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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Part I of Copenhagen, Denmark

After 8 long posts about Norway, finally it's time to blog about Denmark, another interesting country!

The flight from Bergen Norway to Copenhagen Denmark is about an hour plus.

By the way, I have yet to reply each and every single of the comments for the passed few posts, time is really not enough these days! But trust me, I did read all of them ok? ;)

View we saw from inside the coach

Temperature doesn't vary so much, but it's slightly warmer here in Denmark

We passed by the famous Tivoli Garden! Hmm we actually went inside, the place is so huge and beautiful! Shall blog about it soon!

 We visited one of the castle here, the Christianborg castle.
I don't know why but it's quite cold here!

Probably because there's a lake here?

The guard is very strict and fierce, don't play play!

Tour guide brought us inside the castle to introduce some history, and we have to leave our bags and cameras outside

This lady in red intended to take closer photo with the guard but kena warning! Pity....

Just a short tour at this castle. Good for me as I am not interested in castle visits, haha xD

Tourist buses here are also equipped with free wifi

Looking kinda fresh as we have had enough rest

Forgot what is this building... 

Passed by a series of unique buildings!

A trip to Copenhagen is not complete without visiting Carlsberg factory!!
Used to be a factory here but now it has turned into a museum

Quite a huge place

The statue of the founder of Carlsberg

One of the attraction is this bottle display room!

Thousands of Carlsberg bottles from around the world. All are very dusty, so can tell they are here for many many years already~

There's an area showing how the beer is made these days

And also an area showing us how the beer is made during the olden days

That's not a real person, haha xD

A small garden around the museum

There's a small horse farm here as well

Those horses are very beautiful to see, but the place is very smelly cause of their poo poo, haha xD

One of the storage method last time

A very cute Carlsberg van!

Each of us got 2 coupons to pick drinks that we want. Basically 2 kinds of Carlsberg beer and some soft drinks. Of course beer taste better and fresher there!

A trip to Copenhagen is also not complete without the visit to the Little Mermaid statue, based on the famous author Hans Christian Anderson.
Saw this van nearby the statue, but the lady boss is very rude, she told us no touching on the souvenirs if we don't intend to buy >.<

The statue is so much smaller than what I've expected! It's just the size of a human being

Nonetheless it's the Copenhagen's attraction, must come and take photos!

Nothing much to see nearby, just this statue. If you read the papers, you'd know that this little mermaid celebrated its 100th anniversary in August this year

We dropped by Gefionspringvandent too!

There's a story behind this fountain, if you're interested please Google for it ;)

This is another tourist attraction I'd say

 A nice church just beside the fountain

Relevant travelogue: 


  1. Denmark is beautiful too. As for the souvenirsaid, I suppose they have them in the form of mermaid?

  2. Denmark is always a favourite choice for tourists butI have not visited there yet.

    Wow! The guards are so garang one unlike the London guards at Buckingham Palace who allow you to stand next to them! So friendly.

  3. If I enter the beer factory I will go nuts and come out a drunkard for sure. Muahahaha

  4. Do you realise that many places & buildings in Europe look very greyish so your colourful clothes made them alive! LOL
    I am curious how their European castles really looked like inside as the layout and structures in olden days could be interesting to live there.

    Wow! I just googled that Christiansborg Castle and it was a palace in the ancient times! The interior is very huge and pretty indeed with bridges, chapels and Queen's parlours! I wonder why cameras are not allowed.

  5. 喜欢你那条纹外套^^
    Carlsberg van很可爱一个,很像milo van

  6. Wow, the places all with long and diff to read names! Wonder if I visit will rem all? Have to keep taking note each place I go! LOL!

  7. Ahhhh!!! The Little Mermaid? Where do you get to see the peeing boy?

    1. Oh! That's Brussels. Did you go there?

    2. Nop, only visited Norway and Denmark as mentioned.

  8. Just have to say, I love all their buildings!!! =]

  9. 我看到最后才发现你穿短裤而已!强!(但是冷天我也会穿短裙的,爱美xDDD 厚leggings够保暖了hor xD)



  10. 巴士内附有wifi设备,实在太令人振奋了!!!

  11. The little mermaid is so small but so famous around the world, guess "Good things come in small packages"

  12. I want to drink the carlsberg there!

  13. woah! can't imagine how fresh the beer taste! and I have seen in my mom's old photos with the mermaid before! Now I know where she went hahahahah

  14. Another beautiful place to visit!! Beers! My hubby will sure happy to see them. haha.

  15. looks like the people there not friendly =_="
    guard and souvenir seller also so rude...

  16. The guards are very macho..haha..great architecture and the carlsberg museum is interesting.

  17. Sometimes, i just don't understand why people must stand so close to take a pic with the guard...macho?

  18. Nice scenery. I bet no one will buy souvenirs from that lady.

  19. oh, Denmark now and Copenhagen!! the street looks very nice with lots of unique structures huh?? and that Tivoli Garden, what is it actually?? a shopping mall?? i guess so because you seemed to be very interested and attracted, so if not shopping what else?? :D

    1. i think only you felt cold lah, look at the three local guys, they were wearing bermudas only and they didn't seem to feel cold at all?? haha.. wah!! that Castle so 巴閉 one ah?? cannot take photo inside, and even taking from outside also may have the risk of kena warning?? @_@

    2. oh Carlsberg!! haha, nearly forgotten about this if you have not mentioned it.. hmmm, of course cannot miss it, somemore it's the Carlsberg museum, sure there are many very interesting thing to see inside.. and of course not forgetting to have a pint of the beer at its very origin right?? i like this~~

    3. haha, the Little Mermaid, yeah!! of course not to be missed, else you have not been to Denmark, it's the most important landmark i supposed?? so it's actually quite near and you can get close to it huh?? i actually thought it's further away into the sea.. yeah, nothing much but just that statue huh?? but then, it's the landmark, anyhow also at least be there and take a photo~~ :D

    4. Tivoli is a theme park.

      Yes, the security is strict there.

      Haha go Denmark must drink Calsberg lo!

      Yep, the little Mermaid is just by the seaside, on the rocks.

  20. Bet you enjoyed your beer:D No reason not to enjoy a good and fresher than normal beer!

  21. I like the square shape buildings, I really dislike some of the building here esp those condo/apartment where the residents 'show off' their laundry LOL

  22. It looks so cute you and your boyfriend enjoy beer at the Carlsberg Land :)

  23. Very nice trip....从没想过要到Denmark这个国家去旅游,看了你的分享,觉得很不错!

  24. how many European country you went???

    1. You mean this time? Just Norway and Denmark.

  25. I have that mermaid statue fridge magnet but not sure if my mum bought from that rude lady or not haha.


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