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Advanced Christmas gathering/热闹的爸妈宝聚会

Happy Winter Solstice for those who celebrate! 冬至快乐啊!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, friends and I met up for an advanced Christmas gathering ;)

The place is non other than Shin Sushi restaurant, this is the 3rd time our gathering took place at the same place, haha! The first visit was HERE, and second was HERE. And it's in the same VIP room too! xD
To be honest, I am a little bored of the same place but now, convenience is the main priority, since everyone has a toddler to look after now. The Tatami-styled VIP room is more secured and more convenient for the children to run around us to look after the children, more privacy too.

时间过得好快,圣诞节就快到了!由于时间关系所以大家都同意提早‘庆祝’圣诞节!(其实这算是普通的聚会罢了啦 ^^)

这次聚会地点还是跟上两回一样,Shin 日本餐厅。想了很久还是没想到更适合的地方了所以最终还是选了Shin 。对,太平就是那么小那么没选择!住在大城市的你们知道自己有多幸福了吗?哈哈 xD 

Now let the pictures do the talking shall we?



Very difficult to take a proper group photos of the kids! But random shots like these made me feel so happy, haha xD Look at them, so cute la!

Aden likes to show of his big tummy lately =_="
Aden 最近学会了秀肚腩!每当问他‘哪里饱饱’,他就这样了!xD

Group shot of all beautiful mummies and their babies

Must not forget daddies cause they paid the bills! xDD

And here's some of the food we had that night, din't manage to take photos of all the food as I was too busy entertaining my son.
带孩子出门就预佐会很忙所以我也没拍到当晚所点的食物,只有这几张交差。。(算很好了ok? :p)

Food here are nice but slightly expensive compared to the local Sushi King, but as long as everyone enjoyed, nothing else matters ;)

Shin Sushi Japanese Restaurant
No 61-79, Jalan Kota,
34000 Taiping, Perak.

And since it's Christmas I've prepared some small gifts for my dear girl friends.


And got some back in return, thanks ladies!


  1. wah so good you have Christmas gathering!! nice lah, i think i have not had Christmas gathering for quite some time already.. haha!! but this year Christmas falls right in the middle of the week, like kind of dunno-how-to-say lah.. better if linked with the weekends hor??

    1. hahaha, the same place for the gathering every year?? errr, may not be bad also lah, at least it's convenient for everyone, afterall food is really not the main thing but the company mah.. also, private room secured enough for the kids to run around.. :p

    2. actually nice lah, everyone had a santa hat to wear, and also the little hairband for the kids.. got christmas feel woh like that.. but i wonder if there were just three santa hats and you all took turns to wear them for photos?? haha.. :p

    3. good lah, can eat can meet up with friends can take presents home.. hopefully you all can still have this gathering done every year in the future, it's indeed such a precious pleasure :)

  2. wow, nice gathering with all your friends. How I wish I could do the same with my friends.

  3. Top pictures with the children, in Europe Christmas and sushi is a strange combination.


  4. cute babies, yummy food, fun party!

  5. Happīkurisumasu!!! Aden's so cute...his tummy is getting to be like mine. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  6. 你好~ 看到你们很开心的快乐聚会,孩子们都很开心。 Aden秀肚腩,会不会抠肚脐?想说他很秀肚腩的样子很得意~ 祝你们一家冬至快乐,圣诞快乐!

  7. 冬至快乐。

    哈哈哈 :)

  8. wowwww so many little babiessss. Hahaha I can imagine how busy you all were. LOL Great gathering :)

  9. Nice!

    Happy winter solstice and Merry Xmas!

  10. Nice gathering nice food good to have gathering with friends aden is soooo cute really love him

  11. Must be really fun to have such gathering

  12. Happy Winter Solstice! That seemed like a nice and funfilled gathering as well. :)

  13. Happy Winter Solstice mummy Aden and I i'm a bit late here... will catch up with your previous posts ya...

  14. Nice gathering. All the children have so much fun.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  15. 好热闹的圣诞聚会,尤其小朋友们合照的那几张,感觉很开心。

  16. Looks like lots of fun for everyone! Merry Christmas in advance girl!!!

  17. 你每次都有很多聚会,而且很开心的是每次都是一家大小一起参与的好热闹! 喜欢这样的聚会^^
    佟b现在也跟Aden一样爱秀肚腩! Omg @@

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