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Aden boy: 17 months 1 week

Hello hello! Greetings from my naughty boy! In case if you miss him (or you've forgotten his face), here's the latest picture of him. Yep, surely the BIG boss at home ;D

Time flies and today, he is 17 months, 1 week and 4 days old. Few more weeks and he'll be one and a half years old! :0

Time to submit his progress now~

1. Aden is a very busybody boy. Just like the saying, monkey see monkey do. If he sees us sweeping/mopping the floor, he'll pick up the broom and do the same (actually he is only creating more mess for us to clean up =_=). When he sees us killing the mosquitoes with the mosquitoes racket, he'll do the same as well (though sometimes he get shocked by the racket 'piak' sounds).

2. Well, I can't say he's a gentle toddler. I've seen my friend's kids who is almost Aden's age can sit quietly, and make not much noise. But my son is totally the opposite. To me his face already can tell how samseng he is.
I know, being active means he is healthy, but as much as I want him to be healthy and to grow up soon, I secretly wish he's tiny enough for me to hold in my arms, ahh I miss the new born him so much!!

3. He surprises us with lots of funny silly stunts each day. One day I found him clearing out all his toy cars from the paper box and tried to sit in it. He end up tearing the box cause obviously, the box is too small for his body >.<

4. Anyway, Aden is surely a fast leaner. He can understand what we say generally, and he'll do what we asked him to (most of the times, like pick up the toy from the floor, put back the book to the shelf, holding our hands when walking outside and etc), the only thing is that he's not good in speaking yet. 
His favorite words are still 'mam mam' and 'ma ma'. Other than that are all his baby language. I was a bit concerned about this slow talker at first, but seems like it's normal for a toddler to speak properly after the age of 2? Well, we shall see.

5. Aden had shared my birthday twice and even though it's not posh celebration, I am thankful for having him around.
He is getting more and more active and it's quite impossible to have a nice and quiet meal outside these days. He just can't sit still on his high chair, always wanna stand up or climb to the table.

6. He doesn't know how to show his thumbs up when we asked him 'is it good?', instead he shows his index finger like this to show that something is 'good good' ;)

7. Aden has about 17 teeth so far and honestly, I am pretty surprise with it. Had been teaching him to brush his teeth on his own. Potty training wasn't a real success yet, we are both working on it ;)

8. Favorite activity is still hide and seek but this time around he chooses new place to hide (not at mummy's wardrobe anymore), like this one, the store corner at the living room. Open and close the door by himself and hide inside, waiting for us to find him. 
It's dark inside but obviously he is not afraid of dark.

9. This boy has bad temper just like his dad. If he wants something, he wants it right away. If not, he'll throw his tantrum, and drag you towards that thing. He not only cry, but scream his lungs out >.<

10. Been bringing him to swim very often. He can walk freely in the baby pool (just 2 feet high), and splash water. Soon we will bring him to the adults pool and teach him more swimming. He loves water very much!

11. Kids will be kids, Aden likes anything sweet. Of course, we don't allow him to eat too much sweet stuff. Candies below are all given by the people during the Nine Emperor God festival last week. 
Still create lots of mess for me, just cleaning up his mess is a great exercise for me already. Guess I can skip my yoga lesson already, LOL!

12. Samseng boy has move a level up by climbing the gate by himself, but he doesn't know how to get down properly hence fell off a few times. He cried a bit, got back up, and then climb again =_=" Seriously I am speechless with his action these days. I raise white flag, I surrender.

13. He has totally no stranger anxiety, but even so, he won't let everyone to carry him.
He is 11.3kg now, 78cm tall. Speaking of height, I notice he din't grow taller at all for the past 2 months T__T I hope he doesn't inherit mummy's genes in terms of height. (珊,Aden也是矮冬瓜一个)
Not much changes in terms of nap and feeding. But he did become more fussy when it comes to food lately, one minute he likes porridge and the next he doesn't! He is so unpredictable!! Hubby and myself aren't choosy when it comes to food but this boy is totally opposite. But then he's still a glutton boy, snacks a lot everyday. 
I got to go Google for toddler's food ideas these days and hopefully this is just a phase.....

14. I've always wanted Aden to have those mushroom hair style but because his hair is growing slow, I could only ask the hair dresser to trim his hair little by little. This time, the hair dresser managed to trim more at the sides and back, so looks kinda 'mushroom' to me, haha xD
By the way, Aden is very terrified of haircut, he'll cry and scream and move his head non stop, nothing can calm him down, not even food or iPhone >.<

As he is growing up, it's important how we the parents teach and guide him everyday. Every parents want the best for their kids so do I. One kid is enough for me at the moment, as I hope to shower him with more loves and care (actually the main reason is I got not enough time, so busy looking after him and sometimes we even bath together to save time xD).

That's all I can think of now.
Til we meet again. Ciao~


  1. see how time flies! He's a toddler now. He has lots more to learn and he's indeed a fast learner.
    All those b

    1. ..bring back memories when my kids were that young.

