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A random Tuesday

1. We went to Cameron Highlands for a day trip during Labor Day, and it was really a bad choice :(

I kinda expected traffic jam at CH since it's a public holiday but I din't know about the road constructions there. So yea, we were stucked in a terrible jam for hours~
Nonetheless, I enjoyed that day trip very much, I think my son as well.


It wasn't cooling at all at CH! 

Aden acting cute here~
小瓜在车上补眠了近两个小时所以到达目的地时精力充沛(其实他无时无刻都那么精力充沛 xD)很合作!

The main purpose is to buy their fresh vegetables and fruits, and we stopped by the Cameron Valley for a quick photo stop.

My 2 favorite boys who support Bersih! xD

CH is a place we very familiar about, and it is not far from Taiping, hence a day trip is usually more than enough. Yes it was tiring but if everyone enjoyed the trip, the tiredness is all worth it.
从太平到金马伦不远,而我们对金马伦也很熟悉所以每次都是day trip罢了,虽然day trip不过已经很足够。

2. It has been weeks since my last baking in the kitchen (partly due to water rationing), glad that my baking mojo is still here to stay.
Tried the Pettina Sponge mix (huat kuih) as shared by Angeline and it was super duper easy!
距离上一次的烘焙已经是大概一个月前了。上星期试了博友分享的Pettina sponge mix,是简单到不行啊~

Got it from a local bakery shop, 500g of the mix and add in 300ml of water......

Keep on beating lightly til no lumps, then scoop into the cups.....
搅拌均匀后就可以放进muffin cup里~

Since I have leftover chocolate powder, I added in some chocolate mixture, of course this step is optional.
Steam the cake for about 12-15 minutes and viola..........

See how my huat kuih raised and cracked so nicely!! Simply yummy!!
Huat arrr! :p

3. Tomorrow is another important date to remember, my naughty Aden turns TWO! Behold mummy, this is the true terrible two stage =_="
明天5月7日就是Aden正式踏入terrible two的阶段了!

Had an advance celebration for him yesterday since my brother is going back to Singapore..... 
Aden sure knows that's his birthday cake! ;)
No big celebration for him tomorrow, just a simple dinner with family! Can't wait to collect his car cake though!


  1. 玩得开心最重要嘛!!!

    and Happy Birthday to Aden!!!

  2. Aden is a May baby..... Happy Birthday to Aden boy....

    It's been a long time I last went to CH....I think I went during primary school time.

  3. 祝 Aden 生日快乐啊!!

  4. wahhh.. Big Boy liow.. Two years old.. the time for you to chase around the house.. hahaha.. this is the most active time, according to statistics.. :)

  5. 金马伦的照片aden笑得好开心,他喜欢亲子游哦!
    aden明天两岁生日了哦,先祝他happy birthday 哦

  6. 金马伦这样一日游也不错,反正你们过去金马伦不会远。


  7. Happy birthday tomorrow, Aden! So cute!!! I love CH, no jam when I went sometime ago, but better don't go atm...wait till they finish the road & everything.

  8. Happy Birthday In advance to Aden boy...
    Thumbs Up to you Hayley, you're doing a good job asa full time mummy. I see you're doing great leh... can start plan for #2 *wink*

  9. Aden big boy liao, turning two... He looks happy with the cake.. I've only been to Cameron Highlands once, call me jakun.. We took the Simpang Pulai road, less bending..

  10. Hmm yes, can plan a day trip to cameron highland. I wanted to go there again. weather is cool good for kids and us too... Hahaha running around no sweat at all.. LoL.

  11. wow, time really flies.Aden is two! happy birthday to Aden!

  12. aden笑到很开心哦!!!

  13. Happy faces in the photos! :)

  14. Wah tomorrow is Aden's second birthday!

    Happy birthday in advance! :)

  15. Such a cute boy!! Happy Birthday Aden!

  16. Happy Birthday to Aden boy..i love his cute

  17. 祝Aden生日快乐,乖乖长大!

