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Darling's birthday

It's the last month of the year!! Time flies don't you think?
Hubby is another year older wiser on Thursday. Our humble little family had a simple dinner outside that night.
Simple, but a contented one <3
1. Aden with mummy ;) I love this photo cause it looks like I have a sharp face here, haha xD

2. Another photo with my boy. It is hard to take a proper photo of him when we're outside cause too many attractions already!
3. Aden with the birthday boy uncle, kakakak :D 
4. Aden doesn't want to sit in his stroller these days, so if there's only 3 of us, either hubby or I'll have to eat first, while the other entertain him.... Anyway I brought some snacks out this time and he was well occupied by the biscuits! Gotto stock up more biscuits now~  
5. That's what I meant it's hard to take Aden's photo these days....  
We chosen La Promise cafe. If you have been following me you'll be quite familiar with the name La Promise, as I went there quite often. Cause I love their food (especially the cakes) and the service is good too!
The last visit to La Promise cafe was during Valentine's day this year. Aden was still inside me back then ^^

6. We ordered passion fruits cheesecake (RM 4.80).

7. Also a slice of whiteforest cake (RM 4.80). These cakes were appetizer, not dessert ^_*
8. Apple juice (RM 3.80) and chocolate mint milkshake (RM 4.80). The milkshake is highly recommended. 
9. I had mexican chicken (RM 11.90), it's quite good, the sauce is abit spicy though. 

10. Hubby had lamb shoulder (RM 21.80).

Total bill is RM 51.90 with no service tax, which I think is quite reasonable.

What about present? I din't get him anything, as he said he has got everything he needed. Haha this is good cause I am now an income-less mum, hehehe...
But I did gave him a good facial back home, so comfortable til he started snoring away during half of the facial, LOL!


  1. I haven't been there. Just heard about it. Happy birthday to your hubby! Nice family pic!

  2. I wish I could persuade my hubby to go there. Happy Birthday to your darling EK.... Guess Aden is the best gift from you to your hubby... sweet sweet!

  3. happy birthday to your hubby.. wow, how come so many people celebrating their birthdays recently in the blogsphere?? such a 樂也融融 thing to read on, hahaha~~

  4. how come suddenly your face is so sharp?? did you PS your photo?? haha.. aiyoh, like that next time you must always take photo in this angle already.. :D

  5. haiyah, when he says he doesn't want anything means he actually want you to buy something for him so that he can guess what you are buying him mah, hahaha!! though you are income-less, but i am sure you got 私己錢 one, neh, those kept hidden in the mooncake box under your bed~~ :D

  6. so cruel lah, showing me all those nice food and cakes and juices!! actually i am a bit hungry now lah.. but cannot eat lah, i better go to sleep now straight away to forget about my hunger~~ :D

    1. Thank you SK! Haha is it? So many year end birthday boys and girls?

      Err I dont know, may be I have slimmed down already? LOL! :D

      Haha, you're wrong! I dont have savings in a mooncake box :P

  7. Belated birthday greetings to your hubby! Oooo...nice grub you all had.

  8. Happy birthday to your hubby. You look great, Hayley. Dont worry too much. And yes, always hard to take pictures of babies as it is hard to get them see the camera lens.

  9. I like that Hard Rock bib on Aden,looks cool,,sure this year's hub birthday is sure contented one,cos got addition of Aden ma,,,it is always nice to have family around,makan makan and be happy,

    by the way,how come now,no much news about Black Dog already?

    1. Thanks Eugene!

      Wah you remember BDS? *Touched*

      Hehe, actually most of us already become parents so the activity there is getting lesser and lesser, feel bad but cant help it! :(

  10. Mexican chicken looks yummy! I love spicy stuff, so I guess that will suit my tastebuds!

    Aden is a big boy already! Oh gosh, so cute.

  11. Happy birthday to ur hubby ^^




  12. Happy belated birthday to your hubby, Hayley!

    1. I like La Promise's cheesecake! It tastes heavenly and it's priced cheaper compare to SR cakes :)

  13. It's always not easy to eat out with babies (and toddlers). But you'll soon get over this phase :D

  14. Happy Birthday to your Darling. His birthday present this year is baby Aden :).

  15. Happy birthday to your Hubby, hope you are all enjoying the special day!

  16. Simple celebrations like this is still the best. Happy birthday to your hubby :)

  17. passion fruits cheesecake was so tempting!!!
    opss, just because I love passion fruits so much~
    everything about passion fruits can attract me hahahah!

    happy birthday to ur hubby ~
    difference feeling as he became a daddy now~~~

  18. thats a reasonable price :) nice birthday celebration, and next to come is christmas :D

    Latest: Bid goodbye to 2012 with Fireworks!

  19. happy happy birthday to your hubby!!

  20. Happy Birthday to ur Hubs.
    Ur boy looks good.
    Since now you are at home, perhaps can think of another if u r tired..tired once..< get what I mean.. heheheh

    and he is wearing a HRC from ur trip?

    1. Err I know what you mean but still, wait some times later la! :P

      Sorry but what is HRC?

  21. Happy Birthday to your hubby. 1st time celebrate his birthday with Aiden.

  22. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband

    1. Ya. it's around this time the baby will not wanna sit in the pram any more. soon he will be running about

  23. Love the pic of the 3 of you! Happy burpday to your hubster!

  24. Aden很可爱,而且跟你们出门都乖乖不别扭,赞一个!!:)

  25. Happy Birthday to your Darling 'uncle' :D

  26. Hayley, it was so sweet of you to celebrate with your husband and give him a facial at home. I am sure he enjoyed it. I like to eat at La Promise too. Like you said, no service tax and other tax.

  27. Thanks everybody for the comments and wishes! Appreciated them! <3

  28. Happy Belated Birthday to ur hubby? :P

    "kueh pah" summore hahaha

    more update about ur baby boy pls :P


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