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Annyeonghaseyo Korea: Of Mountain and Palace

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This day we visited Seoraksan National Park, which is a huge place with very nice scenery~
I'll let the pictures do most of the talking =)

It was very cloudy that day, and quite cold

A group photo first!

That's the Gwongeumseong fortress behind me, there're still snow everywhere


I personally think this view is simply amazing!


We queued for about 5 mins for the cable car ride to the top of the fortress

Thick fogs there, cable car is nowhere to be seen

坐缆车来到了山顶!附近设备还蛮齐全的,小小咖啡厅,手信店和洗手间(不过没水洗手 =_=)

Tour leader advised us to be extra careful here as the path is very slippery, and not to climb further up for safety reason

You can tell it was so cold up there! 冷到鼻子都红了!

We din't climb further as we were very kiasi, the view here is beautiful enough


We spent like 1 hour up there, then off we went

View from inside the cable car, cool!

Magic? ;)

We walked around the park after coming down from the fortress

There's a big Buddha statue in the park

As I said the park is huge! We din't manage to see everything, plus it started to drizzle then... Have to walk faster....


We too visited the must-go, Gyeongbokgung royal palace in Seoul.

We dropped by Cheong Wa Dae before heading to the palace, it's the executive office and official residence & office of the President of South Korea

The last group photo taken for the trip. Cheong Wa Dae is just next to the palace, so we walked to the palace after the photos session



Our tour leader, Xiao An, very skinny guy, but very nice and friendly
导游小安,他第二天见到我就说我像韩国一个女艺人。。paiseh到。。(好啦我承认我心里有一点点暗爽啦 xD 至于是谁呢,我还是不要讲先。。。)

It was a sunny day, this was also the last day of our trip....

That's the Cheong Wa Dae behind us

And this is the entrance to Gyeongbokgung palace

Xiao An was showing us the map of the overall palace, it is a huge palace!

Though it's old but everything is neat and well maintained

Love the reflection!



Tour leader was very dedicated to his job and busy explaining about the history of the palace, sorry me not very interested..... :p


虽然我对历史没很大兴趣不过至少我记得这皇宫朝鲜王室重要的皇家宫殿 ;) 而这康宁殿是皇帝就寝的地方

There're a few gates around so better don't go far from the group....

The beautiful hall behind us is used to hold some special functions during the Joseon Dynasty

Lots of tourists! But I wonder how come I din't see any royal guards there?


Geunjeongjeon, the throne hall in the palace



That's all for today! Resuming my duty~

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  1. 像宋慧乔?嘻嘻~~

    1. 哈哈,是我之前讲过还是你乱猜的?^^

      Erm 好像是大常今?

    2. 我不知道你有说过,不过我觉得你真的有像 ^^


    3. 哈哈导游也是酱说。。


  2. awesome scenery.. love to see snow-capped mountains lah, and it seems to be very cold that day huh?? great, you just had the opportunity to feel the snow and the coldness..

    1. Yes I did mentioned it was a cold day!!

  3. the photo you took from the cable car looks blur.. was it because of the glass, or your hands were shaking because of the coldness or your hands were shaking because you are afraid of height?? haha~~

    1. Oh that was because of the fog (雾水) on the cable car's windows...

  4. the Royal Palace is so influenced by the Chinese, and i think the Tang Dynasty particularly if i'm not mistaken.. look at the names of the individual palaces, some are from the Forbidden City like 乾清宮 and 神武門 and 康寧殿, they sounds familiar (not because i've watched any Korean series, in fact i have watched none, haha)..

    1. Yes sounds familiar!! I am surprised to see chinese words everywhere there, hehehe..

  5. looking for royal guards?? errr, i guess this is merely a historical museum for tourists to visit.. there is no King in Korea lah..

    1. I saw from my friend's posts that she took photos with the royal guards when she was there!

  6. Another popular landmark must visit in Korea. I guess this places used in drama series , is it so?

    1. Erm some part you explain in Chinese, so take some time to understand it and sometimes I jst skip.... phai seh..

      But you mentioned the tour guide said that you look like an actress. A Korean one? Wah, you must be very happy...

    2. Yes, but I am not sure which dramas...

      Oh the Chinese part is almost similar to English ones, so you can skip them actually!

      Haha yea, I am happy! ;)

  7. I like the picture of you with the dog..:)

  8. Nice temple and I am surprised you still have snow.


  9. Can't remember whether I went to all these places when I went to Korea...a long long time ago.

    1. Oh I think this palace is a must-go for most tourists..

  10. Oh my..soooo cold. Love the pic of you with the fierce bear..hehe.

  11. Honestly cannot remember the actual names of the places we went like the Park & Palace but can recall them now when seeing your pixz haha

  12. Can make into postcard la these photos

    1. makes me feel like going but then i see snow...this kucing scared of cold leh

    2. Yea, the view is nice right!

      Oh wear thicker la! Ok geh....

  13. 是不是像宋慧乔,呵呵!


    1. 哈哈答对料~


  14. wow you're Korea trip is really nice.
    I wish we can have some of the cold weather in Korea right now. It's friggin hot in here

  15. At least you get to see and feel some snow in Korea. hahahha! When we came back here, my daughter told me she wanted to go back to Korea again. Bcos of the cooling weather and snow. :p

    If you are interested to check out my Korea trip, you are most welcomed to view

    See how Korea looks like during winter......

    1. Actually I wish to go back again, it's such a nice country!

      Ok thanks, will check that out when I'm free!

  16. Wow, the scenery is really pretty. I think the mountain looks really majestic! I expect it to be rather cold since it's winter time.

    1. Yea I love that mountain, and the surroundings!

  17. Really awesome the pixs of the mountain. And the place was so beautiful!

  18. Beautiful place indeed! I am just like you...not interested in history and won't pay attention to all the tour guide's long stories hehe :p

  19. 像哪个韩国女艺人??呵呵。。

    1. 呵呵你看看上面那些的留言吧!里面有答案了 :)

  20. 很喜欢这篇!而且,你很漂亮!!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I have been here before. In the year of 2002. Haha more than 10 years ago.

    1. Oh then it must have change a lot!

  23. Gyeongbokgung palace is dam near to town, and Running Man filming in that place once!

    so nice can sit cable car go top :D it must be awesome surround with snow too XD

    1. Yes it's in the town!

      Yep, the view is simply breath-taking!


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