  18. wah.. going to Cameron Highlands on a public holiday!! errr, the last time i went up was on the next day of New Year Day (which was also a holiday), though didn't suffer from the traffic congestion, but then the crowd up there was really overwhelming!! hmmm, i guess you were not lucky lah, haha, better stay at home on public holidays.. if want to go anywhere, better go there on a non-peak season, it's true and i always believe that.. that is why hor, holidays are just "normal days" to me because i don't really want to plan to do anything on those days leh..

    anyway, at least you found your way into the tea valley!! the last time we went hor, aiyoh, 兜 here 兜 there also 找沒有路 to go in leh.. the deeper we went in, the more suspicious we got (even though we followed the sign), so in the end we gave up and just go to the strawberry farms and have a view of the tea valley from the cafe by the main road enough lah..

    hmmm, the "boys" were so happy lah.. both wearing yellow but then why you didn't also wear yellow?? haiz, must also were yellow like that only won't find you odd mah, 親子裝 very cute and sweet one~~ :)

  19. oh, Pettina Sponge means 發糕 really?? haha.. because when i saw Angeline posted about this, really looks like 發糕 though she called it cupcakes if not mistaken.. errr, true also lah, cupcake surely nicer name than 發糕 lah, haha!!

    yalor, really easy to make hor.. just buy the ready mixed flour and what-nots from the bakery, add water and that's it!! hmmm, suddenly milk came into my mind, wouldn't mixing it with milk makes it more delicious?? anyway, maybe inside already got milk powder or similar things so just add water would do..

    haha, you also have chocolate!! like follow bulat bulat what Angeline did, and the photos taken also looks similar!! but then i believe you didn't just took her photo lah, sure you took your own photo and shared with us here one.. and actually they look GOOD leh.. why didn't you think of those as Aden's birthday cakes?? hahahaha~~

  20. oh, it's Aden's 2nd birthday tomorrow ah!! hehehehehe, finally because have seen you kept mentioning about this mah.. this boy sure happy huh, knowing that piece of chocolate cake belongs to him.. one piece he already so excited, i cannot imagine how crazy he would be when he sees the car cake tomorrow??

    yalor, i think no need to have big celebration lah.. actually if the kid is too small not necessary lor, he may not know what's happening also.. it's more like the adults having a reason (or excuse) to have party and gather and makan only.. the kids?? errr, they want to play and makan cake only lah~~ :p

  21. Happy Birthday to Mummy's boy! He has grown up fast.
    I have not been up to CH for ages...always jammed no matter which day I went up.

  22. Happy birthday to Aden! He looks so happy with his cake, so cute his smile. How many slices of cake did he eat?

  23. Good that all of you enjoyed the CH trip despite the jam. So nice to be able to day trip to CH.

  24. I like to eat the huat kuih you made. Very light and easy and nice to eat. Good touch to add chocolate mixture to it. Must taste really good. You are a good at baking, makes it seem easy.

  25. 时间过得好快啊!!!!!
    terrible two了,我看aden就这么看了两年耶!

  26. Replies
    1. He looks so super happy with the cake LOL

    2. CH is a bit too far for me. But nice place to relax

  27. CH is not cooling at all? I am going there in June. Hope the road is done by then.

    look forward to see Aden's car cake. Happy birthday to him.

    Nice baking, Hayley.

  28. oh, my.. i now realise i miss cameron highlands. high time to make a trip there again i think (:

    beautiful photos! happy belated aden! ♥

  29. Happy birthday to Aden!
    我这个周末也会去金马伦 :)

  30. Aw.. i miss Cameron Highlands.. been there once many many years ago..

    Happy happy birthday to little Aden <3

  31. I hardly on thick clothing when at Cameron nor Genting cos I can tahan chillness very well. haha.. thick fat inside my body I guess. :D

    Happy Adv Birthday to Aden!! :)

  32. Aden has his mouth open in many shots! Hahaha.


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