    2. If I'm not mistaken, It's a state. We can always google it right?

    3. SK, haha I dint take photos of each pillars la! Just random pillars ;)

      Yvonne, it's states actually. But Washington is a district, not state nor city ;)

  5. i am hungry now, looking at the food makes me even hungrier!! the prawns and the filet mignon, OMG, so tempting~~ i must forbid myself to scroll up and peep at those photos again~~

  6. one thing i really do not like about package tour is that they bring me to eat chinese food.. errr, why?? i have enough here, i want to eat more local stuffs lah~~

    1. SK, you got a point but if you eat their local stuff continously, you'd be bored too~

  7. 不闷不闷,我爱眼睛游世界!哈哈!
    Lincoln Memorial附近的那个喷水池真的很壮观很美,也是在很多电影可以看到,哈哈。Again, night at the museum,哈哈。
    那个car park真的很酷的咯!!这里都不懂几时会有,哈哈。

    Waiting for NYC!!!^^

    1. 珊,谢谢支持!<3


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Greetings Hayley,

    So, still on Washington DC and Philadelphia? Interesting post though. You know there was a Science fiction film on Philadelphia long time ago. It was about a few men, all Naval officers, were caught in a storm and they magically appeared in the future. They were like "sakai" but they were determined to go back in time, to where they belonged. Of course, they succeeded. Boy...I really miss that film.

    The buildings in the states always amazed me. They were beautiful and unique. I think in Malaysia, the only place with nice buildings is Putra Jaya. Sarawak? Gee...I still wonder where all the money has gone to?

    Your new friend? She looks like a bit of Mat Salleh. Can she speak Chinese? And of all the food served for your dinner, I'm impressed with the lobster. I have never seen a red couloured lobster. It looks like a plastic lobster. Ahaks! But I'm sure it wasn't a fake one right?. How did it taste like?

    Oh you saw RM10 note on the statues? Let me ask you. "Do they accept Malaysian currency at Money Changers?" The last time I went to New Orleans, they didn't accept Malaysian Ringgit. Uhu...!

    The horse carriages were lovely. Too bad, I have never tried them ever in my life. I should put this in my wishlist before I die. Hahaha!

    p/s: Unlike others, I can visit blogs often during school holidays because I have plenty of time to do so. But once the school re-open, you will hardly see me around...hahah!

    1. Willie, no, I dint know about that movie.

      Yea she can speak Cantonese.

      Sure the lobster is not fake la! haha.. It was nice~

      I think they accept RM notes..

      p/s: I understand, school holidays mean holidays for you too ^^

  10. nah...was away from PC so no blog hopp lor :P still love your blog

  11. Busy eh... phai seh. Will read about ur previous post later. That Kelly is very leng lui. Yes, she looks more matured that you.

  12. 这一晚的晚餐很丰富啊!!!



    1. min, 是咯,没法啦,除非自己拿tripod。。


  13. Me always very slow to come read blog, hehe...

  14. Look like Washington is much warmer than Toronto. I believe you will feel more comfortable, right?
    Both US and Canada are my dream countries to visit in future. Of course, I do follow your blog, to get some ideas from you.

  15. Beautiful pictures. And I am drooling over your lobster! Lol!

  16. The parking system in kl got. Wisma amoda, where Taiwan embassy is. But 2 level only.

    1. Oh thanks for informing!
      But I dont think I'll have the chance to see, haha.. Hardly go there.

  17. I've always wanted to visit DC

  18. interesting..wish I could go there one day!

  19. Nice trip over there! hehehe very breeze feel le :P

    1. Breeze? I think cold is more appropriate, haha!

  20. Hi Hayley, love the pics of your US holiday....I guess both of you feeling the cold.
    This morning where I am it was -6'c. And it's not even winter yet.
    We've been here and love the scenes, but was there early Fall few years ago.
    You saw the original huge liberty bell, the one with a crack on it?
    Nice pics.

    1. Lee, thanks for dropping by!
      Already -6'c? I cant imagine in winter....

      I think its the original one, there's a crack on it, but not very big only.. hehe.

  21. Looks like their grass are greener there...hehehe


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