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A free stay at Tune hotel Taiping

As far as I can remember, I have never overnight at any hotels in my hometown Taiping. And in my personal opinion, Taiping is a small town, we need not hours to travel from one area to another like those living in bigger city like KL, and since I got a home to live at my own hometown, it feels strange and funny to actually stay at a hotel, haha xD

Anyway, since father in law got 3 free-stays coupon at the newly opened Tune hotel Taiping, hubby brought Aden and I for a new experience. We took one room, and hubby called up another 2 friends to stay at the other 2 rooms.


上礼拜这里开了间新的酒店,Tune Hotel。由于家公tender到它的冷气生意所以酒店给了3张免费住一晚固本,我们自己拿一间,另两间呢,老公就邀了两位好友一起过来。

My little big boss, we were there for one night only and was about to check out here

Room design is pretty simple, we got the twin beds so we combined them together so that Aden won't fall down from bed xD

Though simple but at least they provide the basic like TV.
They also provide security box and a small working table (not in the picture), of course got air condition and a ceiling fan

Bathroom is kinda small though...

Basic toiletries like soap and body liquid are provided 

What I love most in every hotel is their big mirror! ;)

Nothing to do la actually, so let's camwhore! :p

Luckily Aden got no problems sleeping on new bed in a new environment~

Going to check out and back to our own sweet room at home!

(Taken from Agoda)

The hotel is located about 10 minutes away from town area, and it has got Tesco, Taiping Sentral Mall, Food Avenue (food court), Oosten Bar n Bistro, PappaRich, Red Gym, Domino surrounded it, so it's kinda convenient to stay at la! Plus since it's new I think people will prefer to book this hotel.
I guess price is quite affordable as well since it's like a budget hotel?

酒店距离市区大概是10分钟左右罢了,附近有Tesco, Taiping Sentral Mall, 健身房,还有几间吃的所以基本上来说是满方便的。而且还很新所以我想目前为止是很多游客的选择吧!


But here's the thumbs down, based on my stay there:

1. Wifi is available (so they say) and even though they provide username and password upon checking-in, it's not working at all. Anyway I din't complain to the receptionist since I was there for a night only (less than 24 hours to be precise, we checked in at 8pm and checked out at 11am the next morning).
虽说有wifi不过试了几次都不成功!最后就放弃了,想说只是住一晚(严格来说不到24小时,晚上8点check in,隔天早上11点check out)所以没关系啦!

2. Soundproofing is fairly poor! We stayed at a connected room and I could hear people talking from the next room, serious! 
And speaking of this, I just don't understand why some people are so inconsiderate! Come on, you are staying at a hotel so please treat it as a hotel and not your own house! It was nearly 12 midnight and you were still playing and chasing around with your kid in the room, and hello did you not realize your kid is laughing and screaming at the same time?? 
I actually waited for 10-15 minutes before I lodge a complain to the receptionist, as I was thinking may be they will quiet down, in the end, my thinking was wrong :(
说到这,有些人就是那么不体谅!都靠近半夜12点了还在跟孩子玩,又大声笑啊喊啊的。。起初我告诉自己看定先,或许再过一下下他们会sek do了,不过过了10分钟还是一样!忍不住了就打去柜台投诉!

3. No phone in the room, hubby said there's one at the walkway but I din't see it :p
Anyway, may be this is the style of a budget hotel?

4. You know how we used to slot in other cards (eg Tesco card, Starbucks card :p) into the reader so that the electricity and air condition work even though when nobody is inside? 
But we cannot do this if the room's card reader is unique and can only read the particular room key, and this is what applies to this hotel. Anyway I got no issue on this since I know it's the right way for a hotel management to carry out, to save electricity. But I wanna highlight that they only provide one room key per room and we need the key to get into the lift, so it'll be slightly inconvenient if you and your partner is coming back separately.

Just sharing my personal opinions ;)

不管如何,这也算是个新体验啦!谢谢家公的固本 ;)


  1. Looks like your son loves the hotel as much as you do. Good points. Guests staying in hotels should really be considerate of other guests.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I mean your son loves the big mirror as much as you do. Not the hotel. Must be too sleepy when I typed the above, sorry, sorry.

