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Trip to Scandinavia 2013: Shopping, giveaway and the end

After sharing a total of 13 interesting posts, my Norway and Denmark travelogue has come to an end. 
As usual, I'm going to blog about shopping and the loots on this very last post.

We did minimal shopping this round, as the trip is more on sight seeing rather than shopping. Plus, things are surely not cheap over there hence I din't really buy a lot.

In Norway, currency used is Norwegian Krone and even though it's part of Europe, Euro is not accepted in most of the places, so it's a must to spare some Krone.
10 NOK = RM 5.29.
So what's the expenses like in Norway? Just give you an idea, a bottle of 600ml mineral water cost about RM 13 (I've actually mentioned it before). And food is not cheap as well.

And here's some facts to share with you:
Living standard in Norway is high, but it's a very rich country, Norwegian are indeed very lucky as government gives a lot of benefits to them. According to the recent report, Norway is the happiest country on earth, followed by Denmark.
We hardly see any beggars (cause everyone is so rich!) in Norway as well as Denmark, and everything is free and sponsored once a baby is born (which means all his expenses from medical to education will be covered by government).
Human rights is very concerned, and maternity leave can last up til one year (you read it right!).

Queuing for free coffee sponsored by 7-11 (anyone can take)

We only get to shop at Oslo, the capital of Norway. As for the rest of the countryside, only souvenirs are available. 

Currency used in Denmark is Danish Krone (DKK). 10DKK = RM 5.77.
Euro is accepted but balance is in DKK.
 Denmark is slightly better when it comes to shopping, more international brands can be found. H&M is widely available there since it's a Swedish brand. But not all H&M clothing are cheaper, but they sure have lots of different designs which we can't find here.
Things are more worth to buy at Denmark compared to Norway as the price is slightly lower and reasonable.

Here're some of my shopping loots to share:

Got a box of Lego for Aden (though he's still too young for it). I just think that we must buy Lego since it's a product of Denmark :)

All Hard Rock tops are sponsored by the tour management

All in all, despite the expensive and minimal shopping, I am thankful that I've visited Norway and Denmark. I've witnessed some of the most beautiful and unforgettable views (like the glacier) and those small serene countryside. 

For those who had commented in every single post of my travelogue, a million thanks! I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour. And to show my appreciation, here's a very easy giveaway rule: Just comment something related to my travelogue (you can refer to the links below) in this post, with the tagline 'Scandinavia is beautiful'.

I'll be choosing 3 lucky winners to receive a souvenir from my trip. Do remember to leave your name and email address. Open to all Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Giveaway ends 10am Saturday 19/10/2013.

Good luck!

Relevant travelogue: 


  1. aiyoh, coming to the end already?? hmmm, so you will be continuing with your BKK trip next?? or maybe slot in a post about Aden before that?? :)

    1. yeah, the Scandinavian countries are expensive lah.. i think while the people there are rich and enjoy extensive benefits from the government, they also pay very high tax.. anyway, the happiest country in the world, i can see it's a nice place to stay huh??

    2. hehehe, not much shopping done huh?? so was it a good thing or a bad thing for you?? half half lah i guess.. when i go travel, i think i would like to see more about the place first before going to shop lah, it's secondary to me unless really purposely go for shopping trips in shopping heavens la~~ :D

    3. wah, so happy for you!! you always never missed out bringing back bags of loots from your trip huh?? geez, good thing, you help them to boost their economy.. yeah, H&M should be very cheap over there huh?? and i saw McD in the photo, did you go try and also get yourself a McD toy from there?? hehe, this is what i will do if i got the chance.. try McD all over the world :)

    4. I agree with SK.

      The people must need to pay a high tax for the government to afford subsidising so much.

      But then again, if it benefits everyone. Why not?

    5. yes lina.. if paying high tax allows the people to enjoy extensive benefits from the government, then it's absolutely fine.. but in many real cases that WE can see, paying tax for nothing but just to "sponsor" that specific group of people~~ haiz!!

    6. SK, which one will I blog later, you'll see ;)

      Oh that I'm not sure, but the citizens surely got untung also la!

      Hmm, I am ok when it comes to sight seeing, not necessary have to shop a lot ;) Like that can save money for the next trip ma!

