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A bit from my CNY 2014

Though I mentioned CNY this year was a bit plain, still I managed to meet up with my besties and went on a few gatherings which I think is memorable to me.
I mean everyone has grown up and having their own family, it's really not easy for us to catch up so frequently already, so CNY is the best time to gather everyone together!

Like this, a back dated post, which I had blogged HERE

Most girl friends are working at KL so we could only meet up at times like this~

This one taken at a newly opened KTV at Taiping called My Melody. After years of not stepping into KTV, I did it again during CNY and man it was so satisfying!!

I sang quite a lot which was so fun! =) Luckily pitch still ok, LOL!

Another in-house gathering at a friend's house

Daddy needs a hair cut now! :p

Aden of course was slightly busy during CNY as he needed to meet up with his friends too!

And also to take ang pao from aunties and uncles ma! xDD

My precious secondary school friends, cheers to our 15 years of friendship!

Most of the time we managed to snap mummies-and-baby's photos but not daddies-and-baby's cause daddies will be busy drinking Tiger beer, tsk tsk tsk!

Starbucks Taiping was fully occupied everyday during CNY!! That's what happened when you have just ONE outlet in a town, haha xD
Anyway, we chose to go yum cha at Starbucks during the 7th day of CNY and the queue was a breeze!

Still 2 more posts to share, stay tuned!

By the way, I want to wish all my dear readers a Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chap Goh Meh!



  1. 祝你元宵情人节快乐!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chap Goh Mei...

  3. 你的聚会也好多人好热闹哦!

  4. hello there Hayley!! wow, your laptop surviving already and you are blogging like wanna 報仇 like that?? hahaha.. today's weather really hot lah, i think it's the same thing over there in Taiping huh?? went out a while BTH and quickly come back to enjoy the air-cond, haha~~ :D

    1. good lah you have actually a better CNY than me lah, at least you had lots of gathering with friends and also went to karaoke.. i just stay at home eating and sleeping only, but also very nice lah, have not been doing such kind of 頹廢 thing for a long time already, i think only once a year during CNY lor.. haha!!

    2. you are right lah, if all have family already, it would be more difficult to bring all together to meet up, i guess after you get married, you tend to meet more of your relatives and also the relatives/friends of your hubby more than meeting your friends lor.. haha!! but good thing is, everyone working elsewhere came back to hometown, surely will meet one.. unlike us staying in KL, won't really meet up one lor because don't have that 回鄉的感覺 mah~~

    3. aiyoh, talking about karaoke, i also have not been to karaoke for a long time already, the last time maybe also almost 5 years ago, haha!! i still remember when Red Box first come to Malaysia, it was circa 2000, i went there every weekend to sing lah, until the reception and staff there also become friends already, haha.. but that was so long ago, as time went by the number of times i karaoke get less, and now i can say that i already 絕跡K場了.. haha!!

  5. 光看照片也觉得好热闹了!

  6. gathering with friends are so fun ya. i did not even have the chance for gathering

  7. Whooaaa so lau juak with all kawan-kawan!

    Wishing you a Happy Chap Goh Meh & Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chap Goh Meh to you and your family too!

    So nice that all your friends have children around the same age as Aden so every CNY, there are many friends for Aden to play with during your CNY gatherings.

  9. Nice!

    Looks like a great gathering.

    Everyone look so happy :)

  10. I still go to karaoke nowadays, sometimes it is main hall, but no need go on stage, just sing at your seat, I love karaoke very much, it is the love of my life

  11. What songs do you like to sing at K? Can share? Maybe we have the same taste, haha

  12. By the way, thanks for your CNY card, I had blogged about it in my post

  13. Hehe Aden so cute meeting his friends too. :) Happy Chap Goh Meh Hayley!

  14. wow nice pic of gathering hehe :D

  15. Lovely gathering with your friends. It's nice to see all the kids growing up together huh?

  16. so nice to meet up with your friends. I don't have much time to meet up with friends during CNY.

  17. 我嫁得太遠了,结果等我回去, 都错过了好多好多的聚会呢, 全部都开工了好sad!

  18. Yes, only able to make timea on cny to meet up. I missed my frienda in Kuching. Hope to catch up with them next cny. Lol

  19. Hello Hayley, Hugs! Hope you are feeling better now after writing the latest post. Do try to get a good night sleep, ok? Will keep you all in my prayers.

  20. Nice!!! CNY can be considered reason to meet up with old school friends!!! =]

  21. Can't comment in your new post?
    Parenthood is they and we...not I. It is good to remember this too:
    Parent’s Creed.

    If a child lives with criticism,
    He learns to condemn.

    If a child lives with hostility,
    He learns to fight.

    If a child lives with ridicule,
    He learns to be shy.

    If a child lives with shame,
    He learns to feel guilty.

    If a child lives with tolerance,
    He learns to be patient.

    If a child lives with encouragement,
    He learns confidence.

    If a child lives with praise,
    He learns to appreciate.

    If a child lives with fairness,
    He learns justice.

    If a child lives with security,
    He learns to have faith.

    If a child lives with approval,
    He learns to like himself.

    If a child lives with acceptance and friendship,
    He learns to find love in the world.

    But no worries! Everyone goes through the same things - it is up to all to do one's best...and sail through. Things can only get better.

  22. 关于你的最新的post,我推荐你看汪培珽的《管教啊,管教》和《喂故事书长大的孩子》,或许可以找到一些方法 ~~

  23. Happy belated valentine's day!!

  24. Hayley, you are getting slimmer n prettier by the day! Happy belated chap goh mei and valentine's too :)

  25. Always nice to catch up with school pals! Amazing 15 years! WOW!!!


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