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Lunch gathering on Raya eve

Hello guys! Guess many of you are enjoying your holidays now!
Speaking of holidays, I don't have any, but at least hubs will be at home for 2 days so we can sort of take turns to look after the naughty boy ^^

Just came back from a short meet up with my dearest ex colleagues, my naughty boy was tagged along...........

Just cannot sit still.......

And in case you miss the author of Angeline's side story, From Taiping with love and Blog with Yan, I can tell you they are doing fine! ;)

With Angeline and her kids

With Yvonne aka Ah Hua, and Celine

With Yan!

Angeline, together with Lorita and her daughters, also my naughty boy

We had the restaurant's set lunch, which include:

Mushroom soup,

Garlic bread as starter

As for main course, we can choose either...

Chicken with rice

Black pepper chicken chop

Or fish n chip (Guess which one I ordered? No price for guessing right though :p)

And desserts are:

Single scoop ice cream

and coffee or tea!

And all this cost RM 10.50 only! So cheap right!

Though only a short meet up and I was kinda busy attend to Aden, we had fun chit chatting! I truly appreciate their effort for remembering me, though I had left the company for more than a year now.
Thank you ladies! <3
Planning for another gathering without our kids! xD

Nagaria Steak House
61, Jalan Pasar,
34000 Taiping,

Tel: 05-8069032

Til then, be safe on the road, and enjoy your holidays!!


  1. wow, a nice get together! Well, with kids around, you usually have to attend to them too. So kind of busy on both sides.. :)

    1. Yes, it wasn't easy, but it's ok la! Hehe~

  2. wah lau syok gathering ah

    1. so long never see everyone one face...all busy working no blog post

    2. Yaya, they are very busy!!

  3. WHAT???? All the food, dessert, drinks...RM10.50 only??? Good grief!!!

  4. baby can sit still punya, just malas only ^^

    so this post is just happen just now is it? hahah :P

    macam hou hou sek wo

    1. Haha, it's a stage la actually, wanting to come down to walk.
      Yea, just happened this afternoon.

  5. 这么多食物才RM10.50??? 太便宜了!!!!

  6. oh, the Taiping Blogger Mama gathering!! interesting.. and it seems we have been missing Angeline, Yvonne and Yan so much huh?? hahaha~~

    1. looks like you are bringing and required to bring Aden with you together when meeting up with friends huh?? hmmm, i wonder why Y&Y didn't bring their kids along??

    2. wah, the set lunch is just RM10.50?? that's a 5-course meal no joke at all.. indeed very cheap!! leave the other courses aside because they are all ready-made, the main course actually looks good woh.. i think i will go for the chicken chop lah, you ordered Fish & Chips??

    3. your ending is quite of funny lah.. of course you will never be forgotten.. you may not be their colleagues but definitely become friends of theirs, if not both, then the very least also blogger friends lah, right?? hahaha~~

    4. Yea, miss them leh!!

      Yes cause no one wants to look after him, wuwuwu, xD
      Erm actually Yan's daughters were there but she said no need to take photos wo...
      As for Yvonne, I din't ask :p

      Yep, that's one thing good about this restaurant!

      Haha funny meh? It's what I thought la!!

    5. By the way I ordered fish n chip!

  7. I miss you too. I enjoy having you and Aden around. He is so cute.

    1. So sorry for leaving early. I have another place to go. Next time we must meet again.

    2. Nagaria is always my favourite place. Cheap and good.

    3. I like that picture with you and Aden, because my face looked slim . Ahem.

    4. Yea, miss you ladies too! Really shall plan another meet up without all the kids~

  8. Black pepper chicken chop? hahah
    I was just simply guessing XD

    Lol maintion u have no holiday, but at least u have ur husband helping beside =D

  9. 你好多聚会!!!朋友多真好!!

  10. Ha ha, now little boy also join gathering liao....

  11. That was nice..gathering with friends. :) oh..long time never heard from the three mummy bloggers haha..It's normal that when the kids get bigger, they are susah to control especially age 1-3 hehe.

  12. 很温馨,很幸福的感觉,

  13. The price is pretty reasonable for that set lunch! So nice to see you all gather together :)

  14. RM10.90 for set meal? Hard to find..even Groupon can;t offer such cheap priced meal..this restaurant is giving really honest price.

    1. Yea, definitely hard to find else where!

  15. Nice gathering and good food you have There!

  16. Very nice set lunch and good pricing also. Great to keep in touch with ex-colleagues. I wish I can do the same too...

    1. Yea, we still meet up once a while.

  17. What a nice gathering!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  18. Enjoy the Raya! Enjoy the weekend tooooo ❤❤❤

  19. Ladies always have happy gatherings like this. Usually the men would drink in the pubs instead and talked nonsense. I always prefer to meet up with friends and insist that they bring along the whole family. More fun!

    1. Haha true, men prefer to have alcohol!
      But I agree, the more the merrier!

  20. I can see all the happy faces of your gathering. Very good!

  21. nice lunch ^ ^ . . . practically raya eve saya tarak plan . . . feel dam life less XD


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