    3. Hehe, no need sorry, just a small matter~
      Anyhow we enjoyed the stay also la, at least a new experience!

    4. Yes, good to have new experiences.

  2. 以前还没有小孩,我们两公婆出门都爱住Tune Hotel,原因是便宜,而且从早到晚都在外头血拼,晚上只是回旅店睡,所以不花费在住方面。不过他家缺点真的是不少,一分钱,一分货,不能要求太多。

    1. 是比较便宜没错。。

  3. The one here not ready yet, still under construction. Will look the same, I think...but ours not in the town centre.

  4. I've never stayed in Tune Hotel before.. Haha, you said the bathroom is small.. Wait til you see the ones in First World Hotel, Genting.. Lagi small, fat a bit also cannot jor..

    1. Haha, I stayed at FW before, yep it's really small!

  5. I knew it - should be your FIL got the complimentary from TuneHotels. Good lar at least you got experienced of this new hotel.

    1. That's what I mentioned in the post, the free stay coupon is from my FIL ;)

  6. I like your family photo...Aden really grows big now...

  7. 我没住过tune hotel,但是听说就是AA系统咯哈哈!要开冷气价钱另计,要毛巾价钱另计,总之就是分开计算哈哈!

    1. 嗯,好像是。。

  8. I stayed in one of the tune hotels in JB before and it was a nice experience. I paid for the wifi and used it at the lobby.

  9. Maybe next time I visit Taiping, can try the hotel :-)

  10. Tunes is low budget hotel right ?

  11. i have not stayed in Tune Hotel before.. yeah, like what you said, Taiping is a small place and kind of weird if you sleep in a hotel that's just probably 10 min drive from your own comfortable bedroom huh?? but then since your FIL has got the coupons for free stay, then why not?? don't waste the coupons mah~~

    1. looks nice and tidy and comfortable, i think cannot expect much from a budget hotel also.. probably as long as the very basic amenities are there and you have a good rest then i would consider that okay already, certainly cannot look at it with a 5-star hotel expectations lah..

    2. errr, i heard everything in there is pay per use?? like your aircond, your electricity, your water, your TV etc?? haha, just like boarding an AA flight lah (this one i have a lot of experience, haha).. you just get in with the minimum charge, but then everything needs to be paid for if you need extra - adds up the bill probably won't be far from a normal one huh?? but then now everyone can fly, everyone can stay in a hotel~~ :D

    3. Aden must be very happy because he can go "gai gai" out of a sudden and doesn't need to go home for the night.. haha, i wonder if he was very excited and hyperactive staying in the hotel?? and is it because of his hair?? seems like his face looks a little more chubbier woh, haha.. makes aunties and uncles want to cubit his cheek more, hehehe :p

  12. Once a while it is great to have a staycation in a hotel. You can get to relax and enjoy the times together.

  13. When mention Tune hotel, it is normally a budget one... somewhere to pass the night for tomorrow's flight... but free never mind la.. just to experience the difference between a real hotel and a pay-by-items hotel... :)

  14. I thought Tune Hotel, you need to pay for the usage of fan / air-con separately ? Is this hotel under Air Asia ?

  15. So far, i have not stay in hotel in my own country, usually is go overseas then stay in Hotel...

  16. 有机会我也想住一住Tune Hotel..:)

  17. Budget hotel memang ni mcm lo.. haha..

  18. The first camwhore pic of you and Aden at the big mirror. Sooooo nice and cute!

  19. Probably one thing that I don't like about Tune hotel is they charge every single thing.

  20. Tune Hotel Taiping now started selling 'all-in rate' NO more alacarte service like those days...!!

  21. Watch this video, share it with as many people as you can. this changed how I perceived gender issues.

  22. This is an interesting introduction and I have yet to stay in one. My friend complained that he had to top up the air conditioning charges to sleep longer. I was quite shock at first to hear that.

    You heard the guests talking in the next room! I heard guests making love in the next room in Japan. Muahahahaha

  23. wow. sounds like a NIGHTMARE! i can't imagine what it'd be like having to take the key card out each time & not have electricity.. wasn't sold on the bathroom either. smh. thanks for this write-up. needless to say i will NOT ever choose to stay in a Tune Hotel on my free will. haha!

  24. I stayed at Tune Hotel Ipoh and this hotel only suitable for solo traveler as they only give 1 access card and no hot water in the room, very troublesome for family with kid(s) :(

  25. I have tried staying in a hotel in my own country, it was quite a special feeling, but more expensive to stay in hotel in my own country so I prefer to go overseas then stay in hotel.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I won't mind if I have free coupon, so lucky of you.

  28. You look nice in the denim jumpsuit.


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