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Time to reward my loyal readers

Here is another giveaway to reward my loyal readers! Happy? ;)

I have 3 sets of freebies to giveaway this time, particularly for kids, male and female readers. 


Set 1: An English storybook for toddler/kid between the age of 2-6 (with 28 well-illustrated pages), and a bar of organic oat & raisin snack (You can win this for your kids).

Set 2: Limited edition Tiger FC coasters and a luggage tag (mainly for my male readers). 
第二份:Tiger FC 杯垫和 luggage tag(主要是给男读者)。

Set 3: Coin purse, small sling bag and some beauty stuff for my female readers. 
第三份:手工钱包,小 sling bag,还有一些美容产品(主要是给女读者)。

Here's how you can participate:

1. You're eligible to participate if you had commented 3 times of more out of my recent 5 posts (well if you're too lazy to check, just leave your comment anyway, let me do the checking ^^), which are:

(Note: Only those comments left before this post was published counts)
(当然如果你现在才去留言,就不算咯 ^^)

2. Leave your comment here with your name and email address, also by including which set you want to win. 
Eg: I am __Hayley____ and I want to win set number _1___!

我是 Hayley,我要赢第 1 份!

3. Of course you can try your luck by saying you want all the sets. 

4. I'll let my son to pick the lucky one for each set through lucky draw method ;)

5. You can comment with either English or Chinese.

6. Giveaway ends this Sunday 28th July 2013, 11:59pm.
游戏截止日期是 28/07/2013, 11:59pm.

I hope I have make myself clear with all the rules, hehe. Til then, good luck!


  1. 我是nicole〜 我要赢1和3 ^_^

  2. 哈哈哈哈!!我来!!
    我是珊姑娘,我要赢第 1 份! =D

  3. Good luck to the participants!!! I'm a loyal reader but I'm not participating because I love Hayley more than the gifts LOLssss!!!

    1. What a sweet mouthed Fay! I like her comments!

    2. Hahahaa.. you TM! I visited your blog many times and still not updated.. jialat loh like that!!

  4. 我检查了,我也有资格,耶!!
    我是宅妈,我要赢第1份和第3份!! ^^

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. 最近部落好多抽奖游戏噢
    我是美云,我要赢1和3 ^^

  7. Great giveaway and you make it very clear... hahaha

  8. haha nice giveaway gift. Good luck to all the participants.

  9. Lovely giveaway! Good luck readers!

    THANX for the last giveaway! Its sitting nicely in our collection of collectible:D No heart to use it:D Hehehe

  10. Replies
    1. Just try my luck, i want to win set 3, hehe...

    2. If win or no win, i will still support your blog, hehe...

  11. 我不够资格捏。。但是我是你的忠实读者呀,有时用手机潜水而已。

    Good luck to 有资格参加的人咯

  12. wow, nice giveaways! all the best to your readers!

  13. Your giveaway is so unusual and using a baby to be the judge!!! LOL. I like this idea. I am wondering now whether to participate as I am so kiasu one. This month July is my luckiest so far. I received so many unexpected gifts and it is unbelievable.

  14. I'm afraid I'll have to miss this giveaway; it's such a pity that I have commented only twice for the last recent 5 posts. Maybe next time.

    Good luck to all those who are participating! =D

  15. all the best to the participants~

  16. 我默默飘走!

  17. oooh, giveaway!! yes, i just love giveaway.. errr, i think i have not missed commenting in any one of your post there lah.. so meaning i am automatically eligible hor?? hehehe~~

    1. seems like all the ladies above opted for either 1 or 3, and i think as a jantan i can only opt for 2.. wokay lah then.. just hantam lah, if got got, don't get don't get~~ :D

      I am [SK/0617] and I want to win set number 2!

    2. good luck to myself and all other loyal readers!! of course being your loyal readers, we don't really ask for the presents lah.. our satisfaction comes from spamming you kaw kaw in every post~~ :D

  18. I think I'm eligible for this giveaway..hehe. Just trying my luck.

    I'm Mummy Gwen and I want to win set No. 1!

  19. Good luck to all who are eligible *.*

  20. I want Ipad mini ....... can ? :P

  21. The elephant luggage tag is cute. Ok...

    I am SUITUAPUI and I want Set No. 2... :)

  22. Wow! Interesting! I also want to participate!

    I am ROSE and I want Set No 3!! Can??

  23. 不够资格,继续潜水好了。。。

  24. I think I commented less than 3 times in your posts before this post was published, perhaps next giveaway bah, sob sob :(

  25. 哈哈~我中了4篇!!我是eugein,我要赢第一份!!好运好运~^^

  26. all the gifts! The luggage tag very 'ngam' me..ahhaha

  27. Thanks for all the comments! Will announce the winners today!

  28. wow giveaways ah...very generous of you :0 am sure your readers would love them


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