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The start in the year of the horse

Hello hello! I guess everyone is back to work? Back to reality? Haha xD

Hubby started working today too, and things are back to normal like usual, I resume my mummy duty (actually everyday also is a mummy day for me :p). 

So how's your CNY? Mine was a very normal one, I din't get to give red packets this year since hubby's grandma passed away last year, it's the Chinese pantang which we should obey. That also means we don't get to carry out the Jade Emperor prayer this Friday night. Just this 2 things already make the CNY this time less fun.
But of course, life goes on =)

Hello! 相信大家都回到工作岗位了吧?可感觉到一切恢复正常咯!

Brought Aden to Zoo Taiping during the first day of CNY, and it was scorching hot and tiring! Nonetheless I can tell Aden was having a great time running around looking at the animals. And oh, it was his virgin visit to the zoo too! ;) Shall share more pictures in another post.

Received a box of snacks, mask and pen from blogger Shan few days before CNY, thank you!

And this one worth mentioning, a creative masterpiece from blogger 小影 , thank you!

No time to do a proper manicure and pedicure this year, ended up with a simple purple and silver combination.

CNY is all about eating and drinking, so as this time. I can feel my waistline expanding so I promised to myself to workout and sweat from today onwards!

Erm of course besides eating drinking I get to meet up my dear girl friends, and catch up with one another!

Weather was extremely HOT here in Taiping so we din't go anywhere, much. Dropped by this corner at town with mural painting of minion and lego.

This CNY I started to train Aden to be my apprentice and he's getting it, hahaha xD

Lastly, we intended to blow a kiss but ended up like this, LOL!

Hmm, I guess I should stop here for today, not really in the mood of blogging :p

I shall be back with more photos and updates!
Have a nice day you all!



  1. 哈哈哈,我小侄儿和Aden一样,也是一直拿我相机来研究,人家拍照的时候,他也要加一脚下去一起拍照!!!

  2. Good to let Aden have an early start to use the camera, hehehe. Did you do the manicure yourself? The purple and silver combination looks nice.

  3. not bad after all..Aden is definitely enjoying himself.

  4. Wah! Mommy so brave let Aden hold that expensive camera ;)

  5. haha... The last picture, so cute... hehe...

  6. CNY is almost just normal days for me lah, except that maybe i eat and sleep more during CNY, hahahaha!! cos really nothing much to do at home, besides eating sleeping and using my PC.. and good thing is, i managed to stay away from all those CNY cookies and snacks so far~~ :p

    1. ooh, i heard that Taiping Zoo is better than the National Zoo in KL, is that true?? good that Aden enjoyed his virgin trip to the zoo seeing all the animals.. so did he manage to pick up a few new vocab on animals?? i am sure you were busying telling him what kind of animals you were seeing, hehehe~~ :p

    2. hey, i saw Jagabee!! i love this potato snacks very much, it's so delicious, once pop i can't stop!! hahaha.. so nice Shan sent you those goodies!! and i also got that very special and unique handmade CNY card from 小影 too, that is really awesome and so touched by her 誠意.. :)

    3. haha, that's what i called the CNY weather lah.. scorching hot and dry, but glad that cooling wind occasionally blows.. that's why i am also coughing now because didn't drink much water.. actually a little bit fever on the 1st day of CNY, but recovered very fast because i slept a lot, hahahaha!! the doctor always say this is the "CNY Package" lah~~

    4. no mood to blog because you are still in the CNY holiday mood?? hahahaha, yeah, quite true lah.. i am also quite lazy also.. :D

  7. Lol ...your kid so cute ! Yup, back to work tomorrow !

  8. Oh? Mourning period over? If over already, can celebrate, can give ang pao already. Usually if there's a death in the family, come CNY, I would go some place need to explain why no celebration, no open house and what not.

  9. 新年快乐!

  10. I like the last photo. Aden so cute.
    Happy CNY!

  11. 哈哈哈!Aden的嘟嘴很可爱,而且嘟得好有层次啊!!今年的新年过得特别快,才刚开始就结束了,我的新年呢?!!

  12. Replies
    1. sorry about your husband granny,

    2. CNY less fun but at least everyone is together okay enough la

  13. 我初五就开工了!>_< 但是新年还是很开心!跟家人一起最开心!^^




  14. I'm back to work today! Sad sob sob.. hehe .. finally brought little Aden to zoo, be seen and watched by the animals? Kids are thrilled but parents are scorching hot and sweat all the way! Hates the weather!! How nice if weather is like Genting everyday? :P

  15. 新年快乐。。


  16. 今年的新年我怎麼覺得沒有氣氛,而且也冷冷清清的。

    Aden 好cute 哦 :)

  17. My CNY was damn tiring but a happy one meeting friends & eating like nobody's business! I gave out ang pows until my bank is dry now.
    My FIL passed away end of 2013 but I still celebrated out of my MIL's sight.......

  18. I love the last photo! Your baby is soooooo cute with his lips! Muacks!!!

  19. CNY is all about eat eat aeat but suffering diet after CNY ~>_<~

  20. Better than my no manicure nails:(


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