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Day trip to Ipoh (Sight seeing post)

The main purpose of this trip is actually to eat ;) Of course if just eating alone would add on extra pounds so to balance things up, we walked around Ipoh town as well.

Just in case if you are wondering, Taiping is only about 40 mins of car ride away from Ipoh.


We left home early, reached Ipoh at 9am, waited for our tour guide near Parkson
虽然我们对怡保不陌生,不过这天还是要朋友 Kim 来当导游。。毕竟她才知道哪里的道地东西好吃/有什么地方好玩(因为我们平时去怡保都是去shopping罢了,哈哈)

Din't bring Aden along as he followed my in laws to Sitiawan (actually he din't have a choice also la :p) So both hubs and I had our own sweet times this day ;)
这天没带Aden出门。。因为家公前一天就打算带他去Sitiawan走走了(这小瓜节目还蛮多的)。也好,难得我们两公婆可以趁机拍拖一下 ^^

First stop, Lin Sen Tong temple.


The place is well maintained, very clean!


Here's our personal tour guide, Kim
她就是我们的私人导游 Kim 啦!

Friends, Karen and hubs, Boy

Cheery and her family

The youngest tour member this day

The 3 big children

There're a lot of deities around, some for photography purpose

Like this one, I love this shot!

The ladies of the trip~

Next we walked to Nan Tian Tong, this is called the 'longevity bridge', so whoever step on the bridge can live longer now (Hayley's interpretation). But you have to be extra careful when walking onto the bridge, not because of worrying you'll fall into the pond, but worrying that you or your belongings would snatched by the wild monkeys around. There're MANY monkeys here and trust me, they don't look tame.

Walked into the Nan Tian Tong temple and there's this steep staircase.......

Time to exercise folks! Luckily I am not afraid of heights, else I'd choose to wait down stair......

Actually you can see Ipoh's view if you climb further up, but because the next staircase looks dark we din't proceed further. Anyway, since we're here must take a group photo as memory! Photo taken by a gwai lou who was coincidentally there! (I have some fates with gwai lou lately, LOL!)
不过我们都还年轻难得来到了我们还是不要错过啦!来拍个全体照留念一下!刚好有个鬼佬在并且 offer 帮我们拍照!嘻嘻~

After Nan Tian Tong, we walked to Sam Poh Tong which is just next to each other. The main attraction here is the tortoise pond. Hundreds of big and small tortoises here!

You can buy kangkung or tomatoes from the old ladies around here and feed the tortoises. 

But it's more worth to buy tomatoes because they love it!

And there's also a hidden Shao Lin Si here! xD
老公一看到这还说‘原来少林寺在这!’ xD

Next, we took a 5 minutes car ride to Guan Yin Dong.

Also another beautiful and well maintained place!

Took a photo with the animal zodiac here.... Can you tell our zodiac? (Easy la!) 


And I saw this interesting painting on the door. Guess how old is this body line? (Answer in the last photo below)


A group shot! Love this one very much, we were standing on the big chess board (This time no gwai lou so have to use self timer :p)

The uncles men of the trip

There's a small Japan-themed garden

The view around this place is nice!

After that, Kim brought us to Ji Le Tong.


The cave is quite big, lots of swallows here! Got bird nests also I think, hehe~

The beautiful and serene lake attract me the most! Such a nice place for a evening jog/walk.

Leaving those caves, we dropped by Kellie's Castle while we were on the way to Tg Tualang for dinner. 
吃晚餐前的最后一站就是 Kellie's Castle。不过因为两年前进去看过了所以这次只有4个友人进去,其他的就在外面等。。它的确是一个荒废了的城堡不过也是鬼屋一个~~

The information center had been renovated, too bad the thousands of irritating flies spoils the whole thing. Anyway, 5 of us din't go inside the castle this time cause we had already visited the castle 2 years ago, so we waited for the rest outside

And finally the answer for the question is.................
And 刚才那个游戏问题。。。答案就是。。。。。

Tada~ Did you guess it right? Hehehe.... (No prize for guessing it right though)


  1. Travel to those places nearer to us also shiok kan.

    1. Sometimes no need to go far far away... Many places we actually didn't visit before too.

  2. Hayley I like your green blouse, so casual and comfty.

  3. wah, Taiping is actually a very strategic location huh?? going to Penang and Ipoh is just less than an hour drive!! that's just awesome, so near~~

  4. i am sure this is not the only post for your Ipoh trip right?? you mentioned about makan at the beginning and i keep reading till the end yet no food at all.. must be dedicated food post next~~ :p

    1. Hehe you are so smart!
      Yep, food post is next!

  5. dint know ipoh so much to see! i went fr a day trip befre just to eat n eat! O_O

    1. Yep, there're many places to visit, and so much to eat!

  6. wah, all the caves!! actually i've been to Ipoh twice and have never been to any of those famous caves also.. errr, are all those temples within 霹靂洞 or 三寶洞??

