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Aden boy: 22 months old

Just a quick update on Aden before I retire to bed!

Time flies and he's already 22 months old today! Which means it's only 2 months away to his second birthday! Wait, 2 months?? =_="
Cannot believe I have been a mother for almost 2 years!! There're surely ups and downs of being a parent, and as stay-at-home-mum who look after him almost 24/7, parenting has become more challenging now!
But I guess I can deal with it, just need to be more patient...... (Which is kinda hard...)

1. Aden is obsessed with his toy cars lately, be it small ones.... (boys will be boys huh?)

2. ... or bigger one like this... As for his toy cars, he'll queue them up nicely and when he's done, he'd clap his hands as if he has finished a big accomplishment, haha!  But when he don't get the results he wants, say if he accidentally ruin the queue of the cars, he'd start throwing tantrums, showing his grumpy face... Sigh, I do have a grumpy boy at home! :(

3. Loves playing ball games too! He's only good in throwing though, not so good in catching/kicking  yet. But he is really a fan of ball games, he gets super excited when he sees balls being sold at toy shops, even balloons.

4. Basically he loves dogs and cats, and chicken xD And the 2 dogs in our house also love playing with him, chasing after him, and licking him all over! Well I think it's good to let kids learn to love animals from young, regardless of the allergic issue la!

5. I think all mummies love watching their sleeping child, I am no exception! I can do this for hours, hehe! Erm ok may be not for hours, since I have other stuff to get busy with :p But seriously, the only peaceful time I get everyday is when he sleeps. He's getting more and more active and won't seems to get tired! By the way he naps once only  these days.

6. Very good in all sorts of expressions now, and his vocab seems to widen quite a lot! His new words are like 'xie xie' (thank you), ['di di', 'mei mei', 'kor kor', 'jie jie' (refering to siblings)]. Other than this, he's still speaking his own baby language =) And everyone seems to get amused listening to his language. He sometimes 'talk' like an adult, with hand pointing and all, LOL!

That's all I can think of now, got to zzz soon! Have a fabulous weekend peeps! Also, Happy International Women's Day!!


  1. Aden is so cute! He even dares to play with the dogs.

  2. He is really active and cute even when he is asleep!
    Aden is lucky to have you to bring him up in the best environment a child could have. My friends have to work and dropped their babies or kids with baby sitters. They told me some horror stories recently!

    1. I know, there are pros and cons leaving the kids to the baby sitters.... But what to do?

  3. Replies
    1. 哈哈,是的,因为很贪吃!哈哈!

  4. Oooo...nice car! Lucky boy! Good for kids to be active and playful especially boys. If not, later become cissy...

  5. Happy International Women's Day & Happy Weekend...

  6. hello there.. it's weekend!! so what plan do you have?? bringing Aden go gai-gai or not?? or starting to prepare for his 2 year-old birthday bash already?? eih, don't just say there are two more months to go, one blink and it can gone so quietly and by the time you realize, it's already his birthday leh..

    1. i somehow find this post rather different from your usual Aden post lah.. you numbered the photos and have a paragraph of description for each of the photo!! because i remember you usually will just say "let the photos tell the story" mah, or was it not?? anyway, good to read post like this lah, nice description for each photo.. :)

    2. #1.. yeah, surely boys would like to play with cars.. sometimes i see toy cars in departmental stores also will take and have a look lah~~ :D

      #2.. bigger cars!! i remember this car was given by his 公公 as his birthday present, right?? aiyoh, so cute lah Aden sitting inside the car, haha!! i bet he must be making noise of cars while sitting in there :p

    3. #3.. errr, is that your house?? aiyoh, i looked at photo 2 and 3 and realize you have a very big house, or at least the compound is huge.. good for Aden to run around and also "drive" around lah.. if in KL, i think the developer sure will utilize that piece of land to build another house, haha!!

      #4.. eih, good that he is not scared of animals hor?? cute lah, look at how happy he is playing with the dogs.. but you also must be careful lah, sometimes the dogs may "ki siao" suddenly with no reason and hurt Aden leh..

    4. #5.. i do agree with you lah.. babies, infants or toddlers are most beautiful when they are soundly asleep.. maybe it's because of that "peaceful" time you have, that you can actually look at them carefully at every inch on the face.. haha!! errr, naps once a day okay lah.. he's growing up mah, not baby anymore leh.. i think baby sleeps more than they are awake right?? :p

      #6.. hahaha, starting to have different expressions on the camera huh?? hey, only papa, jiejie, didi, gorgor and meimei?? how about mama?? this one very important lah, you must make sure he says mama all the time.. hahaha!!

