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Girls trip to PD (Part III)

Hope you're not bored when you read this same title :p
I promise this is the last post about my PD trip already!

Basically we were there for 1 night only, after an 5 hours of sleep, we all woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning, got ourselves washed up, packed our bags and ready to check out from the villa.

Pack pack pack

We brought own breakfast so only Esther and Catherine (along with Lucas) went to the hotel's restaurant to have the complimentary buffet breakfast (Don't waste ma... Well, heard that the breakfast sucks, big time!)

While they had breakfast, we walked around the place and took some pictures~

Love the view here!

Failed jump shot~

Oh look!!

Then, we gathered together and took more pictures ;) I mean, what else can we do besides taking more group pictures right? ^^ It's such a rare chance as most of them are working at KL, I think I only see them during CNY or during someone's wedding.

Anyway, there're other activities available such as bicycles ride, archery and etc. I think those are quite expensive though.

From the way Catherine carried Lucas, you can tell how heavy he is... hehehe

This girl very smart, hide behind me so I look fatter than her...

So after that I revenge, muahaha xD

Buggy took us to the hotel lobby to collect our cars

Girls, is there so much to see in the sky? :p

In the hotel lobby, still with CNY decorations

Friendship forever!

Next we took about 40 mins of driving journey to Seremban to have lunch, as recommended by Esther, before all of us head back home.

This is the restaurant, the so called famous Seremban Seafood Village situated at Jalan Tuanku Munawir

Esther who had been there several times recommended the following:

Fried squid

Pork ribs with sweet sauce

Sambal kangkung

Fried mantis prawns with salted eggs

Signature beancurd tofu

And the main star of the day.........

Baked crabs, 招牌烧蟹

Served with home made chili sauce

Can't recall the total bill but I think it's about RM 200++ for the 7 of us. To be very honest, I find the dishes just mediocre, nothing to shout about. But of course the crabs are quite good la since I've never have baked crabs before, but other that this, the rest are just very common hawker food which I also can find here at my hometown. I don't understand why this restaurant is so busy and crowded with people everyday.

And speaking about this restaurant, the uncle who came and took our order was a very action man. I find him very rude, I tell you I feel very uneasy and mad with this kinda attitude. I mean since you're in food industry and that you meet different customers every single day you should at least greet and smile with people, but not showing us your black face or act ignorant. 
Well lucky you, I am not a full time food blogger, otherwise I'd surely voice out my criticism towards you! :p

And come back to the title, we bid farewell to each other after the lunch and went back home separately. Thank God the journey was smooth and safe, I reached home seeing my son deep in sleep, quickly gave him a kiss on his cheeks, hehehe ;)

Lastly, my personal view about Grand Lexis villa:
1. Wifi is available but connection sucks!
2. Maxis gone line-less there, I couldn't call home/video call with my son! Digi is ok though~
3. Mini fridge is provided but it's not cooling at all.
4. Food sucks :p

Ok other than that, we are pretty satisfied with our stay this time.

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Thanks for reading!


  1. wow, friendship forever! very lovely outing! keep it up!

  2. wow, it must be such a fantastic and fun gathering trip for you.. because you have blogged three posts about this trip already, hahaha!! i bet a lot of bloggers out there won't be bored about these 七仙女下凡 lah~~ :D

    1. so much fun you ladies were having there, and i guess it was still fun even only staying within the resort.. you all just can make so much fun out of there.. well, young people still mah hor??

    2. hmmm, i think it's quite difficult to find really nice food in PD.. unless you really have somebody who is local there to bring you around.. went to a restaurant recommended by a local friend, forgotten where already but certainly more rundown, packed with people and then taste is actually quite good..

    3. Haha yea, I think blogged it in 3 posts is the best!

      Yaya we are still young, LOL xD

      Agree, unless we know someone local there to show us great food..

  3. Hi Hayley, Wow! Is that PD? I guess the place must have changed a lot since my last trip there in 1978, ha ha.
    Which part of PD this resort is? How's the sea? Clear waters?
    I sure love the foods you all had....WOW!
    Great pics! Enjoyed looking thru all....
    Have fun.

    1. 1978, that was a long time ago!

      It's the Grand Lexis Villa, the sea and the beach, very dirty and polluted :(

  4. PD那边的 resort 看起来不错,很好玩,就是海滩肮脏了些,呵呵~~

    本来心情很好的,给他这样一搞,连吃饭的 mood 都没有了~~

    1. 对,resorts都还可以,不过沙滩真的。。。>.<


  5. dear我来了^^

    喜欢你们五位美女姐妹情深,好养眼的PD trip, whee~~~~~~~~~~ ^^

    1. 嘻嘻很浪漫hor!


  6. Nice outing with friends ya.... hehe...

  7. Wah!!! So many parts! Food looks good! Next time, no kids...will feel like home like that - everything have to consider the small one and cannot go all the way! Like our holidays when my girl was young - everything revolved around her. Couldn't do much of what we liked.

    1. Yep, that's for sure STP, if we go travel, our kids is the top priority ;)

  8. Love all the camwhoring pics with friends. I think they capture the happy moment, all of you look so cute. It's amazing how friendships can survive many years eh?

    1. Yes, I am thankful that we still keep in touch after so long!

  9. I enjoy looking at all the pictures here. It was so much fun for you and your girl friends in the outing.

  10. 照片拍到很漂亮很有温馨feel呢!喜欢~ 而且风景感觉起来就是很棒很棒哦!XD


  11. 读到不会闷啊,关于你们的PD trip都很精彩〜
    跟姐妹出游,一晚而已好像不够hor~ xD

    1. 呵呵谢谢你的支持~

      也对,一晚不够不过也得看去什么地方。。好像PD这种就。。一晚够了~ ;)

  12. 生意好,当然就摆款!哈哈!

    1. 我也很期待你回来后的分享耶!我没去过巴厘耶~

  13. Nice pictures. Those are to be cherished and kept. :)

  14. wah manyak syok wor...strolling around and snapping photos

  15. Replies
    1. The crabs is not bad la.. But the rest, so so only.

  16. Girly reunion is always fun!

    Hmmm I am beginning to think that Maxis is getting really bad at all the places that I visit. And if its bad even at Lexis, I may as well forget about staying there. does look pretty and comfie though.

    1. Maxis, sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's not, sigh~

  17. 照片看起来食物很好吃,不过如果service不好的话,我也是不会再光顾的了!!很多红餐厅,顾客多了就摆架子了!

    1. 其实食物还好罢了。。


  18. The chalet is nice. Love the environment and landscaping too.

  19. wah gal trip eh! must be really fun and relaxing XD


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