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Try Yoga for a healthier life/瑜伽

Time flies, Sense Yoga studio celebrated its 3rd anniversary last week! If you remember I blogged about its grand opening HERE.

Well well, if you are still blurred, I do yoga weekly and Sense Yoga studio is the place I practice my yoga postures.
Anyway, I always thought this is their 2nd anniversary since the grand opening is in 2011 but according to them it's already the 3rd year. Hmm may be they count from the year when the owner took over the studio, which was in 2010 I suppose.

But that's not important, what I wanna share today is some photos taken in the studio in conjunction with the celebration.


Lovely fondant cake baked by my Yoga instructor Susan. So cuteeee don't you think? She is not only good in yoga but in baking as well, so talented!!

With some of the yoga members

And here're some commonly seen yoga postures which I think everyone can do, they are good in giving you toner muscle and slimmer silhouette. 
Oh ya, don't doubt, that's me, I wear glasses during yoga, I am used to it already ;) (Actually the main reason is I am lazy to wear contact lens la, teehee)
 Note: I am not very familiar with certain postures names though :p

-帮助我们伸展/收紧肌肉,给与更美的身体线条 (跟松弛的肉肉说掰掰啦)

The forward bend

The tree pose

Forward balancing

Erm 你可能觉得戴着眼镜做运动很不方便不过我已经习惯了,呵呵~ (其实我是懒惰戴隐性眼镜啦!之前阿有试过戴隐性眼镜做瑜伽结果汗水流进眼睛,哇眼睛超不舒服的!所以干脆戴眼镜好了,呵呵~)

Warrior 3 pose

The fish pose

The camel pose

The downward-facing dog pose

The bridge pose

The shoulder-stand pose

All of the postures stretch our whole body without us realizing, the arms, belly, thighs and hips, parts that everyone wanted to tone. You can try doing these at home, step by step, soon, you can kiss your flabby arms, 'spare tyre', elephant thighs and big hips good bye ;)

Of course, it takes time, you just have to be patient and determined.

And here's my instructor Susan doing some of the postures which I hope I can do as well!!

这就是我的瑜伽老师Susan. 多么希望我也能做这些高难度的pose!哈哈!xD

I have been doing yoga for more than 6 years and I am loving it to bits. Though sometimes I am very tired, I make sure I don't skip the class for no apparent reason. 

There're different types of yoga and every type helps in many ways, physically, mentally and spiritually. It focuses on breathing (deep inhale and long exhale), calms our mind, alleviates certain health problems, reduces stress, correct our standing/sitting postures and is a beneficial form of exercise which tones our body muscles.

That's all for today, thanks for reading!

当然不是每个人都喜欢做瑜伽啦,不过我想说不管生活多忙都得抽时间出来做做运动!要知道健康是最重要的 ^^

(Namaste is the common spoken salutation in India, we say this everytime when the class ends, by pressing our palms together in front of the chest (just like the praying gesture), and bow slightly forward)


  1. haha, maybe the yoga school follows the chinese way of calculating the age lah.. started with 1 and hence always 1 year older than the "ang moh" age lor~~ :D

    1. BTW congratulations to Sense Yoga Studio.. and that fondant cake is indeed very beautiful, wow, Susan is so talented huh?? you learned yoga from her, and do you also learn baking from her too?? :p

    2. i used to go to the yoga class in the gym last time.. i think for a couple of months, but after the instructor went back to australia, i didn't follow anymore, haha!! come to think about it, yoga is really good lah..

    3. i am always very impressed by all the yoga poses.. so acrobatic and as if they do not have bones, haha!! and besides being very soft and flexible, the poses also require strength to hold on.. it's never easy at all..

    4. Haha, may be la! The traditional calculation...

      LOL, nop, I din't learn baking from here la!

      Yep, yoga is really a good exercise~
      And correct, need strength to hold on, not easy.

  2. Come, SK, share some photos in your blog of you doing yoga! I surely can't manage, I know. Once I get down on the floor, i would not be able to get up at all. LOL!!!

    1. never took any photos before lah.. and now i am not doing it anymore.. cannot bend - it's either my joints are too stiff, or my bones are not flexible, or most probably my fats are obstructing my movements!!! muahahahaha :D

    2. STP, haha yes I know what you mean!

      LOL SK, got that 夸张咩?:p

  3. Namaste!!! Whoaaaa!!! Your poses dropped my jaws la. You are so advanced already and can bend easily like a rubber band. Adoi my joints will crack if I try.

    My wife is somewhere your level and when she does the upside down stand with just the head on the floor with legs pointed up, I pengsan.

    1. Haha actually I am still working on it la! Not that advanced like you said...
      Oh that's the head stand pose, I cannot do that on my own, need helps, hehe~

  4. wow...i salute you all leh......pengsan i see

  5. 你很勤劳。。我也喜欢瑜珈,最喜欢伸展,和满身汗的感觉。。不过我年头停学了,希望明年能重新学。

  6. 我觉得瑜伽是很好的抗氧运动,而且又能伸展身体,有段时期我也很热衷瑜伽,意外收获就是塑造了身体曲线,皮肤也比较紧实。是后来腰疾复发,持续要做物理治疗,只好暂停瑜伽。如果有机会,我是很希望重新接触回瑜伽。

    1. 对阿,做瑜珈真的很好!对内对外都好~

  7. Hapoy yoga-ing. That is very beautiful posture. I wish I am that flexible but this woman is getting older and very fragile. haha. I used to do aerobic but have stopped for few years. Dont know i can get back to shape or not.

  8. I ever went yoga when i join the gym years back, but no more liao as i no more in gym liao...

    1. Your instructor is so talented, can bake so well, does she conduct baking class beside teaching yoga?

  9. 我以前也有学过一段时间,生了孩子后就没去了
    因为我们这里的 class 都是晚上的,但是晚上孩子在家,我要看孩子
    本来我还想他们早上上学的时候我可以去学,但是这里都没有早上的 class 的 =.=

    1. 哦,时间不ngam...

  10. omg...look at all those 'impossible' pose to me. i really salute you guys doing yoga. keep it up and Happy Birthday to Sense Yoga Studio.

  11. 你好强哦!!!!!!不用看你的老师我都觉得你很强!(谁帮你拍照那么好的,哈哈!)

    1. 老师拍的!


  12. Hayley, not easy poses but I bet you are very good in them already!

  13. 我也暂停了一段时间~

    1. 对,老师拍的。。因为她要做album.

  14. wow....
    我觉得我和瑜伽有仇;每次一开始学瑜伽之后,不到2 个月之内,一定会有意外发生而导致我不能再继续。 :(

  15. Wow, gosh, you can really bend your body though, Hayley. Salute salute! Keep up the good Yoga! Wish I can be so flexi like you, hahaha..

    1. Haha you can, just need patience in practising!

  16. are like advance level already. I cannot do any of your poses. My body is very stiff haha..

  17. Wah! What a nice post for your yoga studio. :)

  18. Impressive! Your body is so flexible. I wanted to try yoga but talk only, no action. Ha ha

    1. I think I should really push myself to find a yoga class coz I always have backaches n stiff shoulders.

    2. Then you should try doing that!

  19. No wonder you look so fit and gorgeous !!

  20. I used to attend yoga class for a month, it said is a basic class, but everyone inside was so expert which make me felt so embarrassed and I quit after one month!!! =]

    1. Oh I know how you feel... But you shouldn't feel embarrassed at all la.. Just do on your own...

  21. so flexible! i am too stiff to consider yoga!

  22. I used to attend yoga class a few years ago but stopped due to laziness :P

    1. Haha, cannot stop one... Else will become lazy.


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