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Happy 3rd anniversary dear!/结婚三周年快乐!

Actually I planned to blog about my KL trip this morning, then stopped half way due to some mummy's duties.

And I totally forgot about what day it is today :( See it's 11pm that I blog about this, just one more hour before the day ends.
It's actually our 3rd wedding anniversary :)

I was just looking back my last year's archives and I think I din't blog about it, neither that we celebrated it also.. LOL! xD

But this year is a bit different cause we have Aden to share this day with! ^^
We din't celebrate this day either, just bought 2 cakes as dessert, haha xD 
And snapped a family photo to call it a day ^^



不知不觉都拍拖10年了耶!10年!对我来说是很久料咯!感谢你这么多年来所做的一切!辛苦你啦~ 当然你也要感谢我这个老婆千辛万苦为你putt出那么可爱活泼的宝宝啦!(Erm 这位人妻你脸皮可以再厚一点无所谓~)xD

好啦不罗嗦了,最后还是那句,老公,祝我们结婚3周年快乐!愿我们一家永远幸福安康~ Muacks! <3


  1. Great! Happy Anniversary! Nice that Aden is around.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

  3. 祝你们三周年快乐!!!


    1. 珊,还好啦。。你酱一直称赞我,我会很paiseh得咧~ :p

  4. Congrats! Happy 3rd Anniversary and many many more to come...

  5. Happy Anniversary ^^
    Mei, you slim alot and getting prettier alrdy!!

    1. Haha ok ok la, still need to slim kok!

      Thanks dear~

  6. 祝福你们一直幸福下去!=)

  7. 祝你们三周年快乐~恩爱幸福!!

  8. hahaha, so funny lah you!! 帮你生完Aden后记忆慢慢变差.. eih, i super duper like this excuse for almost forgotten about your anniversary~~ :D

    1. but i think this is quite common right, for those who have married.. slowly forgotten about the anniversary especially when you have kids.. the next time you suddenly remember your anniversary will be your own children who remind you about your 25th or 30th anniversary~~

    2. happy 3rd anniversary to you, and you are going into the 4th year of your life together.. more and more 3 years to come, and your grandchildren will be celebrating that with you soon~~ :D

    3. Haha actually that is not excuse, it's true one... =_=

      Yes, its normal, cause after married there's less 'spice' compared to dating time, so we tend to forget about those anniversary dates already.

      Anyway thanks for the wishes SK!

  9. Happy 3rd Anniversary to you and your loved ones Hayley :)

  10. Happy Anniversary! :) I love your family picture, very warm and sweet. Talk about memory lost! That happened to me too after having kids. And my hubby thinks that's an excuse for my forgetfulness! hahaha.....

    Wish you and your hubby a happy married life together and celebrate many many more anniversaries to come. ;)

  11. Happy 3rd Anniversary. Such a nice family photo. Haha you set reminder in your smart phone?

  12. Happy anniversary. Additional family member next year maybe? :)

  13. Happy Anniversary dear! Life simplicity at it's best :) just being together

  14. 祝你三週年快樂〜


  15. Happy anniversary! You are so lucky to be blessed with a cute baby on your 3rd anniversary. I was still desperately trying for one on my 3rd anniversary :p Wishing you and your hubby many many more years or love and happiness together :)

  16. Happy 3rd anniversary to you and your hubby!

  17. Happy 3rd anniversary to you and your hubby. I also every year forgot to celebrate this day.

    May be this year, I should give my husband a surprise.

  18. such a sweet letter to your hubby....

    Happy anniversary........

  19. Awwww~so sweet and your Aden is just too cute for word!
    Happy 3rd anniversary to you and you hubby

  20. 祝你们结婚三周年快乐,要一直幸福快乐下去哦!

  21. happy third anniversary to you and your hubby!

  22. Thank you everybody for the wishes! Love you all! ^^


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  24. Happy anniversary Hayley, simple celebration is okay also. Nice family photo.

  25. Congrassssss...

    It really does not matter what big meal or where it was celebrated. What matters most is you celebrated it in your own special way.

    Congras once again! Love the cute family picture. Precious!!!

    1. Thanks!

      I agree, as long as I am with my loved ones, nothing else matters, hehe...

  26. Replies
    1. Thanks! Wah where have you been!!

  27. 恭喜恭喜,要继续幸福哦。。

  28. Awww..I miss this post. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby!

  29. Happy 3rd Anniversary !! Wonderful to have your lil Aden to celebrate this moment together ya :)

  30. happy belated 3rd anniversary to u n ur hubby n ur baby hahah XD :)


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