    5. Hi SK!
      Weekend was a normal one for me, but I did went on a paktor movie date with hubby on Sunday ;)
      Bring Aden go gai gai? Haha, I bring him go gai gai everyday one so nothing special to him, LOL!
      Oh no, no birthday bash this year =)

      Hmm, good observation! In fact, I was using your script to do the photo albums but when I tested it in html, it doesn't work the way I wanted, it's not like what you always do, sigh, don't know where went wrong, so ended up I blog like this lo!

      Yes, you have a good memory, the car is his birthday present by ah gung.

      That's my in law's house, the place I am staying, in fact that's a huge compound which sometimes I find lazy to walk from the front gate to the door, LOL!
      At KL sure cannot find such big compound, KL lands are so expensive!

      Yes, I am glad that he is not afraid of dogs but then of course have to pay attention to them when playing, dogs are quite unpredictable one.

      Yes, baby sleep more but Aden is not a baby anymore, hehe~

      Haha, mama he already know how to call... ;) Those few words I mentioned here are the new words he picked up lately.

  7. 果然是妈咪感受偏,就像你说的很多妈咪都是那样,所以很多时候我觉得很累的时候就会告诉自己很多妈咪都是那样。我也是很喜欢看孩子睡觉,然后忍不住亲亲她,这就是心灵最幸福的时刻。


    1. 对咯,妈咪这份工的确不容易,不过我们对自己有信心!


  8. My son loves car too ! That's boy.

    1. Pls be careful with the dogs. My friend kena bitten by his own pet dog for no reasons. We just can't understand animals.

    2. Haha yea, that's boys!
      Yep, I know what you mean.. I'll be careful.

  9. 2 more months to 2 years! Wow!

  10. I love to watch my kids sleeping, to smell them too. :)

    You have big house though, at the least, a big compound that quite hard to find in Pg nowadays. :))

    1. Hehe me too, I love to smell his head, hands, legs and tummy, hehehe!

      Yea, I know, Penang land is limited.

  11. At this age, kids are most active.. as parents, we need to have lots of stamina to keep up with their them! hahaha...

    1. You are right, must have lots of stamina and energy!

  12. 让孩子接触大自然是最快乐的成长!

    1. 嗯,我也这样认为。
      棒?Hmm, 我也希望,嘻嘻!

  13. I like the little toy car...hehe!!! =]

  14. Happy International Women's Day to you.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  15. 第二张照片,调色好复古

  16. Happy International Women's day to you too, Hayley. :) I like to read about Aden, shows how much he has grown.

  17. 我每次都说我们家弟弟,睡觉的时候是天使,醒来的时候是魔鬼,呵呵~~

  18. Aden is cute! Love all the photos esp with the dogs. But be careful. Never leave him unsupervised when around animals.

    1. Thanks Rose!

      Yep I will be careful..

  19. Shooo cute! Especially the one with him in his car! LOL too cool!!!

  20. so fast turning 2 already ya...what they said Terrible 2?? nah, i never believed pun, coz mine b4 1 pun sudah terrible...hehehehe....just enjoy ur motherhood b4 the next one coming soon ya... ^_^

    1. Yes, why terrible 2 right? Same here, Aden was terrible before 1 also =_=

  21. 反而小龙就是不太喜欢玩模型车子的那个男孩,那些可以骑的玩具车子倒是很喜欢玩。
    耶,对对,妈妈都爱看自己的宝贝睡觉,喜欢欣赏他们熟睡的脸,哈哈哈。可是长辈有说最好睡觉的时候不要拍照,可是我也管不了那么多 x D

    1. Aden也是很喜欢玩那些可以骑的~

  22. That is very fast going to 2yo soon. During CNY time I was totally busy with my mum admission and so on... and I left Aden gift in my house leh. So maybe this Wednesday I pass over to your mom house can ar?

    1. It's ok la, I understand...
      Thanks for the gift ya!!

  23. He has a very wide space to drive his car and run around! Lucky boy he is.

  24. Love the pic of Aden in the car!!!

    Lil fella is very daring..with bigger dogs! Though in reality, the rotties are really quite playful!

    1. Yea, really daring, sometimes give me heart attack, haha!


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