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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Stave church in Lom, Norway

Continuation of my Norway travelogue.

We passed by a small historical town called Lom during the Norway trip.
Basically just for toilet break and tea break, but most importantly is to witness the unique stave church here.

Photo taken from inside the coach, very beautiful isn't it? I still have loads of scenic photos to share, if you're still interested, do stay tuned

This is what I was talking about, traditional stave church that uses free standing inner columns to support a raised section in the ceiling of the main nave

The view surrounded the church is super nice too!

If I remember correctly, temperature this day was around 8'C. My legs weren't covered but it was quite tolerable, as the sun is hot

Actually the grass field in front of the church is already an attraction to me, hehe~

My current FB profile picture. Can't find grasses like this in Malaysia, where they are short and clean, with no cow shits on them :p

We only walked on the outside of the church

Hubby and friends doing their jumps

Norway is really a beautiful country, if not because of its high living costs, I'll really consider to migrate here when I get older! xD

I reckon my mood will turn good whenever I see these greenery photos ;)

There's a lake nearby too

While on the way to a nearby cafe, I spotted some beautiful flowers on a bridge.......

..... and when look down from the bridge, this is what I saw. Clean river water!

Tauke besar treated us some coffees and hot chocolate

And ice cream too! Having ice cream on a cold day is actually quite nice~

After the tea break, it's time to say good bye to Lom, and continue to the next destination which I'll blog later on

These were the 3 buses we used in Norway. Guess I was in which bus? (No prize for guessing it right though :p)

Til then, have a happy weekend!

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  1. Really beautiful scenes...
    Only seen those greenery pictures from movies!
    Love it so much!!!^^

  2. wow, three coaches! Must be a big tour group. You must be in the A coach.

    Norway is indeed beautiful..full of greenery. I love!

  3. Love every single photo here i guess you are in coach B

  4. Or i guess you are in none of the coaches cos you are outside taking photo LOL

  5. I love old churches. No photos of the inside?

  6. 照片很漂亮,那邊的風景/景點都會讓人抹煞很多菲林!aww,喜歡你指甲的顏色。呵呵


  7. 我也觉得冬天吃冰淇淋很赞,好久没有体会了。

  8. 我也是超级喜欢在冷天吃冰淇淋!!!!

  9. 那些草真的很绿油油,坐在上面欣赏风景真的很赞!冷天吃冰真的很爽一下的hor.


  10. 8℃ and your legs are not covered must have very thick skin then haha just kidding. Bananaz would be shivering all over already. You are in bus 'B' saw you waving with peace sign too.

    1. Haha yes I have thick skin xD

      Nope, was in coach A.

  11. Nice entrance to the wooden structure of the church. Aiya sayang no pixz of the church from inside.

  12. Nice place...

    Your hubby look a bit like one of my friend, hehe...

  13. Beautiful scenery! Salute you for wearing so less at temperature 8c. Thumb up!

  14. Love the beautiful scenarios...everything looks so fresh and clean there. You can really tahan cold! I feel like I'm already frozen at any temp below 10C...

  15. I wish I can eat ice cream on a cold day. I shall try it tonight. I'll switch on my air-cond and eat my ice cream. Hahaha!

  16. Cow shit? I'd be more worried about stepping on dog poo in Malaysia! LOL

  17. Did you get to enter the church and learn its history or something?

  18. so nice, having toilet break at this nice place!! sounds so classy lah, usually when joining group tour, toilet breaks are usually at some petrol stations.. hahaha!! great itinerary indeed.. :)

    1. it's really beautiful view all over the place.. must be a very relaxing afternoon though you need to sit in the coach to go to another place.. love the church and the green, feel so comfortable looking at them, plus a hot sun under a 8°C weather, nice combination i'd say..

    2. not bad huh, having piping hot coffee as well as the cold ice-cream.. really 冰火雙享受!! hehehe..

    3. wah, guess which coach you were in?? that's actually quite a challenging trivia lor.. haha!! luckily you just asked it for fun with no prize, else (the uncle me) sure need to crack my head already~~ :D

    4. Yep, usually petrol station is the toilet stop, haha xD

      Yes, everything is so beautiful here!

      Haha just ask for fun la!

  19. Lovely photos. The surroundings are really beautiful and green! I think you are in Coach A.

  20. 照片像post card,风景都好漂亮!

  21. 好蔚蓝的天,暖阳下的8度,应该还是挺舒服,只要不刮大风。

  22. I like wooden churches but have not seen many yet.


  23. nice scenes...
    can relax after see those greenery

  24. The view is spectacularrrrrr~~~~~

    Haha, I so need a vacation right now and all these beautiful pics make me wanna scream. I NEED A HOLIDAY!!!!

  25. 我喜欢那个教堂!

  26. The wooden church is so beautiful that I have to pause a while to see the details..hehe

  27. So true about green grass and no shit on them...hehehehe. I can only roll on the grass happily at home:P

  28. Happy Lom Lom! What a nice name!

    I often heard that many places in Europe have clean environment like how you described the clear sparkling clean waters beneath the bridge! I am very curious about their short and green spotless grass too. Is that why people say the grass is always greener over the fence? LOL

  29. makes me feeling travel over there and look how is the surrounding at the stave church! > . <

  30. omg, the scenery is niceeee. maybe cause the grass is so green like what u said. hahaha! ice cream is a must when traveling!


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