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Annyeonghaseyo Korea: Day 2 in Jeju Island (Part II)

Date: 22nd March 2013

This is the continuation of Jeju Island. 
One of the famous spot to visit at Jeju is the cute teddy bear museum. 

This is one of the place I look forward to before coming to Korea

There're just too many lovely and beautiful flowers all over Korea. Some even looks fake!

Entrance fee is about 8000 won (RM 22) for adults and 5000 won for children (RM 13). Here I'd like to share some of the photos taken inside the museum.

There're about 3 floors of teddy bears, all dressed in beautiful costumes with different background

All big or small bears are displayed in the transparent boxes


You'll love this museum if you are a bear/toy lover!

No problem camwhoring here cause everything is so near me! :p

A nice and cute fashion show

Swarovski bear


Pooh bear!

The attraction, LV's most expensive teddy bear

Photo of the day, haha! xD


You're so fluffy big bear!

There's also a small Elvis corner here

And also a gift corner selling teddy bears

I think there're some bears outdoor but we missed it. And actually I was quite disappointed because the bears here are lesser than what I've expected

A group picture we leave the museum

See you next time bear bear! :p


Next stop, ice gallery~

After the staff demonstrated on how to make an ice glass, each of us gets to make one too!

Then all of us gets to drink some orange juice with the ice glass. The making was a fun experience!

My masterpiece, looks funny haha xD

Then we walked inside the ice gallery.


The gallery isn't so big so not many photos taken.
*edited: Fees for the ice sculpture is about 7000 won (RM 19) per person*

Walked to 2nd floor of the building and we were here at the 5D theater. It's a small theater with 360 degree view.
*edited: 5000 won (RM 13) per person*

We get to choose to watch Poseidon, Ninja or The Room. Majority choose the horror show The Room (including my gang ^^) so, sorry to those faint hearted members! :p
The show lasted for about 5 mins only la! But it was a fun experience cause everything is so real! Headless kids/bloody eyes/big scissors and all the horror sounds etc etc....

After the 5D show, we went 3rd floor to 3D illusion art museum. Here plenty of 3D wall murals waiting for you to take photos.

Some of my favorite ones. I really salute the artists for their creativity!


我最喜欢这个!(Erm 我知道我的表情好像不对 :p)


Do you know who they are? ^^
This building is so nice to visit! We can do so much here, save time travelling!

So this is about Jeju Island, we flew back to Seoul the next day and I shall blog about that in the coming posts.
Though it's called an island but the place is huge! 2 days is definitely not enough to cover everything. If I have a chance to visit Korea again, Jeju is got to be in the list ;) 


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Part 1: Day 1 in Jeju


  1. Would like to know more about your Korea travelogue....I like the teddy bear museum too. If have chance must go there.

    1. Yea it's a nice place, I think Calvin will love that place~!

  2. 泰迪熊好可爱!!好想全部都打包,哈哈!!
    我连3D 都没有看过,很山芭佬,哈哈!!

    1. 我也很想啊!


  3. miss those times when i were in Korea few years back. and yes i enjoy taking photos with all those bears in Teddy Bear Farm

  4. wow not bad woh this Teddy Bear Museum and the Ice Gallery.. RM22 not expensive at all, i think way more worth than the Legoland!!

    1. Ya ho, I also think it's worth, cause no need to sun bath there, haha!

  5. i am not a fans of Teddy Bear but then those special ones really look cool lah.. PSY Bear, OMG, i have enough of him already lah, and you somemore did that Gangnam style dance!! hahaha~~ :D

    1. Yep me too, not a fan of bear but the place is nice to see!

      Haha so nice or not?

  6. i like the Ice Gallery more!! totally awesome lah.. those ice sculptures okay lah, nothing to really shout about but the 3D Art Museum inside, is just impressive!! BTW you didn't mention how much is the entrance fees to this??

    1. Yes I agree!

      Opps ok, will edit on the entrance fees! :p

  7. hahaha, Jeju island only two posts but a lot of photos to show horr?? aiyo, then Seoul sure more and more!! looking forward~~ :)

    1. Haha you're right, took a lot of photos this trip!

  8. Making ice glass is pretty interesting!

  9. ya, the ice glass looks interesting!

  10. Never been to South Korea, it is definitely a nice place to visit. Been following your posts on Korea trip, nice photos and many new things to see..

    There are many Koreans in Kota Kinabalu, especially at the place where I work.

    1. Thanks Agnes, yes it's a nice place!
      Oh really? Hehe..

  11. Hi Hayley, love the pics. First time I see a museum dedicated to teddy bears....
    I guess Korea was still cold seeing you and friend in winter jackets.
    I love Korea too, and their kim chi.
    You bought any teddy bears home?
    Have a nice day.

    1. Yes it was winter when we were there!

      Yep, I bought some teddy bears home for Aden ;)
      You take care too!

  12. daughter would love that museum. So very nice!!!

  13. haha.... Gangnam Style Teddy Bear, hehe...

  14. 骑马teddy熊我两年前去时还没有,果然是韩国之光,爆红后马上入住博物院,呵呵!

  15. The gangnam style teddy bear is so cute..

    Love all the pictures...

  16. Those teddy bears always reminded me of my most favourite Korean drama - Princess Hours (Gung).

    1. Those 3D illusion arts are so interesting. I missed all those.

    2. Yes, it's the Gung's movie set!

  17. It seems that they have a few teddy bear museum over there. This is not the same museum that i went to earlier, but it still looks awesome.

    1. Yes but this is the largest and the most famous ones.

  18. I like the 3-D illusion museum the most. All the pictures are so creative. Nice! :) The teddy bears are cute too...u didn't grab a souvenir for Aden?

    1. Yes so creative and unique isn't it?

      Oh yea, I bought some bears for Aden!

  19. 很可爱!全部teddy bear都很可爱!

  20. 哈!这个泰迪熊博物馆是在济州岛的啊!?!?! 如果不去济州岛麻去不过(时间不够的话)。。。呜呜呜。。。算了。。。反正我的韩国也不懂几时啦,哈哈哈哈。

    我很喜欢你gangnam style那张,呵呵,你很有型,美美︿︿

    1. 对,这个在济州岛,所以你还是把它放进你的行程吧!^^


  21. AH! i have been to Jeju! but not the bear musuem T_T wasnt in the tour and first time i see ice glass! so cool!!!

    1. Never mind may be it's time to plan for another trip there, hehe...

  22. Oh not in our itinerary during our last trip. Haha great ideas of creating bearish celebrities.

  23. oh, i didnt went to the ice gallery ler...too bad, looks like very fun place to explore..

    u didnt went to the safari museum and live museum? also got so many things to see there..

    1. Oh you missed it too!

      Nope, not in our itinerary ;)

  24. 媽媽的oppa 照片好可愛!!


    1. 呵呵。。


  25. the bears are all so cute...i could stay there one whole day!

    1. Err one whole day is a bit too long la actually, hehe..

  26. Oh the Teddy Bear Museum, saw it at Kdrama Gong. I like the miniature, so cute.

  27. I'm not a fan of Teddy Bear, but I like all the murals! They are so real.

  28. last photo SNSD! XD I smart right? :D

    1. hahah the awesome moment when drinking the ice cup with some korean rice wine :P


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