    2. Haha yea, I think I'll miss this moment too when I grow old.

  2. Aden boy is so cute, muacks muacks, love him.

  3. Like the 3rd, 5th, 8th and 9th picture of him. Actually all pictures are nice.

  4. He looks extremely active. Nice boy.


  5. It brings up to my memories my mom used to bath with me when I was very little!!! =]

  6. Haha... Seat like a boss!!!
    I like the photo no.10 :) so cute!!

  7. love no.3 photo and the 1 he in the swimming pool.. so lengzai!~~!!!
    sharing his photo and the process of growing is lovely :)

    1. Yep, but sometimes he is just too naughty!

      Anyway thanks~

  8. He's so cute...

    The one he's sitting in the box, hehe...

  9. Aden is super cute boy. He very happy-go-lucky and friendly.
    That's make more ppl loves him.
    Ur boy better than my girl, I see him can sit quietly ;P
    I like picture no 3, Aden squeeze in small

    1. Huh, he cannot sit quietly also geh ar! Depends on his mood.

      But your girl very very cute, the way she cries.. Haha xD

  10. Ah Aden is so cute I think everyone want to pinch his face!!! Hahahaha!
    Don't worry, at his age I think he is quite big and healthy d, compared to my fiancee's niece, he is really bigger and taller d! :)

    1. Haha, his face is quite chubby la~

      But mummy hopes he can grow taller!

  11. A cute toddler. As long as he is healthy everything is alright

    1. Yep, that's the most important thing!

  12. Time flies...
    Aden is a big boy now... he is cute.
    And he really looks alike daddy har...

  13. hehehe, i was right!! i think you will post something about Aden after your Scandinavian trip and before your BKK trip.. i know you so well, haha!! or was it that you saw my guessing and decided to do that?? :p

    1. Aden is so cute lah, such a happy-go-lucky boy i would say (of course can be naughty sometimes but boys will be boys lah).. i like photo #2 and #7, look at him laughing so happily.. i also 感染 his happiness when i see the photos~~ :)

    2. hehehe, still like to play hide and seek with mommy?? hiding in the wardrobe or behind the door are old tricks, and i think he is trying to hide himself inside that box like photo #3 huh?? smart guy, but he didn't know he has grown up a lot~~ :D

    3. hehehe, are you sure one is enough?? maybe at this moment lah.. perhaps when Aden is more grown up later, you may want a girl for yourself, so that you can always 扮美美 for her - many mommies like to do that huh?? :D

    4. SK, not that you know me well, it's because that you have already seen me saying I wanna submit Aden's progress then you guessed it right, haha xD

      Haha yea, have to admit his laugh sometimes is infectious.

      Yep, he din't know he is a bit too fat for that small box~

      Yep, one if enough, for the moment la!

  14. 时间过得真的很快
    哈哈哈 LOL

    1. 也对啦,是很怀念他们小的时候。。不过现在也很好玩,只是超级累罢了~

  15. How time flies! He's growing Up!

  16. 最近一直看到每个小孩的成长记录。。
    Aden 是男生难免比较samseng...我觉得这样好过他太文静呢。。

    1. 对啊!男生真的很samseng很顽皮!

  17. Naughty a bit nevermind la...his cuteness will make up and put a smile on your face at the end of the day :)

    1. Haha that's what others say la, it's ok to be naughty, but mummy very tired leh! :p

  18. Aden坐进盒子,哈哈哈,好好笑,他很可爱。幸好你快手把这可爱的这一幕拍起来,以后可以给他看看然后一起回味,一起笑:)

    1. 哈哈对咯,手机得随时stand by!

  19. Such a big boy dy!

    So cute some more!

  20. 做父母的就是很矛盾,我们家哥哥太静了,我希望他活泼点,


    1. 哈哈,完全理解!!就是那么矛盾。。


  21. So long hv not seen aden photos here.

    His face changed again

    Loosing d baby fat jor. Becoming a little man now

    1. Yep, loosing a bit baby fat but he ain't growing taller also >.<

  22. He's growing into a very good looking boy...and that cheeky smile!

  23. Thank you for the update! He's getting more handsome!

    it's good to know that he's active and healthy, seems like he's not those shy baby type. That's goooooood!!

  24. 男生都比较active吧?我家小龙也是坐不稳><可是小孩太文静,父母也担心 XXD

    1. 对咯,男生比较好动!

  25. Now only I noticed that he is only 4 months older than Faith..hehe. It's normal that toddlers this age are uncontrollable hehe..terrible two is coming.

    Eh..I just brought Faith to see dr last week coz she has a cold. Her height is 83cm ler..maybe measured wrongly lah.

    1. Yea, I wanna pengsan already la!!

      Wah 83cm? Faith is so tall leh~

  26. Toddler always have priceless expressions.

  27. 我回来了,哈哈哈!

    其实每次读Aden的成长日记,都觉得太像佟b了!!!他们的成长真的好像!!!就fast learner,顽皮好动活泼,不能坐静静!!!就是这样咯!好累hor!但是又好爽!哈哈哈!

    我觉得讲话方面不急,他们要讲的时候自然会讲很多的,放心!我也是觉得两岁前的都ok =)

    1. 嗯,欢迎归来!


      觉得你的佟b比较厉害,Aden还是在ee ee oo oo罢了,哈哈!

      Anyway 加油吧!


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