      Well, depends also. Not all H&M clothes are cheaper, but they surely have more designs.
      Nope, not a fan of McD so din't buy/eat there.

      That's what I am trying to say lina, they might pay high taxes but government really give them something. Surely not 'paying tax for nothing' like what SK said, at least not at Scandinavia.

  2. actually 1 year maternity leave is quite normal in other countries as well? haha! and wow, is that 7-11 you guys are lining up for?!

    1. Yep, but a bit too long for me, haha!

      Oh yes, they were giving away free coffee!

  3. Scandinavia is beautiful

    hmmm, something about your travelogue?? errr, i have been commenting in every single post i think, and dunno what to say already.. errr, i like your post and i think Norway and Denmark are very beautiful countries, you are so lucky to be able to be there and breath the fresh air and wallop fresh salmon like we makan kacang, haha!! :D

    1. aiyoh, only three lucky readers who commented in just this post can get your prize?? tsk tsk tsk, like that you are disappointing those loyal readers who have left a lot of comments in every post of yours woh..

    2. don't want to leave email here lah, not necessarily be the lucky one mah right?? when i kena only disclose my email lah, that would be more appropriate, agree?? :p

    3. SK, yes I know, you are one of my biggest loyal reader! And you surely commented lots already, thanks oo!

      I know, but I am sincere in organizing this giveaway, plus it's just a small souvenir so I think it's ok. I'll pick those who is really eligible (means who leave their name and email, with the tagline)

      Huh, like that a bit out of the rules leh... You make me miserable now, should I include your name in the lucky draw??

  4. 澳洲的产假一些也是一年的(是不是全部我不确定)。
    全世界最快乐的国家?因为有钱所以快乐?hmm...不知道,其实我在这里也很快乐,哈哈!因为没有天灾 =)

    Scandinavia is beautiful


    hard rock tee不少,我老公的最爱哈哈哈!而且免费更爽(其实算进团费了哈哈哈)!


    1. 对,我也听过。不过一年似乎太久了吧??




      我知道,你老公很爱Hard Rock 衣服 ;)


  5. Scandinavia is beautiful!

    I don't know if I will ever have the chance to visit this beautiful place but looking at the photos you shared with us definitely good enough to cherish!

    1. Yes,it's a very beautiful country!
      Yee Ling, if you'd like to take part in the giveaway do remember to write down your email ya!

  6. 我很好奇,那个carlsberg的,放进水里的黑色东西,是什么来的?很特别一下 :D


    'Scandinavia is beautiful'.

    1. 哇,你有注意到哦?厉害!

  7. Scandinavia is beautiful

    I will go Hard Rock if i go travel and could find the Hard Rock...

    1. Oh you love collecting Hard Rock shirts huh? ;)

      Please leave your email if you wanna take part in the giveaway ya!

  8. "Here're some shopping loots to share:"
    What??? You're giving way the Gucci bag? I want!!!! LOL!!!

    1. Haha, you're so bad!! That's not what I meant...

  9. Yes, a very nice place to live in.. crime rate is minimal or nil... what a contrary to ours! I say this again.. "Hope one day I will be able to travel to this country!!" :)

    1. Yep, true!

      I believe you will since you travel quite frequently!

  10. 'Scandinavia is beautiful'.
    You have shown us so much about the countries and I'm tempted to visit them too. I personally love European countries but I haven't though of these places before. I believe all European countries are beautiful!

    1. Yes, I agree, all European countries are beautiful, just that I don't really like to visit castles/churches, hehehe :p

      Please write your email ya! That's part of the rule.

  11. One whole year maternity leave ah..syok to the max lo.

    1. Haha yep! But come to think of it, seems too long already xD

  12. Such a big shopping loot and you say you didnt shop much. To me, that is a lot already ;) Wonder if Lego is cheap in Denmark? The same 3-in-1 car set that you bought for Aden costs about RM45 here in Shanghai (referring to my Carrefour brochure which sells the same thing) hehe.

    If I'm staying in Malaysia, I would surely like to take part in your giveaway but since I can't, I still want to say "Scandinavia is beautiful" cos it really is! :) Enjoyed reading all your posts.

    1. Chloe's mummy, consider little already, see my US loots last year, 3 times more than this one, haha xD
      Yep, Lego is surely cheaper in Denmark. This set, less than RM 40.