  7. hahaha...wonder who came up with that idea of the cow.. very cheeky.. :) Actually I have never been to the place you displayed above.. :) thanks for showing them here.. ! :) So which shop did u go to in Tg Tualang? I have been to a few and I only like one of them so far.. but I forgot the name! sigh..

    1. Haha cheeky right?
      Oh you so near only also never been there yet?
      I went to Lung Seng before, and this time is Luen Fong, shall blog about it soon.

  8. of course can tell your zodiac lah, you have already mentioned your year of birth in your blog URL mah, sure easy to tell~~ but i think definitely younger than that "cow" lah~~ hahaha!! :D

    1. Haha yes you are very observant!
      Younger than the cow, LOL!

  9. fuyoh!! Kellie's Castle.. of course this is a very famous tourists spot, and also a common topic in many documentaries.. so, did your friend tell you anything supernatural that they encountered inside there?? :p

    1. Haha they din't tell me I also know la! :p

    2. Go there at night and look at the windows. Someone might wave to you!

      It could be SP waving. Muahahahaha

    3. TM, sounds scary la! Plus no one would there at night lo...

  10. 怡保,很多食物很多地方可以逛的地方。

  11. I was surprised to see your hubby! He is so fit & thin!
    Please ask him to teach me how to be so thin! I want!
    Does he weigh all his food before eating??? LOL

    1. TM, I also very jealous at his height and weight in general leh! ;))
      He just can't get fat, inherits the genes from his father...

  12. I like that cute photo of you both sitting under the deity's hands! He is blessing you with wealth and good health!

    1. I like that shot also! Hehe!
      That deity is showering us with happiness and love~

    2. I like this shot too! So sweet!

  13. Both of you still look like love birds courting each other in the photos! Nice!

    1. Haha really mou? Thanks for the compliment~

  14. If for me to go Ipoh, have to stay overnight liao as the distance there already take up time liao...

  15. wow, such a nice outing with your friends..

  16. 我以前也有去过灵仙岩庙,乌龟真的好多哦~~
    Kellie's Castle 外表看过去很漂亮,是个鬼屋????

    1. 嗯,不过导游说现在的乌龟已经减少很多了。。

  17. No, thank you. I would just want to eat! LOL!!! But I did go to Kellie's Castle when I went there once...also on a day trip.

    1. Haha, got input must have got output also one ma!!

  18. 那乌龟很漂亮也,外壳很亮很美,我喜欢~~~!!!

  19. haha ipoh got a lot of new nice cafe! can go there also! =D

    1. Yep I heard too! May be next time~

  20. Very colourful statues and great pictures.


  21. 我去过灵仙岩庙,那个又高又斜的阶梯我爬过上去哈哈哈!


    1. 嗯,也有人去那里取景拍婚纱照的~

  22. Looks like you visited all the cave temples in Ipoh. I've only been to Sam Poh Tong and Ji Le Tong. LOL at the goat/cow pic on the door. I was wondering how come got hamsap pic in a temple? Haha!

  23. I think you miss our Perak tong. This place is quite beautiful and worth a visit. My house is just opposite those caves you mentioned, so if you drop by next time, let me know :)

  24. wah...ditched ADen to pak tor ah you two :p

    1. so lucky leh so near to Ipoh

    2. Ya lor good to have a guide when in Ipoh coz only the locals know where got good food and good shopping deals

    3. Hehe, need to do that once a while la! :p

      Yep, exactly!

  25. Hahha! So much for the suspense on that picture, Hayley. A good one though.

    At least you and hubby have some fun time without Aden tagging along. Need to "pak toh" once a while. :)

  26. I went to this 灵仙岩庙 place before . . . very boring for me XD (when I was a teen) . . .

    1. Haha actually just for photo taking only la!


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