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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Arkhesus Castle, Holmenkollen Ski Jump & Viking Ship Museum

One of the castle we visited during this trip is the Arkhesus Castle/Fortress in Norway. It's built to protect Oslo, and has also been used a prison.
We stopped by here for a short photo stop.

The statue behind me has a meaning. If you can notice the woman statue is way bigger than the man's. It means woman plays an important role in Norway, and often has more rights than man ;)


Actually there's nothing much to see here, we only walked on the outside
Norwegian sure love dogs! And those dogs are so well behaved!

We witnessed change of guards inside the castle 

Salute this guard, the sun is shining so bright, and yet he has to remain still *tabik*



Not many visitors this day so we occupied the place =)

View from the above at the castle, so pretty isn't it?


Another tourist spot in the itinerary is the Holmenkollen Ski Jump Hill. The coach captain took us up the hill for this stunning view, the ride is about 15 minutes from the city.

That's the star of attraction! Opened in 1892, rebuilt 19 times, and hosted many world class ski jump events including the 1952 Winter Olympics. Ski jump is quite important in this country, many parents register their children for ski jump lessons here


There's a simulator for public to visualize a ski jump in the hill

Spotted this cute girl ;)

That is how it looks from another angle.

Must be super exciting and thrilling!

Behind me is the souvenir center but I left empty handed ;)

Viking ship museum is another place we dropped by in Oslo. There're a few preserved Viking ships here worth to see.


The main attraction, Oseberg ship, just in the middle once we entered the museum

They actually built a small platform for public to take photos from above, so that we can see the body of the ship better



Some other displays are the wood cravings all related to the Viking age

Hubs and I under the fine day

Photo taken just outside the museum. Yes, the surrounding seems better than inside the museum, hehe :p


Waiting for my coffee to come ;)

Notice that these 3 places have nothing in common actually? Well, I took not many photos here so I've decided to combine and blog about them in a same post, so that you can have more things to say in your comment, LOL! xD


Til then, have a wonderful day ahead!

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  1. Where's the food? LOL!!!

    1. STP,please be patient, sure will share about them ;)

  2. love the super sunny day that you got while visiting. It wasn't too hot, was it? :-)

    1. Nope, wasn't too hot, wind is cold actually.

  3. 哇,那滑雪跳台还真不是盖的,这么独特+刺激

  4. Love the view from the above at the castle, hehe... So nice...

  5. 那个女statue真的比男那个大很多耶。。

  6. 那个滑雪台好刺激下,不过我应该是不会敢去滑的,呵呵~~

    1. 不是全部人都可以上去啦,要很专业的滑雪者咯!

  7. The Vikings have landed. Oh love to see you or hubs wearing the Viking helmet with the two horns.

  8. The ski-jumping thingy looks so cool!!! Definitely not something you get to see so often!

  9. hmmm, true also huh.. usually you won't blog more than two places in a single post.. can see there isn't much to see in these three places.. or perhaps the places didn't seem to attract you to camwhore more, haha~~

    1. maybe the Arkhesus Castle is not opened to public and you can only walk around outside?? hey, the soldiers everywhere guarding the palace/castle sure have to be like frozen still and cannot move no matter what, they are indeed very professional lah.. if they retire later, i think they can do street performance and earn a living :p

    2. but i think this Arkhesus Castle has nice views.. i also love that green pastures as well as the little port.. is it a lake or a river or facing the sea??

    3. oh this Holmenkollen Ski Jump is very famous, i have seen it being introduced in documentary as well as variety show.. hmmm, very interesting architecture and it is still functional albeit more than 100 years old!! amazing, but too bad you didn't ski on it~~ hehe!! :D

    4. Viking Ship Museum, that already sounded interesting to me when i read the title of the post.. Viking is so Scandinavian and sure this is signature to the region, and that Oseberg ship, hmm, now i know the proper name for this type of ship.. but seems like other than this ship, nothing else actually attracted you huh?? haha~~

    5. SK, yep, cause we sort of 走马看花only at these places so I better combine them in a post lo...

      Well, that I not sure but good also la, I bet the view outside the castle is nicer than the inside :p
      Haha yaya, they are indeed very professional, it's such a tough profession ya know!
      Hmm, that's a sea I think.

      Yep, that ski jump is famous!
      Haha cannot la, not everyone can ski on it leh!!

      Oh, you like Viking stuff huh? Me so so only, not so interested on this kinda history thingy ;)

  10. interesting to see the bigger statue of the woman.
    European are surely dogs lovers. I saw many dogs on the road when I was in Europe too..

    1. Yes, and their dogs are so obedient!

  11. sunny skies!!!

    hmmm lovely experience having coffee under the sun:D hope you took pics of your coffee!

  12. Hi Hayley, wow! This one country I have not visited, maybe one day.
    Love the scenes and beautiful buildings.
    Europe or these Scandinavian countries have a real beauty by itself....
    Bet you guys enjoyed their heavy lunches and dinner too.
    You and hubby looking good in the pics.
    Hugs to baby.

    1. Yea, you should, it's very beautiful!
      Well, I enjoyed eating their seafood.

      Thanks, you take care too!

  13. 滑雪台好cool!应该很好玩!!

    1. 应该是咯!

  14. 滑雪台大家都很感兴趣!哈哈哈!只是我看了就好害怕,怎么玩?

    1. 要专业滑雪者才能上去玩咯。。

      Hmm 或许你可以去Google看看...

  15. 我们应该去挪威住了,女人权利比较大,哈哈哈哈!!!(哈哈,开玩笑,权力大又怎样))


    1. 哈哈,是很不错啦不过想想还是不要,那里生活费很高咧!!

  16. I like the scenery :)
    It is beautiful!

    Holmenkollen Ski Jump Hill... OMG! It looks so cool & exciting :)

  17. What a lovely holiday you had. The photos are so interesting to admire.

  18. I had goose bumps looking at that ski jump photo! It is not an easy thing to jump off so high!!

    Once I took a ski-swing chairs up the ski resort in the mountains of Pennsylvania and everyone had to jump off their seats down about just 5 feet only as the swings don't stop. I lost control and skied down to crash onto the pine trees as there was no brake. I was injured and bruised all over!! LOL

    1. TM, definitely not easy, that's why only the professional can be there.

      Haha, must be painful! But that is normal for first timer la!

  19. So the women are more dominating than men in Norway?? I won't live there!! LOL

    1. Haha sure you don't want la! My husband also don't want :p

  20. I hear that many women in the Scandinavian and Germany work to bring the bacon home while their husbands stayed at home and raised the kids. Strange but modern culture now.

  21. Nice pictures Hayley!!!
    Must be good to live in Norway hahahaha

  22. what a lovely holiday for you and your hubs. can't wait to see more photos :)

  23. Looks so sunny! What is the season over there? Summer? Winter? Autumn? or Spring?

  24. I once went skiing in Korea, and like TM, I bang into a tree because I couldn't brake and stop on time. I only stop after I bang into the tree, so funny!

  25. Ya, like STP says, where is the food? LOL!

  26. Dogs are all around the places..They get to chill also. That's nice.

    1. Yep, they are indeed very fortunate there!

  27. Western country have many famous castle. Rarely can find here in Malaysia.


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