      Haha yea, you are too far away, sorry.
      But thank you for all the comments!!

  13. Hard Rock de t-shirt我没买过不过我喜欢那件紫色图案的。。
    LeeAnne ,

    1. 谢谢你。
      可以啦不过你没写那个 tagline,不算哦!记得在拜六前写上,才算有资格~

    2. Scandinavia is beautiful, Scandinavia is beautiful
      哈哈。。。我现在才知道要写这句 tagline ~

    3. 哈哈,知道得不迟~

  14. 我喜欢你们的亲子装,很美。

    1. 我要参加

    2. 哈哈那个包包不是我的啦!!帮小姑买的。

      挪威/丹麦的Hard Rock会比较贵,因为是 currency 的关系。


  15. Scandinavia is beautiful

    So fast came to the end, I was so enjoy reading every post, I like H&M, hehehe!!! Thanks for that information, I'll keep the money for shopping when I get there!!! =]

  16. Honestly you are the first blogger who ever blogged so detailed and interesting about these Scandinavian countries. I enjoyed reading them so much! You gave me lots of eye opener on the beautiful sceneries, castles, beer factory, yummy food and hotels! Thanks so much and hope you will travel again soon! What a lucky Mama!

    I want your GUCCI bag!!!!!!! I want! I want! So I must scream the most here!

    Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful. Scandinavia Is Beautiful.

    I know I am kiasu. My email:

    1. Thanks for the support TM!
      Ok, I can see that you want that Gucci bag so much, but sorry it's for my SIL, LOL! xD

  17. Scandinavia is beautiful, what a lucky country Norway and Denmark is, cos once baby is born, education and medical is sponsored, how I wish we have that in Singapore, by the way, thanks for sharing all the photos, you are so lucky to be able to travel to there.

    1. Yes, very lucky and fortunate to be their citizens!

  18. Scandinavia is beautiful.

    Norway and Denmark are very beautiful countries with historical buildings and breath-taking sceneries. I would loce to stay in either countries. All sponsored from birth. And imagine staying un the happiest country in the world. And not to mention it is a safe place to stay too.

    Who knows? Maybe my retirement home. hehehe.

    1. Yes who knows right? We must dare to dream big! ;))

  19. 我本来也很好奇那个Carlsberg 是什么,不过我看了你的回复了,呵呵~~
    我喜欢butter cookies,呵呵~~

    “Scandinavia is beautiful”

    1. 哈哈,对,就是一件Carlsberg t shirt来的。

  20. Scandinavia is beautiful!

    I love your shopping haul especially the key chain :)

  21. Scandinavia is beautiful!

    You're designer bags collector....haha.
    Guess you should come up with a post of all your nice bags.

    1. Ya...I wish she can blog all about her designer bags collection.

    2. Celine, haha no la.. That Gucci bag is not mine!

      Angeline, LOL! I don't have designer bags collection la! Only a few I like!

  22. Scandinavia is beautiful especially the scenic backdrop in your posts, will convince hubby to got there.
    Love the Gucci bag, never seen it in that colour.


  23. ehhehehe ur GC bag caught my eye. nice taste leh..

  24. Scandinavia Is Beautiful ! 我也要去 !!羡慕你啦〜

    1. 谢谢你!

  25. I know I know I missed many of your post. Busy couldn't be a reason not to drop by here...for the GUcci Bag Giveway isn't it? Just kidding ler...

    Scandinavia Is Beautiful! I wish to go there too and wish I can always travel like you too. You're very fortunate to visit those beautiful places and wish you have more to come and organize more giveaway session oh!

    1. Yep, you've missed a lot of my travelogue. Must catch up soon! ;)

  26. Scandinavia is beautiful




    1. 我的email:

    2. 哈哈对,还好没错过!


  27. Kudos on your brilliant travelogue!

    The tour management is seriously generous with the Hard Rock tees.

    And ...Scandinavia is beautiful!

    1. Thanks there!
      If you'd like to participate do remember to leave your email before 10am tomorrow!

  28. You bought quite a no of undergarments, cheap?? I know am late and am dreaming but I want that Gucci bag! LOL!

    1. Erm, not so cheap but quite reasonably priced la!


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