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First date with Natta Cosme

Came across this brand via a blogger and immediately emailed the person in charge, telling her that I am interested in participating the event, First Date with Natta Cosme.

For your information, Natta Cosme is an online beauty store which provides numerous beauty products that brings out the true physical beauty of the people (with very reasonable price!). These products include skin care, body wash, hair care, supplements and make up set.
So I was corresponding with the person in charge Stephanie and when she told me my beauty mystery bag is on its way, I was thrilled and cannot wait to receive it!
And the next day, the lovely box is here! Thumbs up for the fast service!
Box was slightly damaged when it reached me :( Still I am keeping the box cause it's useful =)

That's the event I am participating! 

Underneath that paper was some fabulous products!

First is the Lennox FirmUp collagen drink. 50ml x 2 bottles, and 2 sachets of FirmUp+ powder as the whitening essence. This collagen drink is said to give luminous skin, isn't that what all woman wants? :)

Second is the paper masks from Hello Kitty and Sexy Look. I actually use one of them on the day I received the box (that's why one piece of mask is missing in the picture xD), love the results! These masks is good in firming, uplifting, whitening and hydrating the skin. I have this addiction on paper masks lately ^^

Third in the box is the momoridca shampoo and a mini soap from Yuan, a new brand to me. Yuan products are all about nature and has different series with different functions to the body and mind. I am curious how's the shampoo smells like ;)

Lastly it's the Kiss Me Lip Cream, high in Vitamin E which moist the lips! Just what I needed since I have dry lips~

If you're interested to know more about Natta Cosme, click on their website HERE or you may email them at 
By the way, I have to say I love their website since it's very feminine and pretty ;) Also very informative!

Lastly, thank you Stephanie for the lovely beauty box!! I too, hope to participate in other events in the near future ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Haha yea, very suitable for a lip balm!

  2. So fast you used 1 piece of mask already. haha...can't wait right.

  3. hello Hayley, long time no see, haha!! today it's quite clear in KL, but yesterday was hazy.. hmmm, wonder why lah, it's like the water rationing (two days got water two days no water) schedule, almost like two days got haze two days no haze, haha.. but still i want RAIN!! where is the RAIN!! have not seen RAIN for such a long time..

    1. but then second thought, rain may make the MH370 searching work more difficult, then probably let's not have rain and hope there is good progress with the search.. pray for MH370, it's time to go home now..

    2. awww, you really have lots of lobang for all these (free) beauty products hor?? how good.. but seems like there are very little for men hor?? if got please also get your hubby to try on, and then you blog about them here, haha!! :p

    3. nice packaging though a little dented when it reached you lah, but then as long as the contents are all intact then good enough lah.. i like that 洗髮水!! hahaha, is that the name of the brand ah?? so direct, reminds me of those hotels called 有間酒店 or restaurants called 有間餐廳~~ :D

    4. so it's a mixture of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese products?? so good lah, i wish also to receive packages like this lah, if there is any for men~~ :)

    5. Hello SK! Long time no see meh? xDD

      Yea I notice the trend, no haze here for yesterday and today, touchwood la! But few days before, yes. Weird! Cause no rain and no strong wind, wonder why the haze just come and go?

      Hmm yes, I am sure we are willing to sacrifice raining if it can help the MH370 mission, I really pray for a miracle to happen, God bless everyone on board!!

      Haha just coincidentally saw this on a blogger's post so I quickly register lo! Yes right, very little for men indeed!
      The shampoo, yes, it's called Yuan. Special right?

      Ok next time if I see things like this for men, I will let u know ya!

  4. 我上次有email他們詢問是否有寄送新加坡可惜沒有回復 :(

  5. wow, so many products to use. I guess the lip cream sounds good.

  6. 感觉它的产品都给到特别的哈哈!

    1. 哈哈对,同感!

  7. Thank you for sharing this. Will let my friends know.

  8. 我喜欢那面膜,呵呵!!! =]

  9. Never show the face after using the mask? hehe..

  10. I hope the survivors would be found. Still praying for miracles! Whole world is waiting and shaking heads in disbelief.

    You have been getting good products recently. Maybe I should start online shopping to sell beauty products!

    1. Yes, same here, really praying for a miracle to happen!!

      Yes, I know I am lucky ;)

  11. oh no...damaged. But lucky the goods not damaged. Postal service needs improve la. My side same too . simply throw...

    1. Yalo, even the fragile sticker also no use..

  12. The packaging for the lip cream may not be attractive but sure good to have a good one. weather very hot nowadays. if air cond room lip can crack. Good to have the lip cream

    1. Yes, I use lip cream daily since I have dry lips~

  13. I have the Hello Kitty Mask. Still keeping it. Not going to use it.ahhaa

  14. 虽然盒子坏了,但至少里面的物品有妥善包裹,很棒!

    1. 嗯,还好里面的物品没事!


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