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Vanity trove box for myself

First of all, this is another beauty-related post, sorry to keep you all bombarded with most beauty stuff lately xD
Can't help it, beauty and woman have a strong connection ^_*

近期订了一盒VT给自己当作情人节礼物(哈哈是很迟来的情人节礼物才对 :p)

Received my VT beauty box few days ago! Well, if you're wondering this is NOT a sponsored box ;) 

What caught your attention the most? The sexy brochure? :p
I've chosen 6 items and I received a mystery bonus item! Now let's see what I've chosen....

Black pearl mask from Kila Doll, 3 sheets
Kila Doll 的黑珍珠净白面膜,3片

Pureology shampoo, 250ml, specially for dry colored hair which is what I have! =_=
I love the minty smell, can't wait to try it!
Pureology 洗发水,专为烫/染后而发质变干的人设计的!自从染发后都还没找到自己满意的洗发水,希望这个能够帮助到!

This is the mystery bonus item, shampoo from Bonacure, Schwarzkopf, 30ml
来之 Schwarzkopf Bonacure 的洗发水,是VT给的神秘礼物~

Fake lashes from Red Cherry, in full sized! I am a big fan of falsies, I bought a lot of falsies actually but some of them can't last too long =(
Hmm, guess I'll need to keep this pair at the moment as I don't have any special function to attend, hehe!
Red Cherry 假睫毛,会选这个是因为它不夸张,而且看起来满自然的~

Another facial mask I chose, VC lotion mask. I am a mask addict, for your information :p I love trying different types and brands of mask, thank God I have normal skin type which allows me to do that~
另外我也选了VC lotion 面膜。我是个面膜狂,基本上我一个礼拜敷面膜大概2-3次,最爱的还是这种纸面膜,不用冲洗,最适合我这种懒人了,哈哈!xD

3 items from Collistar, namely anticellulite night treatment (5ml), talasso-scrub (40g, 2 packs) and intensive anticellulite serum (8ml, 2 packs).
Collistar is trusted brand specialise in slimming product, I remember buying my first slimming cream from it right after I gave birth to Aden, and I fell in love with this brand immediately. The cream really deliver results and it won't give any burning sensation, easily absorbed and smell nice too!
最后有Collistar的瘦身产品。其中一个是scrub,另外两个却是瘦身膏。自从Sasa的sales girl介绍我Collistar 的瘦身产品后我就深深爱上这个牌子了!它们家的产品不会油腻不会辣,最重要的是有效!<3

The box cost me RM 50 and personally I think it's worth it!
Visit their website if you want to know more and would like to order from them, they offer new product every week



  1. 这让我想到我还有很多box还没有写,哈哈哈!!!

  2. Hi Hayley, hey, your kind of flawless beauty doesn't need all that, ha ha.
    Just your red lipstick, kow tim....You are a beautiful young lady.
    Hugs to your little active Tiger.
    Best regards, and keep a song in your heart.

  3. hello Hayley, I agree with you that this box is really worth the RM50 for those who are really interested to get these items.

  4. Was it Shakespeare who said, "Vanity, thy name is woman" ?, he said "frailty".

  5. good morning Hayley.. hmmmm, today seems to be a clear day because of the rain yesterday morning, and i think it also rained last night.. though after the rain yesterday morning, the haze was still there.. however, good to see clear sky when i wake up, probably because of the rain last night.. :)

    1. woot woot, how nice!! you got another goodies pack!! and very true, beauty and woman have a strong connection, hehehe!! very well said.. and that was why you are publishing all the 扮美美 post to share with us your 心得, which i think is very kind of you and definitely very useful for ladies out there!! thumbs up.. :)

    2. yeah, i think this box loaded with lots of goodies at RM50 is worth to pay for.. you have all sorts of products to try and it's a wide variety of things you can use on your face, hair and body!! suddenly this post reminds me of 女人你最大, hahaha!! now Hayley is like a 時尚美容達人 yorr.. :p

    3. again, like what i commented last time.. if there is something like this for men, how nice, i certainly won't mind forking out RM50 to try..
      especially the Collistar slimming... 害羞!!! u.u"

  6. I have sign in but I haven't choose mine yet.

  7. 这次可以自己选产品了哦。。。
    我很久没订这类的beauty box 了。。。

  8. 我很久沒有看到美妝盒分享了,呵呵!突然被吸引!哈哈

  9. 买个自己的情人节礼物??很好的败家理由!!

  10. Collistar的产品我也用到效果,前提你需要每天努力的涂涂抹抹,我也喜欢它的不油腻和清爽。

  11. Schwarzkopf 护发产品很不错,上次在VT拿到的Schwarzkopf护发油很好用

    打算考试过后给自己买个美装盒当给自己礼物 =)

  12. Oh, I like hair products. Seems quite a worth for you!! :)

  13. 不错也!!给自己订个美妆盒当情人节礼物!我怎么没想到啊!

  14. Wow, that's a whole load of items, Hayley! =)

  15. Love the shampoo. Seems you have chosen something good from the box.

  16. Collistar你推荐什么产品,我也想试试来减我的大象腿 =.="

  17. Rm50 only? Wow...I would have thought the things inside worth more than rm100.wise choice

    1. Minty shsmpoo very nice leh. After shampoo can feel the scalp cooling especially on duch dry weather

  18. 看起来不错! 我很久没有订beauty box了!

  19. Certainly love Vanity Trove for their goodies. Very much value for money!


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