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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: The food post (and special dessert)

If you've been following my Scandinavia posts you'd remember I owe you all a proper food post ;)
So here it is, a compilation of food and desserts I had throughout the whole Norway and Denmark trip.

Breakfast is western buffet in the hotel so there's nothing special to blog about

Other than that we had those very typical European courses which consists of appetizer (usually salad), main course and dessert (usually ice cream).

Salmon lunch at Norway. This is considered the first salmon dish I had in the trip, so it tasted very very good, naturally, haha!
End up, we had salmon in almost every meal even in buffets cause it's something so common there~

We dined here at Louise restaurant during the 2nd day, it's just by the sea

A very romantic place actually

Pork set with beetroot and potatoes

Beef with blue cheese and asparagus

The portion is huge but overall taste is quite okay but the service is very slow, may be because of the huge crowd (mind you, there're about 90 people in this tour =_=)

Wait until hubby also sleepy already :p

But then after seeing this beautiful sunset view from the window, ok la, the wait is worth xD

Stopped by this restaurant to have lunch during the 3rd day, it's a small town called Lilihammer

Borsch soup, very yummy! Too bad only one bowl per person 

Hubby had the beef with rice set

Bread is something they must have

I don't eat beef or lamb, so I can only choose chicken, pork or fish. This one is the chicken set, the sauce is very nice!

A quick photo stop before we leave the town

Lunch at a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Sagrada, located just beside Bergen's fish market

Their miso soup looks good but slightly salty

Our sushi set, it's for 6 person but seems a bit too much for us too, as rice is quite filling~

Unagi set

Fried rice

Tempura set

Wine is also something common there~

Seafood platter this night! Very fresh prawns and lobsters! But weird, all the prawns we had during the trip had eggs inside... One or two is ok but if too many I'll feel gerli.... So I actually remove those eggs~

Fresh greens, me like!

This pot of fresh juicy mussels is for 4 person, we actually wallop all :p

And since we had too much mussels, we couldn't finish these fish, it's kinda waste actually 

Hard Rock cafe, Copenhagen

Beef burger

Pork rib set

BBQ chicken set. Hard Rock cafe is famous for its heavy metal menu, the portion is super huge, most of us can't finish the whole set.......

Other than these, the tour arranged some Chinese cuisine but based on my personal experiences, Chinese food are just so so at European countries, so there's nothing to shout about also~

Ok, so what is special dessert you asked?

Special 'dessert' like this, good looking Norwegian guy :p :p

Hehehe :p (He looks like a celebrity but I just can't tell who!)

Actually most Norwegian guys are handsome, and the girls also very pretty!

This one is by far the cutest waiter I've seen in the trip xD

Ok now please wipe away your saliva! ^_*

Relevant travelogue: 


  1. I loves to eat fish, almost all fish, i love salmon...

  2. Argh~~~ I like the sunset view!!! =]

  3. wow, the FOOD!! hahahaha, very interesting post and see the title i already feeling excited.. so this post concluded all the things you ate during your entire trip??

    1. too excited to scroll down to see the pictures of the food first, re-read the first paragraph again and i got the answer, hahaha!!

    2. Norwegian Salmon that what they are well known, so i guess surely you can have fresh and nice salmon there, just like tilapia or kembung over here?? maybe when our fish reached there, they are also as expensive as salmon over here lah~~ :D

    3. nice nice food i can see, of course those more local ones lah.. chinese surely i won't feel interested with especially when i am travelling in western countries.. frankly speaking, i hate packaged trips for arranging chinese meals lah, go to other countries, please arrange more local meals lah - there are plenty of nicer chinese food back home.. agree??

    4. wow, that restaurant by the sea was indeed impressive, i mean the view!! probably that's their style of service, because they want you to enjoy the view and not eating in a rush.. :)

    5. SK, yep, everything I ate during the trip.

      Yes salmon is just so fresh and yummy there.

      Haha, I agree but then, some elderly would prefer chinese cuisine. So must arrange something chinese also la.

  4. many yummy food. I wonder did you gain any weight after the trip?

  5. wahahahaha..i especially love the 'special dessert' just looking at it ,already so full, no need eat jor...

  6. You are looking good here, Hayley! The waiter is really very cute and handsome.

  7. wow, so much variety of food and they look scrumptious too! I love european food!

  8. The view is simply breathtaking!

  9. I prefer raw salmon than grill salmon.

  10. 食物多数是海鲜,我喜欢!!

  11. I think the Scandinavian men are the best looking dish in this post. Haha yes esp the last one!

  12. 其实我没有很喜欢吃西餐,如果我去哪里应该会很想念马来西亚的食物

  13. Besides enjoying the yummy delicious food, Hayley googled at charming & good looking waiters.. if I go, I sure will do the same too! hehee....

  14. prawn roe makes it even higher in cholesterol but i likey!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hahahaha... You are checking out cute guys with your hubby just right there! :p

  16. OMG!!!!!! All the food you posted looked so delicious and very nice. I love them all. The only place that I could eat cheap Scandinavian food is at the food court inside Ikea!!!

  17. I agree that the Norwegian are very good looking people. Probably the whole Scandinavians are fair and have happy faces. My Swedish brother in law looks like Chuck Norris! LOL

  18. I kept staring at the food photos so many times like a glutton... You guys were so lucky to try so many types of food and they are not cheap!! Lucky gal.

  19. Premium Salmon from Norway..slurp slurp I getting hungry looking at all the food photos here.

  20. It's a miracle that you guys didn't end up a few more kg heavier . So much good food

  21. Not only food for tummy but also food for eyes

  22. 肚子饿了!!全部菜色都ngam我!!!很ngam我!哈哈哈!!!


  23. 看到这篇,看起来很像你平时写的聚会文!

  24. 我。肚。子。饿!你为什么po这篇那么吸引人的照片啦?呜呜呜呜!看了就好饿!那个龙虾那个汉堡那个pork set!还甜品!!!!!!

  25. Your "special dessert" can only see, cannot eat one hahah! :D

  26. Love the shot of you and your hubby with the seafood platter!

  27. wow...nice 'special dessert'
    the waiters so handsome 1

  28. how do u remember what u eat! HAHAH so much!! and omg, yes the waiter is really good looking O_O

  29. 7早8早看到你的美食,我最愛的三文魚和羅宋湯!

  30. LOL, many girl will be screaming by look at your post about norway guys! XD


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